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  1. the 210 has some of those features but the gps map60 is up on the charts all i know is that if your using it in water magellans float garmins sink
  2. i have a 210 are you using a goto if you are then you should use the arrow and follow it till your in the genral area if your not using the goto you are really messing yourself up. go to the geocaching site find the coordinates for the cache your looking for hit mark on your gps and type in the coordinates naxt hit save then click goto and click the cache (or mark you just saved) then hit navigate until you get the compas and follow it until your close say 20ft then start looking have fun if you ned more help just ask ill be on for a while
  3. ive seen a few rock caches ive been also asking the same question though how do i do it? so i will keep posted in this forum for ideas too
  4. i only post because im bored or have a great idea or mind boggleing question but i have a few stories that can go with many topics but i will trust many people who seem to be leaning torwards my side in an opinion
  5. wait so is the front the wolf and the back the moose cause if it is i love the coin
  6. oooh got any more i luv them ive been looking for a while for my first coin and this is a cool one!
  7. FlagFinder

    9-11 Geocoin

    i love it ill have to see for a possible chrismas or birthday gift
  8. ok the most handy geocaching tool is a blackbery it has your cell phone gps blue tooth pda capabilities you can listen to xm or sirus over the interned which is included you get a gps with turn by turn directions if wanted can probubly get one for less than 200 dollars with the 2 yr agreement. everyone at my dads work has one and he lends it to me but 2 months ago his work had a day where they all did a geocaching activity basically a giand multi puzzle deal so they installed all that extra stuff on the black berys they are sure one piece of work
  9. oh my mom does that stuff i dont like it. i never want my pic taken. but she just takes pics and boarders them some creative memory club you should check it out they have a lot of good products i dont know the web site but i would just google it.
  10. i use a compass explorist 210 small collapsible shovel (pick up at army surplus) a map thats it
  11. in tech ed class we learned about making these stickers and t shirt logo's and well if your bumper sticker is made of viynl you can iron it to a shirt without damage because thats another purpose of viynl but if its not i dont know what you should do
  12. wow wered you get your 500! i have a 210 that i got from REI during a big sale i paid $130 for the gps, case, mapsend topo 3d usa, mapsend lite, computer cable, mapsend manager, and the 210 cd which included the geocaching software this was a steal in my opinion i only got the 210 because when i got it this unit was top rated by customers on amazon now its switched over to the garmin map60 but those are out of my price range. for now this is excellent but on fiday i did find a place selling the 300 for $99.50 which is xtremely low and the garmin etrex legend cx for $150 just wait as the holidays approach and the after chrismas sales they will go way down in price.
  13. i would love a video of geocaching but i think a whole thing on it would not be interesting to the public i would recommend it being on somthing like a leg in the amazing race now that would be cool and people would actually watch it
  14. i feel just geocaching is not enough work to keep me healthy so i bike to most of my caches and that gets me going ill wake up and say in my head "but i dont want to" and then i just get on my bike and ride and soon im not tired at all and i feel ive accomplished somthing much greater than i thought i would ever do
  15. orange is key im in MN and theres a lot of hunting i havnt confronted a hunter but when i encounter any one near the cache i see if they have kids then i think hmm i guess ill go for it tell them what im doing because its likely they will pick up the activity once a kid hear TRESURE HUNTING they get desperate lol. but ya for a hunter i would make sure your not disturbing him and make sure he sees you before you approach then go for it quitly if hes in a stand but make sure he knows your there but if hes on the ground waiting then just approach him and tell him what your doing and a lot of hunters use gpsrs and will probubly get hooked
  16. GPSrs can be tampered with to make very accurate missles and excellent target points they are usually not allowed in major government land marks even though you werent in i can understand why they would do that. ps gpsrs are illegal in many countries expecialy near iraq as you can understand.
  17. intersting typo: "If time allows take several reading at different" actually for hiding you may want to try letterboxing similiar to geocaching without the gps
  18. a little over a week ago NBC did a story on what happened to common courtesy it went into basis on how americans are now more woried about themselves and how they think they dont have the time just to open the door for the ladies or help someone whos having car trouble but then you have this one person who sticks out from the rest and decides they can spare a minute about a year ago here an old woman had a flat tire and didnt know how to fix it well this was on the interstate and a young man stopped to help her fix it turns out while fixing the tire he got hit by an oncoming vehicle sad story but thats common courtesy
  19. i dont like to post pics i dont want people to see me even if i do post pics they are pretty hard to see
  20. im 15 and im feeling alive my partners are 14, 13, 46, 75 but dont worry im a safe cacher you should be scared of me
  21. maybe when you turn your electronics it will mess up the birds navigation lol i saw that in a movie once i thought what in the world
  22. i dont think thier are any spacific geocaching fiction books because ive been looking for geocaching books and all im getting are how to geocaching books and geocaching for dummies. i would love to see your book and i would read it as soon as its out
  23. trully this does happen that is why i try to avoid geobeacons or its like your looking for a radio tower at a sod farm
  24. i nominate King Boreas i admire how he can hide more than a 1000 geocaches in some xtremely harsh conditions while i can hardly do a terrain of 2 i dont know how he does it but its awesome thanks KB your our provider!
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