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  1. who is the maker of the cival war geocoin series
  2. ive used 2 types of etrexes and 2 types of explorists and i prefer the maggelans they are much easier to use but does anyone else have thier tops of the control keys wear thier signs off my 100 doesnt have the markings anymore my 210 still does and ive used it more
  3. never had anything like that on my mapsend topo 3d
  4. this is the saddest forum ive ever read YOU JUST GO!!! and dont do it in public youll get fined for public urination also when my neighbor was teaching a guy too fly it hit him so they had nothing but an empty pop can what was sad is that there was a bit of turbulence. he started to go and said 4 words "dont hit any bumps"
  5. this is a little strage way to learn about how you may relate to other cachers or just to get ideas of good tv shows So heres the Question Whats Your Favorite Song and TV Show? ill start Show: 24 Song: Diary of Jane
  6. i must disagree i think if the marks missing the things destroyed as a whole but i have another question. near my house there is a benchmark with no info about it ecept that its a church cross in centerville its listed on private land but about a mile out of centerville now in the history of this small town anytime before 1950 the only church in the town was the old catholic church built almost 100 years ago but the benchmark is listed as 1938 if i recall now most other cross benchmarks are on steeples and this is the only church around with a steeple so whats your guess would this cross be in a swamp on private land or on a church in a smalltown with a lot of history. o yes benchmarks are used for navigation the church is the tallest building in the town.
  7. COOL!!! i just read through some of the other celebrity stuff and turns out if you google your username it will be there hey im famous!!! hey theres a website its not mine but its called www.flagfinder.com
  8. i cache about %10 alone local caches only or else i take my freinds
  9. ok i dont know who snoogens is but after reading his profile kinda sounds like chevychase IDK its scaring me if i ever ran into you i might be in a corner in the fetel position lol but were you in any movies recently?
  10. i want to see Bob Barker Geocache!!! no offense
  11. i still dont remember him if i was to know him it would have to be from somthing recent my generation
  12. thats a little.... strange but ok
  13. even if its you i dont know who that is
  14. i was just browsing the forums when i started to wonder are there any celebrities that geocache it would be pretty cool but lets try to avoid emailing them so just give the real name not the geocaching name. also know any celebrities that you think would be hillarious if they started caching? i want you to make me crack up along with anyone else reading this!
  15. my first three months were tough i was looking for 3 caches that werent even there so i gave up for a while till i learned oh they were missing no wonder i felt so stupid!!! so i started my first finds down in missori makes it special that none of my special caches ex 1 50 100 were in this state.
  16. ya near i am there is a lot of illegal hunting right now
  17. if you want to look up your states dnr page and see if they offer this program you could do it annually or you could just do it once
  18. i saw those i dont think they are that fooling for the money
  19. is there anyway i can just get the tracking numbers so i can make my own coins because at my school we can make coins using a laser engraver
  20. my dads car for $2000 chevy lumina ltz 98 good value bluebooked at $5000 but i would like a decent geocoin i have no trackables but i may want to make my own and make a profit so i can make more and start collecting!!!
  21. i have to be amazed by the container or location to like a micro
  22. i get a lot of dnfs a lot are stolen some are a push for time and most of my dnfs are on micros
  23. im guessing you want used because for that price you will find nothing new un less you find a 50% off sale but i suggest ebay i just met a family who used ebay for thier first GPS and they came out very good paying $30 for an etrex but for a starter a garmin etrex (yello) would be good or a magellan explorist 100
  24. no problem even i have times when i dont know how my 210 works
  25. you hit mark scroll down to location using the joystick once its highlighted hit enter on top of the joystick then change the coords by using thejoy stick if you go up the coords get larger down smaller once ready for the second row hit enter and repeat try it out
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