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  1. placed 57 but if i can announce someone king boreas hid over 1000
  2. thanks for the contests didnt get anything but my parents gave me 2 alaska geocoins and they look great but i just posted this video in a forum check it out it was may dads screen saver at work.
  3. had to use my good friend utube my dad had this as his screen saver at his office now in yemmon yime!!!
  4. a cat? thats mean. watch out before the leaders of this forum clame its a "religous topic"
  5. were the pilots maverik and murlin im not shure if i spelled it rite paul was a tentmaker 38 million
  6. were packin much caching today got to up my stats
  7. i cant belive no one guessed this its SNOOPY!!!
  8. wut if u just gave me the coin as a present it would be my first one
  9. u want to tell us who was the closest? as of so far because i am done and your gonna be here a while
  10. ok im done thanks for the offer though
  11. i think its that day of the leap year i forget what it is but thats my guess this should count
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