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  1. your in luck i have the exact model your looking for and it was one i was going to fix up ( a battery burst inside causing the thing to act really funny) anyway go ahead and email me. i usually dont read my pms because i dont come on the forums much.
  2. i have a friends sportrak gps and it is in need of a display because the old one is well smoked.
  3. i have a 210 a little over a year old, it is a bundle that comes with 210 gps, mapsend topo 3d usa, case, mapsend lite, 210cd which includes geocaching software, pc cable, cigerret power cable and ofcoarse all the manuals. $140
  4. That makes me mad and yes i did see the onix not to long ago and that gps has every little detail i could want in a gps. i am just amazed that the bigger gps companies didnt make it first. Looks like they are falling behind.
  5. i dont know if they make this type of map for garmin gpsrs but i want to buy or download satilite photos onto my gpsmap 60cx. is this possible? and if yes where can i buy them or download them for free?
  6. personaly i think magellan is still ahead on many features and so is garmin im just amazed at the high prices of garmin though. what garmin needs are more channels, stronger rubber, cheaper maps and units, i would love mp3 and since i use my gps for biking i see the spedometer on the garmin 60cx is a little slow. and when will they make satilite photos for maps that goes for both of them it would be nice to know where the un mapped swamps are. The two companies should come together and make an incredible unit but thats never going to happen.
  7. my 210 works better in the woods than my 60cx in terms of accuracy. this is due to the 2 extra channels provided with the 210 16 vs 14 plus look at the maps the 210s maps are incredibly cheaper and they take up less memory plus if you get mapsend topo 3d usa you get roads (non routable) and topo all for as low as $65 new! plus i can get over 3/4 of the state of minnesota within the 22 mb of memory but i am selling the 210 because i need the money. and all in all its not better than the 60cx but what the 210 HAS is better
  8. I know the first thing i would do is ask for pictures of THEIR unit. for added security ask to see if they can add an object not included with the product picture such as a sock. and t make sure they would hand over the product ask around im sure someone you would more trust can tell you they are trustfull too.
  9. Are those good units? i wouldnt say good units but they work i found my first 100 caches with mine.
  10. I took a closer look the Mapsend is a CD
  11. Mapsend will not work with garmin unless you know how to alter te format.
  12. As much as i dont like Wal mart, the one near me was selling explorist 100's for $65.00!!! check your losal one they may have the same deal.
  13. or ill trade for a yaesu vx-2r or 6r and if your really generous a 7r
  14. next year lets give them tinted windows, spinners, flames, and lots of chrome!
  15. the unit version right now is 3.2.53 i updated it in october the mapsend is not copied and is version 1.0. I cant find the original package though for the whole bundle.
  16. im not selling a garmin but what are your specifications?
  17. actually i would say its a good unit for starters. you can get about 2/3 of the state of Minnesota in the unit if thats enough for you.
  18. i will see if it loads on another computer.
  19. first you must tell us what unit you have and if you can load maps and waypoints into it through your computer (this is the best way and most auto gps' have this feature.)
  20. i am selling an explorist 210 bundle i bought a year ago from REI i upgraded to the 60cx (Not much of an upgrade if you ask me) but it still is. I am selling the unit and rest of the stuff (GPS, case, mapsend topo 3d usa, car cable, pc cable, mapsend lite, and 210 cd with geocache manager) for $150 shipping negotiable. pm me if interested it is hard to post pics here (i dont know how to get a jpeg on here) but if you help me i will. otherwise i will email you copies at your request. cant find package though. heres a rough idea of what the unit and stuff will look like REI.com
  21. i have a 210 and a 60cx and the 210 by far gets better accuracy after turning t on for 10 mins my magellan is down at 12ft and the garmins up there in the 30,s! this is because the explorists have 14 channels garmin usually sticks to only 12 and the magellan tri axis compass is a must! i regret buying the 60 i should have bought an explorist 600. theres only one thing i like about garmin and thats their geocaching mode. before you buy a gps you have to ask people who have used both garmin and magellan or even lowrance. (i just havnt heard good things about them) also if you want maps for your gps i would take a look at some prices. you will be surprised at the difference
  22. it says theres a missing extension or somthing.
  23. i have a 60cx and a 210 and i love the 210 over the 60cx only thing i like better is the geocaching mode it is a lot better than magellans but on the way to the cache the tri axis compass on the magellan is 10x better. and your antenna will get dinged up a lot on the 60 garmin has tougher plastic magellan has tougher rubber. on the 60s all that keeps your gps from getting wet is a little rubber flap compared to my exposed water proof port on my magellan. soak that thing in water and it works fine! but with my garmin i get nervous when it rains.
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