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  1. just a note to say the above virtual cache is not "off the coast" but on the coast. You hike in to the landscape but there is not boat requirement. Permits for parking and hiking, yes those are needed. this trail can be very slippery underfoot
  2. I see TB hoodies T shirts hats at events all the time what about making your Guitar a Tb. You can get a decal and people can discover you
  3. I have some bugs traveling in England in this fashion. To me it is fine I know the bug is thought of and being taken care of. It is moving and gaining miles, sometimes a picture I take a look at some of the caches it is visiting and relive some of the places I went on vacation. I have concerns for a bug picked up and then nothing...months on end and the people are not that active. So pretty much accept it is gone. Will give them a little while longer before I send them a note Rather get alerts and live the fun, then hear nothing. If it is happening to your bug, you can eliminate the email alerts If you are just making a comment on an observation, why worry, it does not really concern you. To me it is part of the fun.
  4. cannot imagine why someone would want to make 2 round trips to a cache to just sign the log.
  5. http://www.geocaching.com/track/ActivationCodeRetrieve.aspx
  6. http://www.geocaching.com/track/ActivationCodeRetrieve.aspx
  7. I was responding to dprovans last comment, you know, like in a civil conversation
  8. I have 11 TBs and coins 1 car, thankfully not missing 1 missing ( known to have been in muggled cache) 9 active in England and in and around Germany I think I am lucky. Only one is stalled since August with mildly active cachers. One was recovered this week from an improperly logged cache that does not get a lot of visits. The ones I send out in 2012 had a mission to get home by the end of 2013. Not a chance of that I am afraid.
  9. I agree. I looked at this bugs page and who knows how it got in the original cache in the first place. How did it get so beat up in so short a time. I know where "Cotswold Olympiks" is and it is a wonderful area. Seeing that took me back that is why bugs exist. I have encountered bugs that have lost their charms. Find a new one, perhaps something to represent your home area and send it off. Perhaps If someone else finds it , and sees its "aimless" wandering, they will attach a token too.
  10. or take a photo of the bugs code when you drop it.
  11. I know I have a few duplicate finds logged but have not been able to figure out how to find which one they are so I can correct it. I have never had a CO write and tell me about it. Certainly not an intentional situation, just a mistake when logging after a trip
  12. did you still use a flashlight? Does it help to have an overcast day or wear dark glasses to aid in seeing the contrast if you find a flash
  13. sounds like it would be fun, for sure something I would do. wonder about the battery life of the camera, though, particularly out in the elements.
  14. TB### is the travel bugs id. You can reach its page by entering the code in the "find trackables" feature at Geocaching.com what an exciting adventure. Will follow.
  15. Here we do not have the train system like that in England, so that is not really an option for these folks. I agree with those saying a bike would be a great investment and finding friends who might enjoy a search. Visit the regional forum here ( scroll down... Pacific Northwest) and see if you could hook up with cachers in your area who might be going out to do a day of caching ( on the weekend) I have joined up for Cache Machine events and find cachers a very friendly and welcoming group. Offer to pay some gas money, bring tasty snaxs
  16. from their post it sounds like they left an unactivated tag as swag
  17. If I gave it an honest effort, I log a DNF a string of DNF may be the first hint a CO has of a missing cache When selecting a cache to visit, if I see a string of DNF on anything below a "3" rating, I consider it missing and don't bother.
  18. when I cached in Madeira ( Portugal ) i downloaded only caches that had English translations. I also carried a notepad that had the cache and key info , such as the hint> I also select caches that are of easier rating since I was in strange and sometimes hazardous terrain in very remote setting.
  19. looking at the general area this cache was in, it sounds like it had an interesting water journey.
  20. For everyone who enjoyed the Long Beach Cache Machine, here is a chance to give back to the community CITO Event is in place for Saturday January 19. Hosted and posted by Legend of the Pickle The beach cleaning is part of the ongoing efforts byt the local Long Beach Community http://ourbeach.org/cleanup-is-fun/ Come enjoy a couple hours of beach clean then a tasty soup feed at noon. https://www.facebook.com/GrassRootsGarbageGang There is a pot luck friday night with a guest speaker too.
  21. I would love to meet up and share ride with other solo(?) cachers I can provide a 4 door sedan, tasty snacks and a working familiarity of the roads in the area. I have a fair number of finds in this area but many pockets of unfound remain. I enjoy caching but am not one to bend rules, ground or road, just to get a smiley.
  22. Ooo I am going to try and join the Dec hike as well My shoes languish . I need a chance to get out and get tuned up.
  23. I am attending a meet and greet there will be Pizza, what is not to love!
  24. plus you would have to trust that a solver would then rescramble the cube.
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