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  1. I know, I'm sorry, I just had a premonition of all the wonderful caring people who are on listing their friends who are not on at the moment and then it would become a zoo for me. I really try very hard to be fair to everyone, I know it doesn't always seem like it, and I always seem to upset someone, but I do try. There will be more chances, get out your phone a friend list and keep it by the computer! Ring em up when I post for batch 3!!! ;D
  2. If your name is on this list please check to be sure it is correct, if it is NOT correct please send me a PM with the corrections. Thanks so much!
  3. It's time for me to take a 2nd batch of 20 names. IF you can abbreviate your name it's appreciated, but not necessary. In an effort to be fair, please ONLY ask for me to include your caching name, part of this name collecting is in the timing, and I really can't have someone posting a ton of names for those who aren't online, have patience there will be more opportunities, I promise! OK GO! 21. Izzyvet 22. Brewer Chef 23. FuRbRaT 24. Lil Weasel 25. sweetlife 26. kehunt64 27. Miss America1 28. stickerooni 29. 5littlemonkeys 30. SecretChief 31. Mr.Explorer3 32. johnthesalty 33. AuntieNae 34. Messa 35. Cache Jedi 36. The Tapps 37. Team Fireboy 38. GR8 Eyes 39. avroair - but I need to check, weren't you on V.2? It's too late for me to check right now. 40. Thirstymick If you didn't make it this time, don't fret, there will be 5 more opportunities, and if there is still so much more interest, well, we'll see ;P
  4. OK I'll pick 323, because I have had 3 daughters and the last was born on the 23rd. Seems lucky enough.
  5. Hi, the reason you are not on the list YET, is because I was not taking names when I first posted this thread. In an effort to be fair to everyone I will only be taking names in batches of 20. I will take these batches randomly on different days and different hours to try and allow many countries and working classes to participate. Don't fret I've only taken 20 names so far and I plan to take 120 more. Each time I ask for a new batch of names I will write to the mods and ask them to change the subtitle to reflect the batch number I am asking for. I will also endeavor to wait until they have posted the change before taking a new list of names. So to recap, while you did post in the very beginning letting me know you wanted to be included you didn't get in when I asked for the first batch. Stay tuned I'll ask for a second batch later this week, probably sometime on Wednesday or Thursday as I know I have some free time on both of those days. So keep watching! I promise I will try VERY hard to get everyone on the coin who wants to be included (that wasn't on V.1 or V.2).
  6. I will continue to add to this thread and each time I ask for new names I will ask a Mod to modify the subtitle to the batch number I am taking. I will in the future try to take names when I know I can sit down for at least an hour and wait till the mod changes the title before I actually post I'm taking names. I will do the best I can to fit all the names who want to be on this coin, but past experience tells me I can't fit much more than 125- 150 depending on the design and the names. I CAN tell you I wont take the second batch of names today and probably not tomorrow, I've got a busy week so we'll see when I have some time to sit...
  7. I got a bushel of cherries! (a bag full of "Cherry of a cache coins")
  8. Gee I was post Number 20 what happened? I'm sorry, you had to wait until I asked for the names. I'll be asking for names in batches of 20 at random times on random days. I have 6 more batches to take. I'm trying to be as fair as I can be, to give everyone in all areas of the world a chance to get on the coin. So today I took names on a weekend at night time, next time it might be a weekday at 5 am, or some thing like that. I hope this makes sense to everyone, I'm jsut trying to be fair Keep watching!
  9. I don't mind at all, I had to step away from the computer anyway! Thanks for keeping it updated for me. For those of you in this first batch please check your name to be sure it is exactly how you want it. I will add them to my database once I know they are correct. For everyone who didn't make it, stay tuned I still need another 120 names and will continue to take them in batches of 20 randomly (ie. whenever I get a chance to sit down for a period of time at the computer, lol)
  10. Well I finally have a chance to sit down, so I'm ready to take the FIRST batch of 20 names! IF you can abbreviate in any way it's appreciated, but not necessary! first 20 only, I will ask for others another time, thanks so much! ONLY post in this thread, no emails of private messages please, it gets too confusing. 1. Fairyhoney 2. earthrooster 3. Ble68 4. Woodland Clan 5. Dolfy 6. Cheesy Pigs 7. dhenninger 8. rinauldi 9. usyoopers 10. TokyoBlossom 11. SEWdaugh 12. Rockin Roddy 13. Vanelle 14. davee-n-cachincarrie 15. intolerable 16. Fingers Crossed 17. MRJIFFY 18. IthacaDoodle 19. BRoKeN W 20. mousekakat Those are the first 20, they will not necessarily appear in that order on the coin as it will depend on the design and where names fit, because I try and fit as many as possible.
  11. You have a Junior? I haven't been "Away" for that long! What else did I miss?
  12. I have got the weakest heart, trust me I will do my very best to get all the names onto a coin again, and hey V 2 came out only 3 months after V1 so ya never know. I think the absolutely coolest thing you can do with these coins is to send them out on a mission to meet everyone on them! I sent one out, no idea where it is, but the idea is fun. I love looking at traveling coins to see if I recognize their owners names from the forums, it's like being able to "See" a small piece of them, corny I know. PS -For all of you who check back when I post I will ask the mods to modify the title each time I ask for new names, hope that helps.
  13. Yup, it sure is...the design has not been agreed upon yet, and production will NOT start until after the New Year confetti has settled and been swept away, but I will be slowly taking names. For those of you not in the know...Oak Coins produced the What's in your mailbox? Version 1 and Version 2 coins during the Spring of this past year. For each coin that I designed I took names of forum followers to be included on the coin. The first coin had approximately 125 names, the second had about 150 (I think). The idea came from the thread, "What's in your mailbox today?" and featured a mailbox theme, as will the Version 3 coin. It seems like an easy enough task, taking names and fitting them onto a coin, but trust me it's not. Each coin went through many revisions to make sure the names were typed correctly, capitols were capitols and lower cases were lower cases, and even then we still had minor mistakes. So, I'm going to take this one slow and steady. Please understand this is so I can retain some sanity. I will take names in batches of 20. I will ask for new batches at random times on random days to give all countries and work shifts an opportunity to get onto the 3rd version of this coin. IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON A PREVIOUS VERSION YOU MAY NOT GET ON THIS ONE. I will only be taking up to 140 names. I will begin taking names on December 1st, so watch for me to ask for them. I will not take any names after December 31st. If there is so much interest and newcomers that we go way over the allotted space, well we'll see... So until I ask for your names, some things to think about, the shorter your names, the more that will fit on the coin. Think about abbreviations, if they will work for you. Keep in mind I am only 1 person, I have a 2 year old daughter and it is the holiday season, so I will not likely be in the forums very often. I'm not good at saying no, I don't like to hurt peoples feelings and I especially don't like people mad at me, so, I will do the VERY BEST that I can to accomplish your wishes, but if I can't grant them all, please try and understand. OK that said feel free to discuss this upcoming project. PS - I will ask the mods to modify the title each time I ask for new names, hope that helps. Below are the previous coins Pics:
  14. This is neat, I haven't been around for awhile, so here's my 1st post! Good Luck!
  15. Those grits look just like grits! Mmmm yummy. Someday Bella will have her own trade item, but I'm so indecisive...those are adorable!
  16. YAY!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you all. I was up this morning at 4 am, and looked at the big beautiful full moon and remembered this was the day I thought the baby would be born! Full moon's got it! Hugs to everyone!!!
  17. UOTrackers


    I'm glad you liked my PathTag! They are so much fun, I could come up with designs for them all day! There's a Pathtag club, I'll send you some info on it!
  18. I can't afford the auction (wish I could) but at Bella's 2nd Birthday Party we put aside a couple of gifts to give to a needy child. Bella has everything she could possibly need and then some. I'd love to send a couple of these gifts to you, wrapped or unwrapped makes no difference to me. Let me know!
  19. Bella's due date was Nov 20th and she came 4 weeks early...hmmm Sex of baby (we don't know yet) : I've had a feeling it would be a girl since Chris told me Date of Birth: Nov 23 (Full moon) Time of Birth: 9:56 pm Weight: 7lbs 8 oz Length (will be used for a tie breaker): 20.1"
  20. I recently found a small stash of these: they are the Misty Silver version of our coin. They are NOT trackable. They are 3D with semi sharp edges, just to warn you. There were 50 minted in this finish. The co-ordinates on the back side will actually lead you to a cache here in Aiken where I occasionally leave our cache only Gold coins, you know just in case your in the neighborhood! *Because I have so few I will be considering my trades carefully, I have only 2 available. Thank you for understanding.
  21. Chris, ever since you showed me this, um, how long ago was that? I have been waiting for it. The design came out beautifully, I'm so glad you stuck with it to get it done the way you envisioned it!
  22. Hi Paulo, I just sent you an email. Thanks again for the repeat business!
  23. I've received several messages asking me what I have left of these cheap Artist Editions, so here it is. (Please add $2.50 S&H for the first coin and $.50 for each additional for international orders $3.50 for the first and $.50 for each additional) Prices are per coin, quantity available is in the (x)'s (4) Antique Silver Cacher on Board - only 30 were made $10.00 (4) Copper (shiny) What's in your mailbox? V.2 - only 20 were made $10.00 (5) Black Nickel GCC April 07 Eat, Meet & Greet - only 15 made $10.00 (7) Antique Copper GCC April 07 Eat, Meet & Greet - only 15 made $10.00 (10) Glow in the dark Go 4x4 it! - only 30 were made $10.00 (11) Teal & Pink MWGB TieDye T-shirt - only 30 were made $10.00 (6) Black Jeep sets (2 coins with matching tracking codes, 1 is black nickel and the other is shiny nickel) - only 22 sets were made $20.00 / set I also have a couple REGULAR editions of coins I have designed: They are $7.50 each (2) BLUE GW5 Tiedye T-shirts (2) RED GW5 Tiedye T-shirts (7) PINK GW5 Tiedye T-shirts If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you want to see pictures they are on my website. Thank you for taking the time to look, I really do appreciate it. OH yeah to buy coins send me an email to UOTrackers@yahoo.com with AE coins for sale as the subject. Thanks! I'll be accepting PayPal only sorry.
  24. are these sold out? I couldn't find pic on website? Thx I still have a handful of these, send me an email, uotrackers@yahoo.com here's a pic
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