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  1. Who can tell me what the symbols mean first? ...snip


    OK Chris, let me try this again.




    Letters intersperced within the design spell out PROSPERITY



    You got it! We have a winner!! ...snip...

    Wow Yay I won the first round! Thanks so much, you know I REALLY wanted to. I love looking at your coins and finding the hidden surprises!

    I received my coin on Friday! A Lovely Antique Copper one! Thanks so much Chris...now you need to watch your mail for a surprise!

  2. I use reservations to guage the market. I then send invoices when the coins ship from the mint or after I get them.

    I do the same thing, on a much smaller scale, I only get about 30 coins usually. I do it because I know there are some who collect AE's and some who are really great to me and like to have all my coins, so this way they get advanced notice of a new design, but again I don't ask for money until I have the coins.

  3. Can you confirm I am still on the back? Thank you

    You are! I should have my finished art this weekend, assuming I have enough names, hav had several things come up lately so I have not sat back down with this, but I should have some time tonight.

  4. I


    :D:D *Gasp* The three other colors! The pink, light yellow & light green! Those were not for sale at Hogwild, were they? Please tell me they are your personal version and not that I missed seeing them in the store! :laughing::rolleyes: Those are sweet!! 'Specially mixed in with the red, blue & bright green! :sunsure:



    Yep they are mine. Don't tell Yime but I liked his colors so much I borrowed a couple, then tossed in a pretty pink cuz I'm a Chick! They weren't at Hogwilds store, but I heard they made an appearance at GW6. There are more pics on my site.

  5. Thanks LS!


    Now how to divide me into 3 people? Lots to consider, appreciate the post :o

    If your thinking of GW7, I'd be happy to help you for awhile. I don't exactly vend so to speak, though our Cool Ties did great at GW5!!! The hubby will likely be out caching and we're planning on my mom coming from STL to babysit some, so I'll have some "free" time. I grew up doing craft shows so I know that sitting in the booth the whole time is no fun.

  6. Sig items were my first love in Geocaching. I still and will always collect them! So tomorrow I'll have to get out the camera and take some pics for you. I have some really great and unique ones. For now I'll leave you with my old sig items. I haven't made any in a long time but I think I might again soon!

    1. My signature GeoAngel

    2. GeoAngel with my Spring 2006 tokens

    3. 2007 GeoAngel Tokens

    4. Brae V.1 Pathtag







  7. They are going fast! Only 15 sets left, wow...I'm so glad ya'll like them!


    i wish that they would sell some singles so we could do add-ons in our color preference, but i guess that would go away from the original artwork.

    Hmm, that would be fun! (My colors are different but I haven't received them yet)

  8. WOW! those are fantastic! I'm still an avid collector of sig items and owuld love to add this to my collection, are you doing any trades?


    Maybe with these crazy gas prices now is a good time to get out the sculpy and have a family token making night...hmmm...I wonder if it's hot enough outside now to bake them in the sun! (100 today!)

  9. Got in and ordered mine as soon as I saw the email as I didn't want to miss these. :)


    Congrat's Jen - they've been a long project for you!!

    Yep they took longer to make than Bella did!, hahahahaha. I'm told mine are in the mail, I can't wait to see them in person!

  10. Thanks for the reply. I see the new artwork for the backside. Is there any reference to MC Escher in this design or is that taken out because of possible copyricht problems? They are now just three nice lizards which fit together.

    You get my meaning, if the coins are Escher related they are more desireable for us dutchies :laughing:

    My original artwork is based on McEscher for sure! Whether or not that will be mentioned I have no idea. As a child I was fascinated with his work, introduced to it by my father who tried his hand at similar designs. When the thought occurred to me that it could make a cool coin, I had no idea just how much work it would take. It took me over 20 attempts to design them just right to fit within each other. I'm VERY excited that they will be available soon!


    :) Woot! How soon is soon? Very cool. Hurry up will ya! ;)

    Soon is apparently NOW. I just got an email notification from Hogwild Stuff. I had no idea they were available yet, but here they are!!! Looks like there are only 120 sets though, so better be quick I think :)

  11. GREAT NEWS!!! I got the preliminary die art back on the first completed side and the font size is fine!!! So all 106 names will be on that side just as they are. I'm going to start working on the other side tonight (pending cooperation from Bella) and will almost certainly fit everyone else on this side. More than likely I'll be asking for more names! See you soon!

  12. I had heard from a really good source that there was thought of other combos depending on how well this one did. I also thought it was going to be silver but after they came in and weren't I looked back at the pic and on the laptop if I tilt the screen back and look at it from the bottom at a sharp angle I could see the gold (maybe bronze, I can't tell the diff.) I love this coin. The are beautiful, as would be expected from Mr. Mackey.


    I could have sworn when I placed my order that it said the metal finish was Antique Silver. I know the picture was different, but I figured it might be Chris's version or another one the store made.

  13. There is one called GIMP that I have used. It is free. It works pretty well.


    Thank you both for your suggestions/comments. I am downloading and installing GIMP now to check it out. Then its a matter of just playing around and learning to use it I guess. I have some ideas for coins but nothing set in stone yet.

    There is also inkscape, which is free and nice, I just didn't have the patience to try and learn it!

  14. I have some non trackable MWGB 2007 Duckies for trade, they are Red witha black ribbon and say MIACHK#2. I've never offered them for trade and was NOT at MWGB. I'm looking for cute NON trackable GW6 coins for my daughter.


    Also available for Trade: ((I have not traded coins in a long time so please forgive me if I call these the wrong name))

    (Bronze?) Arrow One (square celtic coin)

    Pink on Nickel Pocket Knife coin

    Antique Silver Crystal Ball

    GW5 Lime Green Tshirt LE NONtrackable Reads HOGWILD instead of tracking

    Team Alamo spinner (Black outter ring, nickel spinner, turqoise blue sparkles)

    Nickel Cachepillar

    Gold Cachepillar

    Chrome Team Chelmo

    Antique Copper Geocoin Club April 2007 - Eat, Meet & Greet

    Dragonfly Dreams Non Trackable #160

    SEVENTHSON Black Nickel Gear Non Trackable #231

    Black Nickel Canada's Capitol Cachers (Red Maple Leaf)

    Go 4x4 it 5 star cache

    Go 4x4 it 5 star cache GLOW IN THE DARK

    wsgaskins GeoTag SET - 2 matching tracking codes - I think he said this was a mistake so I have two tags with matching codes.

    Chat Happens Gabbey Road NON trackable coin engraved BraeAKAChick#2


    And Last but not least I have a couple of our 2006 personal coin...


    I don't have an up to date trade list but will be happy to look through yours.

  15. I'll start this ball rolling :D This cause is close to my heart too, and any advancements made via the US will help Canadian children too.


    I'll keep this pastel request in mind over the next few months. When we're sending our own designed coins to production - if the coin will suit pastel, I'll get one or two made in those finishes and send them to you.

    :) Thank you, I know some designs are hard to "pastelize"

  16. I use this phrase a lot, I guess it's sorta a mantra of mine. It never hurts to ask, the worst I can get is a bunch of "no's" in which case I'm no worse off then when I started.


    Every year (as most of you know) I walk for the March of Dimes in memory of the children I have lost and the one beautiful girl I have. Each year I try and outdo my previous years collection efforts. This year my family was the Ambassador family for our region. I had several very kind donations from coiners both in the form of coins to sell and money for the cause. It occurred to me that though the auctions and sales I hold help, they could be a bit more special. I've since asked the mints who take on my design orders if they would donate 2 special coins from my design in a set of baby hued colors. For example the pinwheels (when they get done) will have 2 in very light pastel colors. Paula of Cinema Boxers offered to do 1 Baby Pink Carousel Horse and one Baby Blue Carousel Horse. My plan is to auction these special coins off next year. So my "never hurts to ask" question is, would anyone else producing a coin be interested in doing a special auction edition with baby colors and donate it? If you are please email me. I'll dig up this thread each time I get a new "Donation" coin with pictures and credit, (along with probably lots of thanks yous!)


    OH PS. This year my total raised was $1915!!!! $1000 more than last year! I love saving babies!

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