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  1. I would like to be able to make my own list of AdLabs I have done to then hide from the map. The map is getting very congested where I live and I’m wondering if I’m missing the new ones as it’s difficult to see them.
  2. I check on My Lists on iPad not the app. I’ve also tried turning phone off and back on that seems to work. doesnt do it quite as after but still unstable at times.
  3. It’s usually ok, can be slow when using map out in the field, still get graph paper screen occasionally! On the whole though it’s a stable free app that suits me!
  4. Not having any problem at the moment, think it’s a glitch at times.
  5. It’s very hit and miss and so slow. Sometimes it won’t bring my lists up either. Today it wasn’t finding me and I as so far away from the cache! Im seriously thinking of buying an app!
  6. Thanks seems ok tonight, hope it’s still working tomorrow!
  7. trails mostly but as that’s what I need for caching that’s what I need to work.
  8. When I zoom in on maps , map disappears and I end up with what looks like graph paper. I’m wondering if the time has come to buy cachly for iPhone!
  9. I’m in the UK I’m having the problem when I zoom in to the map it changes to a grid.
  10. The lists will not download to my iphone......its only started today, no problem for 12 months!
  11. I share your 'grief'. I have 3 TBs belonging to my grandchildren, I set them off together and they all started travelling. I usually acknowledge to the person who logs it as a find by email and always get a reply to say they will move on. I then see they go Geocaching practically everyday but 2 weeks later they still haven't dropped off...its a shame not everyone drops off quickly as I always do. I have found TBs in UK, been in contact with owner and taken them to Canada, where I visit my grandchildren, sometimes it been a month or so but I think its just polite to let the owner know if you intend holding on to it for more than a week.
  12. Thanks for reply. NO, I retrieved Betty Bunny from The Dare game on 16/12 it is showing on my profile lists as being retrieved but if you look on Betty Bunny page it says last seen in The dare Game, and its not showing in my Inventory.This isn't my first log and have logged TBs before and since without problems but its bugging me that I cant get this one into my Inventory. The owner is going to send me number and hopefully I can try to log it again before anyone picks it up. I left it in Motorway Mayhem before I realised it wasn't in Inventory! that will teach me not to write numbers down!
  13. Help.............. I retrieved a TB and logged it as picked up. It shows on my profile as being retrieved but does not show in my Inventory. I dropped it off today but can not log it now. What have I done wrong for it not to be showing ? Any suggestions. I do not have the number which was stamped on TB now either.
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