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  1. I have not used the Geocaching App for navigation recently and so don't know personally whether this is still an ongoing problem (but I've heard that it is).  I finally gave up and decided to use Cachly as my primary phone geocaching App (iPhone).  I have not once had an issue with Cachly and navigating through Google Maps.  I have also not once had an issue with navigating from the Adventure Labs App through Google Maps.  And, I use both a lot!  I am not in any way an IT professional, but it still puzzles me why one Groundspeak App works great with Google Maps and another one doesn't.

  2. It used to be that when I did a search on the website, the results were shown and sorted by distance from the location (coordinates) that I searched from (entered as my search center point).  This was very useful as I could easily see what was around (and closest to) my search location.  Now, the results appear to be shown and sorted based on distance from my home location (or at least a close proxy).  I hope this is being treated as a bug that will be fixed as displaying distance from a location other than the one that I'm searching from is not in any way useful.  In fact, it basically makes the search feature useless for me.  The very last thing that I care about if I'm searching a location 500 miles (or really any distance) from my home location is which caches are closest to my home location.

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  3. For several months now, I have been having issues with the iPhone App's interface with Google Maps.  Prior to that time, I had no issues.  I know other cachers that are also experiencing these issues.  Here's what I think I know:


    - If you navigate to a cache from the App, then hit the vehicle icon at the top, you will get a selection of installed maps to choose from.  If you select Google Maps, the App will interface with and pass destination coords to Google Maps.  Google Maps will then propose routes and one can start navigation.

    - If you then drive the selected route exactly as designated, everything works fine.

    - However, if you do something that causes Google Maps to reroute (like make a turn that is not on the designated routing), it will often change the destination replacing the original destination coords with a different destination location.  Oddly  enough, this is often a Unified (or other) School district.  This destination can be 5, 10, 15 miles or more from the cache that you originally set up the routing for.

    - It is also possible (not fully confirmed with testing) that when Google Maps re-optimizes the route and proposes a new and faster route that the destination for the proposed route is different.

    - I have not experienced these issues when I input a destination directly into Google Maps (although I have not tried entering coordinates, just named destinations and addresses).

    - I have also not experienced these issues when using Google Maps to navigate from the Adventure Labs App.


    Separately, for quite some time (long before the above issue started), the interface between the App and Google Maps has overridden/ignored at least some Google Maps settings (such as Avoid Tolls).  So, the settings have to be manually reset every time if the user determines them to be relevant.  I have not experienced this issue when using Google Maps to navigate from the Adventure Labs App.


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  4. On a related note - For some reason the app will only let me scroll back through the first 20 or so Activity Logs.  If I try to scroll past that to see earlier logs, it just spins as if it's trying to pull in more logs.  I'm on version 1.3.11 build 2618, although I first noticed it prior to updating to this version.

  5. I'm finding this to be a very frustrating tool to use so far - hoping that some updates can be made soon.  Here are some thoughts based on what I've seen so far:


    1) The defaults should be set to the most logical search parameters - All Cache Types, Sizes, and DT Ratings should be set on.  Why would the defaults be set to a combination that yields no caches?

      - If I input coords into the search field on the main page, I get everything within 10 miles (which is what I would expect). But, if go to the filters to make my search, I have to the turn on all the settings for Cache Types, Sizes, D and T Ratings.

      - When one resets the filter parameters, all of the above settings are removed rather than everything reset back on.  


    2) The integration between a quick search from the main screen (where one inputs coords or GC#, etc and gets a 10 mile radius return) and the filter does not appear to work.

      - If I input coords into the box on the main page, I get everything within 10 miles (which is what I would expect).  But, if I then go to the filters to adjust something (usually the distance), even if I turn on all the settings for Cache Types, Sizes, D and T Ratings, the filter crashes and I get all 3+ million caches centered around my home coordinates.

      - It's only when I do all of the above AND delete and then reenter the coords in Location Search field that I get a good filter of caches.  

      - In fact, it appears that every time I want to adjust the filters on my search, I have to delete and then reinput my search coordinates even though the filter already shows my old search coordinates in that field.


    3) There is no memory to the filters.

     - If I go straight to the filter to do my search and input coords, set the distance, and turn on all of the parameters, I get the results that reflect the parameters that I input.  But if I then go back into the filter to change something, some of the settings have been changed (for example, Cache Type and Size settings have been cleared).  The filter should remember the parameters being used until one hits reset. (Also see note in (2) above about having to repeatedly reinput search coordinates)

     - Anytime the filter crashes and results in a response of all 3+ million caches centered around my home coordinates, the filter clears any parameters that I set.  The old filter would return zero caches, but remember the settings so that one could go make changes as needed to get what I'm looking for.  The penalty for making a mistake or changing your mind as to what you're looking for shouldn't be starting over.


    4) The Search routine no longer allows one to search archived caches.  There are lots of reasons to search for an archived cache and one doesn't always know if a cache has been archived when they start the search.   I don't understand why this functionality would be removed.  And while there are work-arounds, expecting the general caching community to use those work-arounds will discourage people (in my opinion).


    5)  When I do a search by coordinates, those coordinates are then "frozen" as a selection in the filter - which makes them un-editable.  When I do a search by coordinates, I usually want to edit them most (90%?) of the time.  Being able to retain the ability to edit the location/search input would be very helpful whether it be coordinates, names, GC codes, etc.  Having to redo work is never fun.  (Of course as noted in #2 above, one currently has to completely reinput them every time, so this comment really applies once that issue has been fixed.)



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  6. So....How to do I find an archived cache?  Pretty important feature, so I must be missing something basic.


    We used to be able to input the GC# and have the option to select that one cache.  I don't see anything in the search settings that lets me select that as an option.  I guess one can edit the URL to go to a specific archived cache, but that seems like a pretty inefficient way to get there.

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  7. Just now, RuideAlmeida said:


    Hi Steve!

    Long time, no see...


    Just check your Event page... I bet the Announcement is there.

    Hi Rui!  Hope all is well! 


    Yes - It's there. I was simply pointing out that I didn't receive an email notification and also that emails for events in my notification areas weren't consistent in case that's not what HQ intended.  If I wasn't supposed to receive an email as the Owner/Host of an upcoming event, then no worries.  It doesn't matter in my case since I received other notices.  But, I was simply pointing out that there may be Event Hosts that didn't receive the HQ message.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, barefootjeff said:


    I received an email for the announcement that was posted on my Community Celebration event. Have you checked your spam folder?

    Yes - Nothing in spam.  If it matters, mine is a regular event, not a CCE.


    As noted, I received messages for other events, so am obviously aware of the notice.  Just simply pointing out my observations in case the notification process didn't go as intended.

  9. 1 hour ago, Keystone said:

    The following announcement log has just been published to all active upcoming event cache pages:



    Developing this message and the logistics for getting it posted worldwide has been a priority for Geocaching HQ.  

    Thank you HQ for doing this!


    Oddly though, I received a notice for events in some (but not all) of my notification areas, any regular event that I had logged a WA for, and any regular event that I am watching, but I didn't receive a notice for my own event.  I did check and one was posted.  I wonder why the owners of events don't receive this announcement?  Or why I didn't receive a notice for events in all of my notification areas (even though they were also posted)?

  10. My solution until then will be NOT logging DNFs any more and also changing old DNFs to notes...
    With the combination of the DNF icons obscuring the cache type icons on the map, and the cache health score counting even a single DNF as a negative mark against the cache, people may start using DNF logs even less than they did before.


    This exactly is what I fear, too. And I'm the best proof for it... Converted most of my DNFs without later find to notes already. Just the DNF icon doesn't help me at all :(


    I personally don't care for this feature either and will probably delete my DNFs and stop logging them in the future. If there's something important that I want to tell the CO, I'll probably use a note.


    I want to see what's out there to find by cache type. Additionally, for some reason seeing a DNF cache on the map gives me the impression that it's a cache that's missing and I shouldn't bother with it. I know that's not how it really works, but that's the natural reaction that I have.

  11. I think this is universal and probably relates to the map change. When I try to create a route query, there is no map showing in the block provided and several of the query parameters are missing. Pretty sure it's a bug and I'm sure there are lots of users waiting for the fix. Not sure where in these forums one goes to find out if anyone is addressing the issue.

  12. I reported the problem on Friday (Tuesday now) and have received no acknowledgement. The problem is quite frustrating. If you temporarily cut back from 1000 to 500, the e-mail of the GPX is valid...


    If the e-mail of the 500 cache gpx files is working, maybe an interim work-around would be for Groundspeak to waive the 5 query daily limit and we could run smaller queries. We'd still have to spend time changing queries, but at least we'd get the information.

  13. Is anyone else having trouble with the new maps beta? Before the update I was able to view everything without any trouble, but now the map refuses to show any caches at all (and no it isn't because I have filtered them all out). The new tools look great, I'm just unsure why the map doesn't seem to be working for me.


    It's kinda working for me, but incredibly slow. Looks like the servers can't keep up with handing out those tiles.


    It does take a few seconds, but then the caches show up. However, when I click the personalize box, the caches that I've found turn into smileys (which is good). But, when I then click the smiley box (to get those to disappear from the map), all caches disappear - not just the one's that I've already found.


    Oh wait - I just looked again and it looks ok. Just took a LOT longer than a few seconds for them to reappear.

  14. Hi Moun10Bike - image I had problems with with was 1600x1200, jpeg, 494kb. I tried with both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Back in October, around the time of the update then, one went through with no resizing, but my next one within 5 minutes kept giving me the "500" error. I kept trying...but no luck. I tried again after the November update, but I am not having any joy. I was spoiled before with having the site resize for me - I am struggling to learn a new skill here......

    I even tried to upload something smaller than the 1600x1200, but must have done something wrong with my resizing efforts, I guess! Permission is granted to laugh at me :P

    I will have to try again....but all these failures is a bit disheartening, to say the least <_<


    If you would, please send me a copy of any picture you are having trouble with (my email address is shown on my profile page) as well as where you are trying to upload it (specific log or specific cache). Hopefully we can pin down where the problem is occurring.


    email sent...

  15. Same thing here.


    Can anyone download PQ results now?


    I guess I can trim my PQ to return 500 caches so I can get some results. (Will those who told us how wonderful this was so we didn't lose our e-mailed results hang their heads at least?)


    Yeah - Unfortunately, I've run mine at 1000 and can't download them and since the limit is 5 per day, I can't rerun them at 500. I love the 1000 limit though, just have to be able to download them.

  16. The default date when I went to log my cache showed up as yesterday's date even thought it was after midnight. This is not something the site has ever done before. I did not post any other logs so that isnt why the default date was the 20th.
    This is a known issue and we hope to have it corrected for the next release.

    The logic behind it being if you log your caches from a multi-day trip then you only have to change the date once for each day of the trip that you found caches on.

    you don't realize the benefit of it keeping the last date.

    Emphasis added. I'm guessing it's timezone-related instead.

    I wonder if this discussion isn't mixing two separate items. I read Tsegi Mike's post to identify an issue with the default log date when he first went in to log a cache in his session - it should default to the current date, not a different date.


    The other posts are expressing a desire to make sure that fixing that issue does not impact the different feature that defaults the log date for subsequent logs to the most recent log date in the current session. I agree - That's a very valuable feature if one is not using field notes.

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