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  1. The very distinct difference between Challenge Caches and a Mary Hyde type promotion is that one restricts the ability to "find" geocaches, the other does not. Groundspeak has created a promotion that encourages the finding of caches in a certain time frame. If I do not meet the requirements of the promotion, that does not prohibit me from finding even one single cache. Prior to the adjustment of the challenge cache guidelines, a hider could place any number of caches in their area, set whatever guidelines they desired for those caches, and basically limit the ability of other cachers in their area to find those caches. We can debate the good or bad of the new challenge cache restrictions all day... but I believe that trying to compare those restrictions to a Mary Hyde type promotion is as Apples to Oranges Off Topic as you can get.
  2. I appreciate DCondon up there being 28 so that my 35 year old self isn't the youngest on this thread. I have no desire to climb trees, so I suppose that aspect of youth is wasted on me. I often get jealous of the "well-seasoned" folks that whose logs I read in my area... The ones that I know are retired and have generally unlimited caching time. Between work, 2nd job, coaching my nephews baseball teams -- it gets extremely difficult to make time for more than a simple Park and Grab (A cache that is easily accessible, just a short walk from a safe place to park your car.)
  3. Pardon me for using "all" when I definitely meant "most". I assumed it wasn't an acronym, but couldn't figure out why else it might end up as SWAG so often.
  4. The threads on this forum about the quantity and quality (or lack thereof) swag in caches are numerous (and all exactly the same). My question is, why in the heck do we all capitalize SWAG every time we type it?
  5. Yes - to have full access to Geocaching through the official geocaching app, you have to upgrade your membership to premium. There are other ways to access everything but Premium Member Only caches -- 3rd party apps, using the website and a GPSr.
  6. I'm not sure if you're referring to just the Android app or the website as well. There wouldn't be much reason on the app to ever show the found caches back at their posted coordinates -- but for the website map... I see GeoArt. I solve puzzles in the GeoArt - cache location moves to solved location. I find caches in GeoArt - Smiley appears on map, reconstructing the GeoArt as I find each cache. After finding the caches, I have a nice Smiley GeoArt on my map. While perhaps not "useful" in any practical manner, I do enjoy seeing this on my map.
  7. Click your profile picture in the App. Likely, you have new souvenirs. Viewing your souvenirs will likely make the yellow dot go away.
  8. What would be the purpose of scheduling publication time? Reviewers publish caches when they have the time to review and publish them. To schedule publication to accommodate an individual (or a particular group) of cachers would only invite MORE claims of bias (and perhaps claims with actual basis, unlike the claims made here).
  9. Please elaborate -- this does sound much more interesting.
  10. OP hasn't posted in this thread since its inception -- Yet we've all done a fantastic job of rough drafting their business plan for them, identifying the obstacles, designing package services, identifying the variables that might create price points. Well done, folks. Well done.
  11. The cache owner would go in and enter the "Owner Maintenance" after the company had serviced the cache. Minimum wage wouldn't matter, unless this thing got so successful that the Cache Maintenance Service had to hire additional employees. I picture the company offering two levels of service: Basic Service: Generic Containers, little hiking/biking/kayaking/bushwhacking involved. T3 and below. Quick and easy and low impact. (Think power trails/geo-art/etc) Extreme Service: Custom and/or specific styled containers. T3.5+, Greater time commitment.
  12. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2TGXF_archimedes-my-kind-of-guy We have one like that in Louisville. It is one of the very few gadget caches I've ever found, but definitely one of my favorite caches ever.
  13. So I haven't gotten the hang of this multi part quoting in the new forums, so forgive me... I *think* what Narcissa was trying to say is that the groups/business she's seen try this service have been marketing the service to other businesses. Not to individual cachers. Companies/groups that would try to use cache placement as a marketing platform -- which, is basically impossible due to the commercial restrictions on cache listings.
  14. You're not at all wrong. I'm open to a great variety. My greatest obstacles are my overall lack of creativity and... call it shyness or whatever, but just figuring out (once I find a spot) how to ask for permission to place the hide.
  15. I know this is an old thread -- but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. I'm 7 days into a run at 366 days, aiming to fill in my calendar grid and beating my previous high streak of 31 (Thank you Groundspeak for the 2013 August souvenirs). November 25th will be my 6th anniversary as a cacher, and I'd like to find 261 caches before then. That'll get my overall "Finds Per Day" up to 0.5. And lastly, I'm trying to figure out where the heck to hide a cache. No skirt-lifters. While I certainly find those and log them -- I don't want my hides to be the "well, here was an empty spot". The problem I face is that there are some awesome cache-owners (both the creative and the prolific) in my neck of the woods, so many of the good spots are just gone.
  16. There is definitely no NEED to pay anyone for anything in this hobby. But that doesn't change the discussion as to whether or not there are those who would WANT to pay for such a service.
  17. This can't come quick enough!! Definitely looking forward to this update!
  18. 12 miles??? how on Earth did you even find it?? This is a story that I think we all deserve to hear.
  19. I'm really conflicted on this one -- on one hand, I'm all for MAINTAIN YOUR OWN DOGGONED CACHES OR ARCHIVE THEM IF YOU CAN'T BECAUSE COMMUNITY MAINTENANCE HURTS THE GAME.... But on the other hand, I have deep respect for people with a hustle -- and if somebody was wiling to pay for a "Cache Maintenance Service" -- is Groundspeak really in a position to deny that? The HOA mandating that you cut your grass, and you hiring the local landscape company is a great analogy. I was super convinced when this thread started that the OP was going to get roasted and was willing to fan the flames... But The Jester has created a hard question in my mind now.
  20. The souvenir for the 1st week will be awarded tomorrow (Wednesday). The weekly souvenirs will be awarded on the Wednesday following each week of scoring.
  21. While I realize that there are several folks in here who have tried to assert that a DNF [only =] missing cache, there are a few of us, myself included, who have encouraged you to log DNFs whenever YOU want to log your DNFs. If by YOUR definition you conducted a search (whether that occurred at GZ, sitting in the car in the parking lot, somewhere in between, or somewhere even before) then by all means, please log a DNF. This is a 13 page thread, which is in my mind, much ado about nothing. I've attempted to persuade you to simply enjoy this hobby in the way that is best for you (which, full disclosure, I believe to also be the way that is best for the community). Apparently it is a good thing that I passed on law school, as my ability to make a persuasive argument seems to have slipped.
  22. Yes it is. Absolutely yes it is. DNFs do NOT equal a problem with a cache. Simply put. I fail to find caches on a regular basis that are being found by others. Caches that are in perfect condition. DNF may possibly be a singular indicator, but the suggestion that they EQUAL (as in, definitely mean there is) a problem with the cache is simply not true.
  23. What you have to say in a DNF is absolutely important to: You - If you track your DNFs and use them to keep a record of your searching Me (and many other cachers)- If I come behind you searching for a cache and you've included relevant information in your DNF log that will help me decide a) should I search for this cache b ) where should I start my search c) are there areas I need to take a closer look/possibly not spend as much time on. Just because the algorithm doesn't take into account the content of your DNF log, does not mean that said content is not important. It just means that the now-known-to-be-fairly-harmless CHS email doesn't take into account the content of your log. I know, for me personally, being able to relive my "failures" in geocaching and to share those trials with other members of our community are worth far too much to simply abandon logging my DNFs.
  24. I emailed Groundspeak. I've attached their response that "caches will not be archived as a result of these emails." I hope this helps all of us continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby in a way that is best for you.
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