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  1. Does any one use BeeLineGPS? BeeLineGPS I was searching for a Pocket PC program to use and found this one. Thanks, eagle-2
  2. Thanks for the help, I plan on buying a maps program this week for The Legend. eagle-2
  3. I just got my GPS. I have the eTrex Legend. How do I use my Pocket PC (AXIM) with the GPS? What programs do I need to buy or download for the Pocket PC? Thanks, eagle-2
  4. Can some one explain traveler tags to me? I'm not sure I understand how it works. Can I place them in caches I find? traveler tags Thank you, L-2
  5. I order the Garmin eTrex Legend from Amazon. The price is the best I've found. It should be here this week. I hope I can learn how to use it really fast, so I can get started Geocaching. GPS at Amazon L-2
  6. Lee-2


    I’m trying to learn all about Geocaching before I get started. I’ve been reading about Letterboxer. I have a question about it. Can I purchase a stamp from an arts and craft store to use? Thanks, L-2
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