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  1. Is there a state coin for Virginia? Eagle-2
  2. I'll email avroair and ask if they will initiate the adoption. Thanks, Eagle-2
  3. I’m trying to adopt the coin I bought from avroair and I get this message (You have not been asked to adopt this listing.) Adoptions I tried the number on the coin and the number on the coin WebPage. I'm not sure what to do now. What am I doing wrong? Thanks,
  4. Tennessee State coin I bought from avroair. It's AWESOME!! And it's our first coin. Thanks avroair
  5. Very nice offer. E-Mail Sent! Thanks alot, Eagle-2
  6. We leave our poker chip and our Eagle head. The backs are number and signed. I’m working on a new Eagle design. I’ll add it real soon.
  7. I received Jsam Wooden Nickel. And it’s really nice. Where did you have them made at? Thanks, Eagle-2
  8. Good job MetroGT! I like it. Email me when your ready to trade. Eagle-2
  9. I’m working on a new signature piece for caches & trades. My little Eagle is about the size of a quarter. I’m making them out of Fimo Clay. Eagle-2 Picture of the eagle and token I’ve made.
  10. Sunday we went Geocaching at the Bicentennial Trail in Ashland City,TN. There are so many caches here. The trail is so nice. We had so much fun. It’s a great place for children to cache. I can’t wait to take our grandchildren. We only cache part of the trail. We’ll go back when we have more time. I started a bookmark list for anyone to use. If I missed a cache email me and I’ll add it. Bicentennial Trail Eagle-2
  11. You could start each on with the Alphabets A, B, C that would put them in the order you want. And you would still have the Cache number for reference. Eagle-2
  12. Thanks for the help. I'll have to buy a micro sd card reader. eagle-2
  13. For Mothers Day my family bought me the eTrex Legend CX. My question is how do I remove the maps I install in the unit? I use MapSource- MetroGuide? Thanks, Eagle-2
  14. Thanks, We try to find caches that are pretty easy. They really enjoy the ones on trails and in parks. We’re planning the space center and GCH1HZ. I think the Space Center is one they will enjoy. And GCH1HZ will be a nice place to break at. Eagle-2
  15. Lee-2

    Poker Chips

    Our signature item. I stamped the eagle on the poker chip. I dated it & signed the back. We bought the chips at Wal-Mart. I also bought the plastic bags there. I made a small sicker for the label on the bag. I’ve started a scrapbook of signature items I’ve treaded for. eagle-2
  16. We're still new at Geocahing. We always leave something even if we don’t trade. Compass Key chains Signature Item Assortment of toys My favorite is a 4” green toy soldier like the little ones. foreign currcency Eagle-2
  17. I’m planning a trip to Huntsville and Madison, AL. Can someone tell me a good place to geocache with children? (PARK OR TRAILS) Thanks, Eagle-2
  18. I like all the signature items. I started a scrapbook of the different item. I stamped an eagle on a poker chip. I dated it & signed the back. Here’s ours. Anyone wanna trade? Eagle-2
  19. Our signature item. I stamped the eagle on the poker chip. I dated it & signed the back. I've only found one signature item. It’s a business card with a bracelet made of beads. I started a scrapbook of signature item.
  20. We use Garmin with MapSource.
  21. Thanks, I think it will be fun and interesting to have a play. Eagle-2
  22. I would like to play Where's In A Name. But I don't understand how to get my second coord. Can some one explain it to me? http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=-1&WTGUID=07f522ad-8905-4ae9-b57c-398479eb963f Thanks, Eagle-2
  23. Looking for a Compact Flash GPS Receiver for Dell Axim X5. Thank you, Eagle-2
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