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  1. It has to be Max Cacher! He works really hard for our area.
  2. Order 1 gold & 1 silver. Awesome coins! Thanks, Eagle-2
  3. I enjoy collecting signature items. So I would love to find a signature patch. Eagle-2
  4. The Locomotive Group has been formed but the Locomotive category has not yet. Contact the leader of the Locomotive Group (go to the My Groups page and click on Locomotive Group and it will list the members) and ask what the status of the category is. Once the category has been completed you will be able to post your waymarks to the category. Thanks, Eagle-2
  5. I joined the Locomotives Group. It has beside the Category Managed: none yet. How is the Category Managed set up? I would like to add a Waymark but can not. Is this why? Eagle-2
  6. Received ours today. Awesome coin! Thanks! Eagle-2
  7. We had to send our Legend Cx back. It wouldn’t turn on. I mailed it to them on a Thursday and got it back the next week on Friday. They replaced it. I only had it 2 ½ months. I’m very happy with the service I got. We also see very little difference in the readings we get from our Legend eTrex and our Legend eTrex Cx. Eagle-2
  8. What about using the 4oz-baby juice bottles? Eagle-2
  9. Geocoin Store Bargain Bin Eagle-2
  10. I finished our new token this week. I made it from Fimo Clay. I really enjoy making signature pieces for trading and caches. Eagle-2
  11. Awesome shoes! Your artwork is beautiful. Eagle-2
  12. Our new Signature item is an Arrowhead with a eagle on it. I used Fimo clay to make the arrowhead. Anyone wanna trade sig items?
  13. Sorry about that. I’m can not add a Natural Cave Entrance in the Natural Cave Entrances area. I keep getting this message (Index was outside the bounds of the array) And I don't knw what it means.
  14. What does (Index was outside the bounds of the array) mean? I’m trying to add an Natural Cave Entrances. Thanks, Eagle-2
  15. Adoption page http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ Hope this helps, Eagle-2
  16. Lee-2

    2006 Green Jeep

    Here's the link for the Jeep Challenge Jeep Geocaching Challenge
  17. I use pro-counter I like this site because I didn't have join. Eagle-2
  18. Very nice. Count us in.
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