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  1. Congratulations 501Gang! Happy Holiday to all! Eagle-2
  2. WE wish for all to have a safe and Happy Holiday! Eagle-2
  3. PM sent Merry Christmas!! I wish for all to have a safe and Happy Holiday!
  4. Oakcoins sent me the activation code this afternoon.
  5. Help The one I bought for a gift I'm unable to get the activation code. The message is the coin is not found in our database. Eagle-2
  6. I just order this coin for our collection. It looks awesome! A Christmas gift to myself.
  7. I'm waiting for Air Power series- F/A-22 Raptor Crop Circle Mystery Holiday Geocoin I hope the F22 comes in tomorrow. We are going to our sons this week and I would love to take him this set.
  8. UOTrackers I like both of the designs. Both would make cool coins.
  9. We received our holiday coins today. ranger216, GREAT JOB! The coins are outstanding!
  10. Thanks, I will only use them on coin detail page? Your photos are really Awesome! Eagle-2
  11. Can we use these photos on our coin details page? Thanks, Eagle-2
  12. wow .. you should have had yours by now... email me your info and I will check my records... email sent.
  13. We’re still waiting for our Holiday set. I hope it gets here soon. eagle-2
  14. Thanks, It's it under warranty so I'll call Garmin.
  15. When I turn my Legend etrex on it has lines running across the screen. Has anyone had this to happen to them? Thanks, Eagle-2
  16. TFTH - Thanks for the Hide
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