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  1. Thanks, We’re glade we found a great dog. And not have to live through a puppy chewing up everything. I already know Duke will rule the place. Eagle-2
  2. Meet Duke He got to come today. He is so sweet. eagle-2
  3. Is there a K9 series of Geocoins? I would love to buy a Labrador coin. Eagle-2
  4. Adding glow sticks to the list. Good idea, The list is growing retractable leads backpack collapsible bowls extra treats booties glow stick blanket check on Rattlesnake Vaccination Carrier for back of truck Thanks,
  5. Meet Duke. A lab dog we adopted this morning. He’s 2yrs old. He knows the basic commands. And he seems great with children. We were told that because of bad heath the original owner had to get rid of him. We pick him up Sunday. While we were looking at him he got to close to a Pit Bull pups cage and now Duke is at the vets getting a stitch or two.
  6. What great suggestion! Thanks everyone. I’m making a list of things for the pup. We have to get a doggie backpack. And the food dish ammo can and water dish Tupperware container what a great idea. We pick up a lot of things today. I can’t wait to get our pup. I'll post pictures when we get him. Eagle-2
  7. Our children are adopting a dog for my Hubby. So I think we should make him a Geodog. Besides water and food what do we need to pack for him? Does dog do well Geocaching with you? They’re looking at a Lab mix pup.
  8. Thanks everyone for the contests. It’s been so much fun trying to win and watching to see who won. I did win a dorkfish coin. Thanks dorkfish for the contest. I hope everyone had a Safe and Happy Holiday!
  9. I was able to get one on my way out today. Merry Christmas! Thanks for the Christmas Suprise!
  10. Thanks for the Christmas gift! Merry Christmas!
  11. I also added an Emergency Contact phone number in our GPS. ICE just like in our cell phone. ICE Eagle-2
  12. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Eagle-2
  13. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
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