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  1. I Want at least one of each!
  2. May 13 2.30 am 6 lb, 8 oz Girl Cachers Rule!
  3. I have a Legend CX. I use MetroGuide and TOPO. Could I load TOPO on a mirocard and MetroGuide on a different micro card and when in the city use the card with MetroGuide and when on trails and in parks use the card with TOPO on it. Just a thought,
  4. Great! Can't wait! Please add us to the list.
  5. 1-I’m purrrfectly sure the dog did it! 2-You haven’t been ignored until ignored by a cat! 3-Cats are children with fur! 4-Cat Nappin’
  6. Use of the image requires permission. 'BlueDeuce' is right. I needed permission to use the TBug picture. So I pulled my picture. And will not use it. BOY DO I FEEL LIKE A 'SUPIED HEAD'!
  7. I made ours. 'Mobile Bug' 'Gone Mobile' Very inexpensive to make.
  8. My father was a Disabled Combat Vet. My brother gave is life in VEIT NAM for his Purple Heart. When I think of a Purple Heart I think of my Mother holding this little Purple Heart with sad eyes. Out of respect for our Military and their families it should not be copied. Geocaching is a sport. There is so many good coin designers here, I know someone can come up with something Unique for Geocaching. Lee
  9. And yet, you still don't read what you are replying to: "Since the coins have already been purchased and distributed." Anyone have a picture of this coin?
  10. I have the bugs made and one in our truck. I used Hammer Mill Window Decals for the printer. Easy to do and looks really good.
  11. Thanks! I added a dog tag. Now it looks more like a Tbug.
  12. Here’s my idea. Maybe make it about 4x5. I’m not sure about the size.
  13. Would missing Tbugs make good mobile bugs? I have one I'm sure is MIA forever. My idea is to turn my missing bug into a mobile.
  14. I received Naughty & Nice coin in the mail today. It’s awesome. Thank so much. Eagle-2
  15. Thanks BigDaddy for all the info. The Tennessee DeLorme Challenge sounds fun. Eagle-2
  16. Happy New Year!!! From Tennessee, USA Eagle-2
  17. Thanks everyone! Merry Christmas! Eagle-2
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