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  1. We geocached in Sparta,TN this past week-end, Had a blast!!!

    It is so beautiful there.

    We found a hide near a civil war cemetery, GCV9E7.

    The graves have a concrete cover on them. Does any one know why the covers were placed on the graves?

    There are lots of pictures of the graves in the gallery. Hide GCV9E7.


  2. Thanks,

    Price was around $50.00.

    We got it for the grandchildren to use when their here. We have 6 grandchildren that love to geocache. So we thought maybe 3 units for them to share. I’m trying to keep the expense down as much as possible. I order the Geomate Jr. from Amazon for them.

    Hopefully the Magellan will work fine for them.

  3. Log in to your Premium Members.

    On the Cache Details page click the log your visit.

    Leave the Post a New log page open and log out.

    Log back in under the regular member’s account. Now the member can post.

    It works!

  4. I don’t know what to do. :blink:

    I lost the code to my Red Remembrance Poppies Geocoin.

    I was activating my coins and some how lost the code to this one.

    I emailed Oak coins but no reply.

    I thought I was supposed to get an email with the codes in it. And I never did.

    I really wanted to give this coin to my sister today. It’s in memory of our Father and Brother.


    How do I get the activation code?

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