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  1. Fantastic achievement Ali, big respect from us here.
  2. Unfortunately, if it is chickenpox she's infectious until all the blisters have formed scabs and you really need to keep her away from others. It's particularly nasty for pregnant women in their first 20 weeks of preganancy when it can cause birth defects. Sorry to be the bearer of bad new, but better safe than sorry. Hope she feels better soon.
  3. And those people who don't log their DNFs! Perhaps they're too embarrassed to admit it, but if a proper search has been fruitless it helps the owner know that there may be a problem with the cache and also lets other cachers know that it may be a tricky hide that needs extra time to find (something our geokiddies are not always great with).
  4. Well done to you all, a great achievement - and we were proud to see a fair few of our caches in that final push!
  5. Although we put a map package onto our GPS, we still prefer the good old OS map which can always be found for free at your local library. And of course you can always print off the relevant bit of map from the cache page with a handy little arrow pointing to the location. We even have some caching friends who haven't got a GPS - mind you there find rate isn't great!
  6. Well done Wendy Likewise we were worried about whether you'd get through the protesters, but as we didn't spot you on the News we decided you must be OK! Phew.
  7. Be careful if you pick any of our Thames Path series as the current flooding might not go down well.
  8. It is possible to walk north out of Oxford along the lovely canal to Wolvercote (where there's the very smart Trout Inn with good food and real ale) and then come back along the Thames Path. It makes a good circular walk on level terrain (6km + depending on where you start), it'll give you an excellent feel for the area and you'll notch up quite a few caches along the way. We've done it and highly recommend it.
  9. Ditto from us, well done reaching the elite 1k club and keep uploading your fantastic photos!
  10. Grandma Locator fell whilst caching on 3 September (GC10T8K) and sustained multiple breaks in her right leg which ended up having a stack of metalwork bolted inside. She has only just got out of the wheelchair and onto crutches, and it could still be another 6 months before she's walking unaided! At least it stopped the kids moaning about every tiny scratch and sting they get whilst geocaching.
  11. A big thank you to everyone who posted here and emailed us directly, it'll certainly keep us quiet for a while whilst we try to inwardly digest it all.
  12. Flyers printed as we're off caching this morning, could that be a FTF (first to fly)?
  13. Well done everyone on the Committee. I know you've been through hell and back recently, hopefully it'll get easier from now on. Thanks again for all your work.
  14. Congratulations Celia & Ron, welcome to the elite 1k club. You'll have to keep an eye on Graham and Lorna though as they're not far behind you!
  15. Our 2nd Etrex Legend has just died (both only survived one year of geocaching use) and we think that we need to upgrade to something that can better cope with the demands we put upon them. We couldn't help but think that this could be the time to go paperless, if only we could understand how to do it. Can we have some simple advice on the equipment and software that we need to go paperless, and recommendations of suitable GPS units that are compatible with the system.
  16. Thank you Wendy, our prize of a lovely Nevada Geocoin that safely arrived this morning. - what a great Christmas present! We just love coins and icons and this is a new one for us, we will admire it for a while, then release it out into the geocaching world for others to enjoy too. A big thanks for such a great idea, Happy Christmas and keep up the good work.
  17. Congratulations and we too send our thanks for all the Teddies hides, they are definately well thought out hides which can cause some serious head sratching. Keep up the good work.
  18. We have emailed Dave separately with our offer of support for Swindon 2009 if it happens. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2008 event (wherever it may be, we'll try our best to be there).
  19. We appreciate that Swindon is a long way south, but it is very handy for the M4, rail links and Bristol airport. We've been to the venue and it seems ideal in many ways, also the local hotels are not expensive and it doesn't get full of tourists in the summer months. If Swindon was chosen, we'd gladly help out and would definately place some new caches to coincide.
  20. We've only just seen this thread, please add us - put us down for Wiltshire/Berkshire.
  21. Yes - our coin arrived today - will try to get it dropped off in the North Wiltshire area this weekend.
  22. Gadzooks - 1000 caches! Verily has your status in geocaching society increased upon the success of your latest quest. Perchance you and your good lady celebrated the occasion with a veritable feast and flagons of foaming ale? (well, something from the chippy!)
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