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  1. Well done the AA, more than we can say for the Surrey Ambulance Service. Last year whilst caching deep in a forest, elderly grandma Locator fell breaking her leg in 6 places. We rang 999 and gave them our co-ords from our GPS thinking it was the answer to our prayers. But they insisted that the only way they could find us was by Mrs Locator leaving Grandma and the two Junior Locators (aged 7 & 8 years at the time) in the forest whilst she ran to the nearest habitation, found an address and waited there to meet the ambulance crew to show them the way to Grandma! We were less than impressed!
  2. Thanks for telling us about this - we went to Cirencester on Saturday where (in addition to some local caching) we visited the Corinium Museum, WW2 Exhibition and the Amphitheatre - complete with a group of fantastic gladiator re-enactors in action. It turned out to be an excellent, cheap and educational visit for all the family - a very big THANK YOU.
  3. We caught a glimpse of it but it had finished before we realised what it was. I think you can watch it again on the BBC iplayer once the show has finished.
  4. Millets in Reading had some in lunchtime today when a muggle family member popped in to enquire. We don't know how many nor which designs - they didn't think to ask.
  5. Millets in Swindon had a delivery of 9 coins today, but when we were there at 4.30pm they only had one left.
  6. Wanted - London Eye (Unactivated) can trade for - Clifton Suspension Bridge or Angel of the North (Unactivated). PS: We intend to release the London Eye into the world and any duplicate coins we will leave unactivated in caches for others to have.
  7. I'm confused now, when it was originally announced we were surprised that the south west was just Devon and Cornwall. Your map has a much larger area than that classed as south west. Was it changed?
  8. Mrs Locator whilst struggling around her local supermarket with two kids on school holidays helping her do the weekly shop was accosted by RoobyDoo. His total shopping was one loaf of bread and a stack of sandwich boxes - wonder what he was planning to do with those boxes??
  9. We hadn't noticed this problem until we tapped in the post code of the Bath & West Showground (BA4 6QN) where we guessed Mega 2009 might be held - it would be a longer than expected drive as it shows it as being in GERMANY!
  10. Hi MattBW and welcome to the addiction. We strongly recommend that you look out for the next CacheWalker Event which is most likely going to be at the end of September and is usually in the Evesham area. It's a great way to meet some local cachers, it starts with a caching walk together and usually involves a big meet at a pub where even more cachers turn up. We've attended 3 so far and haven't been disappointed. Maybe we'll see you there.
  11. When away from home we quite often visit Wetherspoon pubs for their free wifi (their food and beer is OK too if your logging takes you a long time). There is one in Harrogate centre: The Winter Gardens, Unit 4, Royal Baths, Parliament Street HG1 2RR Sometimes they want you to buy one drink for every 30 minutes access, but the Harrogate one says "Simply switch on your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and start surfing. Then, just enter the username as Sponsored and password as Service when asked." We'll be there for our Sunday tea, so lets hope that the Mega attendees don't all try to log then!
  12. Perhaps when the link from cache pages 'Country Map ( http://www.geocaching.com/map/uk.asp )' finds a target that may answer your question ... but as yet it brings up the '404 Unavailable page' Cache On! Paul Thanks for that, there I was thinking I'd be clever and get all of ours updated before the hoards of workers get home and jam the system up trying to do theirs. I'll just have to be patient, not my best quality!
  13. OK, so it's working for us, but is there a map to show us where each region actually is? We're down in Wiltshire that sometimes is classed as the South West, sometimes South and even Midlands! No wonder we get confused!
  14. Well done for volunteering... It was the Swindon Science Museum that appeared to be the "perfect venue", we hope that it may become available sometime, but it won't be the foreseeable future. At this time the Wiltshire cachers who first thought they'd host a Mega Event have stepped down, so the baton is well and truly yours if you want it!
  15. Yes, that's why we wanted everyone to know that there are no serious plans for another Mega Event BEFORE they attended Harrogate. There may be someone out there keen to attempt to organise another Mega Event and they'll have an ideal opportunity to study the first and pick the Committee brains during the Harrogate weekend. A poll sounds an excellent idea. There was no intention to upset anyone nor of raising any "hot potatoes", just the thought that the UK caching community should be aware that there wasn't another Mega in the planning stages. Personally we've been liaising with and supporting Harrogate from afar in their huge venture, and will be travelling up from Wiltshire to attend what is clearly going to be a special geocaching weekend. We know alot of what the Harrogate Committee have been through to get the event to happen and wish them all a great success.
  16. As most of you are probably aware, when the idea of a UK Mega Event was first mooted here, some Wiltshire cachers suggested that they might be able to host a Mega Event. Unfortunately the proposed venue will not be available and despite much discussion on the subject a suitable alternative could not be found. This means that a Wiltshire Mega Event is NOT being planned for 2009 and the way is therefore clear should any other interested parties wish to take up the challenge. For anyone thinking of organising a future UK Mega Event - Robin of the Harrogate Hunters offers his personal help.
  17. We've not noticed the problem with TBs, but agree as far as geocoins go. Obviously they do sometimes go AWOL in the UK too, but their life certainly appears shortened by going oversees. We've resorted to giving the majority of our coins goals asking them to remain in the UK.
  18. Ours arrived safely today, lovely coins and I understand that the icons will work once Groundspeak get them uploaded. Anyone undecided about buying their own should get some, they're great looking coins and a good cause. Keep up the hard work everyone working on the Mega Event, we can only guess what you're going through to make the event a success for the rest of us.
  19. Well done Lianne, we better find some more quick before you overtake us!
  20. Oh no, just 30002 now! Hope we don't get the blame.
  21. Well that's us springing into action as we have one such cache near to our home which is driving us crazy - at least we can say that Deceangi told us to.
  22. Sue - sounds great to us. If we can all shift the colds that are currently residing at our house - there will be 2 Junior Locators with us (9 year old girl and 8 year old boy). Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.
  23. For any Holiday Inn Priority Club Members out there who are looking for FREE accommodation - Holiday Inn have just added Holiday Inn Harrogate (just 1km from the event) to their PointBreak list, meaning that rooms are available for no money, just 5000 points. Unfortunately they don't have any family rooms available, so we won't be able to take advantage of this deal, but they do have several dual occupancy and even wheelchair accessible rooms up for grabs.
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