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  1. Wow, what an excellent service you provide. We've been trying for ages to design a new avatar as our original is just a bit too boring, but all our attempts just look pathetic when compared to the professional ones that are being created here. We'd love it if someone clever could help us out with something either Sherlock Holmes (as he's on our original) or a magnifying glass.
  2. The CacheWalkers would be an ideal group of cachers for you to meet - they are based in the Gloucestershire/Warwickshire/Worcestershire area, are a friendly lot who host excellent events and have their own forum at http://www.cachewalker.co.uk .
  3. When you find the answer let us know - I'm supposed to be doing the housework today, but instead I've done cache maintenance this morning and am now planning the next caching trip.
  4. Just parking up in Fairford, Gloucestershire today to do some caching when we got zapped by the GoogleMap vehicle - just have to wait now to see how we look.
  5. If you don't want to buy the expensive UK maps for the GPS I'd recommend either getting hold of some Ordinance Survey maps or doing a print of the Streetmap link (on 1:50,000 zoom) on any cache you intend to try. In addition to the roads they show all the footpaths and bridleways, so you should work out where you're allowed to go. We've never got around to getting maps for our GPS and have managed over 2500 finds with just our faithful OS maps.
  6. Remember to have your cache hidden BEFORE you submit the cache details, once it's published those first to find hounds are likely to be racing out to find it, something that caught out some of our local new hiders.
  7. We've got some friends who used to cache and never got themselves a GPS. They were selective with the caches they attempted - traditionals with helpful clues and studying the streetmap attached to the cache page worked for them quite well. And for those who ask - Their kids got hooked on caching but the parents didn't, so they didn't fork out for a GPS and eventually they gave up taking the kids out caching. Although when we visit them we try to secretly get some caching into the itinerary.
  8. Sorry you had a DNF on one of our caches. If you want to get in touch, we'll try to help you get started.
  9. Over on this side of the pond - if you get the word troll used on a cache page, it usually means that the cache is hidden under a bridge.
  10. Horray, we managed to get out today through the snow on foot and find 5 local caches, it's not much for us but at least we've had a fix.
  11. I expect that's making you (like us) quite twitchy. We too have had snow all week. Things deteriorated on Thursday when we awoke to 5" of snow, it snowed all day and then on Thursday night an extra 3" fell on top. Luckily we'd been saving a small number of local caches for one of those weekends with limited caching time. So I think today we'll venture out of foot. Our nearest unfound cache is around 1 mile away and hopefully we'll be able to make it at least that far. Whether we manage to find the cache, stickoflage or even the path in this snow is another matter. At least the hunt should keep the addiction in check. Failing that there will be a difficult choice .... should we do some housework or maybe try to solve some of those elusive puzzle caches. Well, maybe not THAT difficult choice for us to make!
  12. The Wombles Signature cache GCHDWE is an example of how to get around the disappearing TBs. In order to find their mystery cache you need to find at least two of the multiple Wombles signature keyrings. Each keyring has either the Northing or Westing of the mystery cache, so you need to find BOTH to locate the cache itself. The keyrings are supposed to travel around the local caches but are not trackable which makes finding them more of a challenge. This system works very well, but I don't know how many womble keyrings they have put out in circulation.
  13. We frequently use Holiday Inn for caching weekends away, which we think are particularly good for families. You can get a family room, breakfast and sometimes a swimming pool (a good bribe for the kids), all for around £40 per night. They also have a loyalty card on which you collect points from your visits, these points can then be used for FREE nights away - can't get much cheaper than that!
  14. We don't normally set ourselves goals other than to enjoy our caching, however we've just noticed that with our current find rate we are on course for making our big 3000 exactly when the UK's 2nd Mega Event is on in August. So it seems rude not to set that as our goal. Maybe we'll see some of you there!
  15. Is it just us or has the facility to search the whole of the UK for new caches gone? It now seems that if we want to know what events are published, we will have to search each region seperately or do a pocket query - neither of which are ideal. We already have our notifications set to the maximum distance, but it's not enough to catch the whole of the UK. The web site clearly says "Select a state and/or country to search " but it seems impossible to do one without the other.
  16. Let's hope that Groundspeak manage to sort this out, but in the interim we must say we're very impressed with Map It and it will be useful for pinpointing waypoints too. Thanks.
  17. Yes we always check the Streetmap arrow, we'll be lost (literally) without it. A solution would be appreciated here too.
  18. Hi Gareth and welcome to the mad and addictive world of geocaching. Personnally I wouldn't worry about maps yet, we've been caching for 3 years now and have survived quite well with our trusty OS map in our hand. You can click on the Streetmap link on each cache page and that'll show you where the cache is and will be adequate combined with the hardcopy. At just over 2000 finds we are only just thinking about getting ourselves some mapping for our GPS. It may well be Topo, but we understand that Garmin are going to be soon releasing something called Discoverer which is based on OS maps, so we may well wait a while to see what that's like when it comes out. Hope to bump into you sometime, maybe at one of the South Wales events, there are certainly some very friendly and helpful local cachers in your area so their events are definately worth a visit.
  19. Haven't solved my problem, but it appears that the fault isn't with the pocket queries, it is with the Logicweave programme that I'm using.
  20. Our "My Finds" pocket query runs nice and fast, but it repeatedly comes back with no data within it! Is this all part of the same problem or do we have a new one all of our own?
  21. Congratulations to you both - we didn't have a phone call today so guess we didn't win anything.
  22. Usually we do a combination of things ... 1. Leave some local ones for when we just have an hour free and yes there is always someone placing a new one or two locally to replenish this supply. 2. If we are travelling to visit friends/relations we set off early so we have time for a stop to pick up some caches along the way. It's great motivation to rekindle friendships with people who live in good caching areas! 3. If we have a day free we'll plan a day out somewhere about an hour's drive from home, making sure there are some caches to do whilst in the area. 4. We take cheap weekends away which coincide with new caching areas and combine the caching with the usual touristy things.
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