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  1. tomorrow im going on another hunt 3rd try without a gps haha just incase i can find it without a gps


    We had some friends who started caching without a GPS - they managed OK with the straight forward traditional caches which had nice hints. On the cache page click on Geocaching.com Google map and zoom in, that should get you to the right tree, gate, etc.


    Good luck.

  2. We agree that there are just too many 35mm film cannisters out there, especially where some cachers just seem to throw them into hedgerows without any thinking - in these circumstances we'd much rather find larger containers.


    However, other containers (larger than the 35mm film cannisters) are ofically defined as micros and perhaps Wiltshire cachers are more inclined to correctly label cache sizes. I know when we've been caching away from our home area we've often been disappointed and surprised by how small the caches are compared to the named cache sizes.


    (As a matter of interest we looked at our hides to see if the finger was being pointed our way - out of our 60 hides we've hidden 3 film cannisters all of which are hidden in places either where nothing larger could be hidden but mainly where they are "sneaky" and essential for that hide, we have hidden 9 others considerably larger but as per the guidelines we've classed them as micros.)


    ... I'm running for cover now! ;)

  3. The Nature Discovery Centre lakes complex between Newbury and Thatcham has a good number of traditional caches dotted around, with the added bonus of it being a great place to explore and the best coffee and walnut cake I've ever tasted from the cafe! :)


    Car parking here - N 51° 24.034 W 001° 16.408


    Second vote for these from us. A lovely area with lakes, canal, good caches and a nice cafe and toilets adjacent to the car park. :mad:

  4. We WERE off to Brecon - already made our flags and gathered together cutlasses, eye patches and pirate hats. However Mrs Locator has gone a slipped a disc, so no flashing for us :D and it sounds like little caching for her in the near future. :D:D


    (I wonder if she can solve all those tricky puzzle caches in our area whilst she's laid up? ;) )

  5. We log under one caching name and in our early caching days that worked fine. We didn't cache much and Mrs Locator did the majority of the caching with the rest of the family joining her for weekend caching.


    But now some 2800 finds later she has an injury which means that sometimes she's not with the rest of the team. We continue to log as a family but wish we had individual identities. It doesn't happen very often, but it feels like we're "cheating" in some way. Can't face going back through those 2800 finds adding extra name(s), so although it's not perfect, it'll just have to do.

  6. We regularly cache whilst holidaying abroad and usually print off a screen shot of GoogleEarth showing where all the local caches are. Then we logically look at each cache in turn and using Bablefish try to translate the cache pages. Any that are impossible to decipher will be crossed out on the map and eventually we end up with a map showing which ones to attempt.


    Usually we end up with mainly traditional caches, but some multis are possible if you are selective and likewise some puzzle caches are mathematical so still achievable. Even if you don't get a perfect translation - with the co-ords, difficulty, terrain and cache size it is still possible to find caches. You just need to go with an open mind and try your best, it can be great fun not knowing exactly what's in store.


    We've just got back from Belgium where we were surprised to find that WP2 on a multi was underwater at all but the lowest of tides! Very amusing as we stood on the beach with the arrow pointing 200m out to sea! :rolleyes: We managed to get back at low tide and found the cache, it was very rewarding and a very memorable part of our holiday. B)

  7. We were lucky enough to grab a cheap holiday to Centre Parks in Belgium! We had a couple of drizzly moments, but the weather was mostly warm and dry ideal for caching. The downside was that the caches were thin on the ground, most were long complicated multis and ALL were written in Dutch!! :D


    Worked hard and managed to find 20 caches over the 8 day holiday, with some very inventive hides that we've filed away for future reference! :D

  8. We ran 3 new PQs yesterday - all generated, none arrived.

    We ran 2 new PQs today - one generated, one not, none arrived.

    We've only received 6 geocaching emails - should have had 15 found logs and who knows what else is missing.


    Our domain is ntlworld.com


    Thankfully we ran some PQs last week, but obviously any new caches will be missing. :rolleyes:

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