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  1. We're planning to holiday for 10 days near Eindhoven and would welcome some recommendations of caches suitable for our family. We have basic Dutch, German and French and 8km would probably be the maximum walk our 11 & 12 year olds could manage - their favourite caching would be a circuit of traditionals around a national park or something similar. Any suggestions?
  2. We've used TB-Rescue to go retrieve a languishing trackable for another cacher, think it's a great idea. If you don't ask you don't get, so go ahead and ask for help.
  3. I agree that they're earnt too fast. I've started going back through our finds today allocating where appropriate, but still have 559 votes available to use! LOL However, it is an excellent feature which I'm sure we'll be using when we go caching, and it's reassuring to see that we've earnt quite a few votes for our caches too (phew).
  4. We started with a Legend, moved on to a 60CSx and then upgraded to an Oregon. Hubby Steve loves the 60CSx, if it says zero you're standing right on top of the cache and he won't look at another GPS. I do most of the caching and love the paperless caching on the Oregon and despite it not being as accurate as our 60CSx it's still my preferred GPS purely for the paperless caching aspect.
  5. We've got the same problem on the geocaching map - all caches found and unfound are displayed as unfound.
  6. Met Dave at many events, can't believe he's gone. Our thoughts are with Pat and their family.
  7. Another gaiter wearer here - you may get odd looks but you'll stay clean and dry.
  8. I agree, the organised walk prior to the pub is enough extras for them. Don't fret, it'll be fine and many cachers will only make a decision on attending close to the date itself so don't worry that you'll have few attendees.
  9. A log book of some sort (even a sheet of lined paper would do) for attendees to sign and make comments on. We like to have a large tupperware box or similar to put the trackables in, it helps to keep them under control as cachers rummage. We're hoping to join you, but at present it's too early to know how many of us and for which parts - we'll let you know ASAP.
  10. Shrivenham Stumper GCX3G6 would certainly be memorable but again may take more than one visit, or Fairford Flumoxer GC1GKCH which was inspired by Shrivenham.
  11. Thank you everyone who contacted us offering to help us out. The copy coin has now been retreived and destroyed, the original coin is out and about, and all is well with the world!
  12. Thanks for the offer, it would be great if you could manage it.
  13. Yes, it is that same coin. If only it could talk, what a tale it could tell.
  14. After two years being AWOL our Suncatcher Geocoin has turned up safe and well, the only trouble is that we released a copy coin which is currently in GC21VF5 (P-Y-G by Snowdon in North Wales). Could a helpful cacher be good enough to pop by this drive-by cache to retrieve and destroy the copy coin before things get confused.
  15. ARGHHH! We'd like ours but with the Mega being a milestone we'll need to re-log all the other caches we did that day too so that the Mega remains our milestone. Can see this might take us a while. It won't effect your milestone if you immediately delete the re-log log. (You only need to type in something like "relog for souvenir"). You'll still have the souvenir icon after you delete the second log. MrsB Ah, now you tell me ....
  16. ARGHHH! We'd like ours but with the Mega being a milestone we'll need to re-log all the other caches we did that day too so that the Mega remains our milestone. Can see this might take us a while.
  17. Our caching rate if anything increases in the Winter - no nettles, brambles, buzzy things nor overheating in the sunshine, less leaf cover for great reception but best of all less muggles out there to disturb us. We'd like to sing out in praise of Winter caching!
  18. That's the same store I went to yesterday .... nobody knew what I was talking about, but eventually I found the box of leaflets in their store room. The staff member tried his best but in the end I gave him a demonstration of the GPS. Got my entry code, although the rest are still hidden away in the store room with all the promotional leaflets and posters - agree it's all helping my odds of winning.
  19. Can I suggest going to some family friendly events to meet some local cachers. I met another mum at a local picnic event a couple of years ago and now we regularly go caching together when the children are at school. We've even been known to take the children with us sometimes! Sandra
  20. I got some from Go Outdoors recently.
  21. Thankfully mine appears to have gone now, although I still have the gel inserts in my walking boots. I may regret asking, but do tell what your secret is as I was told to stop walking for 18 months (not easy for an addicted geocacher and something I chose to ignore).
  22. Blisters: That same man in Cotswold Camping also suggested that I wear liner socks under my hiking socks. I followed his advice, the socks rub on each other rather than on my feet and I've not had a blister since.
  23. Amazing, I was recommended technique #1 for my plantar faciatus when I bought my new boots - I thought they were making it up, but good old Cotswold Camping knew what they were talking about.
  24. Our children were interviewed at the Swindon event - I look forward to hearing the airing and finding out exactly what they said, although I think this may be a little embarassing.
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