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  1. Lots of good hints here, wish we could remember them all! We'll add - especially at this time of year, take a torch with you, even if it's just a tiny (DrSolly) key torch - I hate to think how many times we've been caught out as the days get shorter.
  2. You could always swap the container for one by BodyShop - they are plastic and similar to turtle containers.
  3. It's worth mentioning that if you're caching abroad, the rules are different and caches in walls are not necessarily frowned upon.
  4. We've got a couple in the top of signposts, we wedge in a small block of polystyrene into the post which prevents the container disappearing into the depths if we have careless cachers. Polystyrene is easily acquired for free and works a treat.
  5. Whoever the light-fingered person is, at least they made an effort - we found a cache at the weekend where the ammo can had been taken and the contents just hidden under some rocks! Makes you want to scream!
  6. Feeling a bit unique now as our stamp that has: LYDFORD (date) LOCATORS
  7. Thanks, just found that ... huge relief with the weekend looming.
  8. Well it's not good for us ... we can't get onto our profile, so can't upload our field notes, run PQs, etc, etc. Humph!
  9. We think there are more aggressive wasps around this year. After six years of caching we had our first wasp incident recently. Mrs Locator was caching with our children when they were attacked, she was stung on her hand and our 12 year old had numerous wasps attempt to sting her but get stuck in her thick fleece, the youngest member of the group managed to outrun them. Mrs Locator had an immediate allergic reaction to the sting, which was particularly worrying when they were caching in a woods some 2.5 miles from the car and there was no phone signal. Thankfully the reaction didn't escalate too far, but it took about 3 weeks for the swelling, blisters and discomfort in her arm to subside. Needless to say that we're being extra vigilant at the moment.
  10. No, but the chickens were mostly stitched to be roughly 6 x 4 cm. Some people mounted them in those mini acrylic frames you get in craft shops. If you look on the facebook page, and scroll down, there are a few chart designs you can use - or make up your own. MrsB If you decide on using an acrylic frame, make sure it's not too fat with knots, etc. I know it was a bit of a squeeze to get my chicken securely inside her acrylic key tag, in the end I had to superglue her in!
  11. My children have learnt that when they outgrow toys there are quite often little things, that are in good condition, that would make good swaps, so it's a double bonus for us as they clear out their rooms and often bring their own items to swap.
  12. The South Wales Mega has a group on Facebook so I'm taking the liberty of copying your post onto there for you.
  13. Feeling rather guilty now that we didn't take more action when our 10 year old son got bitten whilst walking a footpath through a farm on the Way Down West series. The owners were suitably shocked and took us in to clean the wound, etc, but having read the posts above I guess we should have reported it to protect those that follow us along that same footpath. We didn't want to cause the dog to be put down and didn't realise that there could be an alternative resolution. Luckily the leg has healed without leaving a scar but he's very frightened of any dog that he sees or hears - hopefully with time that mental scar will heal too.
  14. We attach clear keyrings to our trackables to show goals, etc. We have a large bag of them, but I guess other cachers might pick up yours to recycle it onto their own trackable. Reduce Reuse Recycle!
  15. I know what you mean! We managed to get our hands on some, all of which went off into the world either activated by us or put unactivated into caches for others to enjoy. Sounds like we could have had a short break on the proceeds if we'd sold the lot!
  16. We used to have a local Buyology shop which was great. Their offers regularly change but a particular bargain we found was small stationery sets for about 25p, which could be used intact or split down into component parts - think we bought their complete stock! Alas our store has now gone, but I think that you're South Wales based so you'll be glad to know they've got stores in Barry, Newport and Swansea.
  17. If you're not going to the main event and you're bringing young children, I'd definately recommend Mollyjak's Sand And Sarnies event - the journey is an easy one and there's a great child-friendly series just across the road.
  18. We were recently in the area and did the Paskeston series (GC2FY63) which was an excellent circuit of 9 caches over 2.5 miles; but our favourtie caches were often by Mushroom Mike - including Hook, Line and Sinker (GC2625C), H2O (GC2624Z) and many others near Narberth.
  19. We were very unimpressed to find that instead of the One Show we'd recorded the tennis!
  20. I agree. Another vote for the getting rid of it - just looked at a new cache and couldn't work out where it was, turned out to be only 10km from home and an area we know well.
  21. Hello and welcome to the addictive world of geocaching. Be strong and hold back the urge to hide something so soon, the more caches you find the more ideas of good places/methods of hiding your own. Your cache will be better for the waiting.
  22. We allocate them when we think a cache deserves it .... but still have 412 unused!
  23. It's now Tuesday here in The Netherlands and still no smilies on our map!
  24. We started with just a basic Etrex Legend and either an OS map in our hands or a print out of a section of OS map from gc.com - that was quite OK for our first 2 years. That's really all you need to get you started - no map package, no paperless caching just the distance and an arrow to point the way. If you get hooked, you can check out other cacher's GPSs and work out what you like for the money you can spend.
  25. Thank you everyone for your suggestions, there's plenty there to keep us amused. We don't have anything against multis other than our limited language skills and the children's little legs. Happy Caching to you all. x
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