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  1. We (2 adults, 2 kids) are intending to come along and would love to have some help with html, smartening up our cache pages and an explanation of paperless caching. We see from the logs that we'll be some of your more experienced cachers, so we'll gladly pass on any tips that we've found out along the way - this'll have to be in an informal way as the Juniors can be demanding (those with kids will understand what we mean). We note that there is some interest in caching with kids - the Junior Locators are aged 6 & 7, so we can happily chat about that subject if you need us.
  2. Congratulations to macroderma on reaching 600! Nice meeting you today at Ogbourne St George.
  3. Hi, Roving Rangies. Of your 4 caches, we were first to find on 2 of them. Home to Roost gave us a lot of problems, but we put it down to heavy tree cover. We had to resort to hopping over the barbed wire fence into the field, and approaching from several different directions. It probably took us half an hour to find. However, Come into the Garden Maude was much easier to find. Our GPS is the Garmin e-trex Legend. Now, we just need to find your other two caches . . .
  4. We have found that the geocaching website is often unavailable at around 9:00 to 9:30 in the mornings (GMT). This may well be because they are doing maintenance or updates while the Americans are asleep. Not very helpful for those of us in Europe, though!
  5. Thanks everyone for all your kind messages of support. Thanks especially to the Wombles and freespirit for telling us that this thread exists - we would never have seen it otherwise. Hope to see some of you at the Team Sludge event in Northants on 26 Feb. Another milestone - this is our first post on the forum . . .
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