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  1. Please let us have a way of getting the lab caches onto our GPSs. 

    We'd never managed to do them before someone showed us how to use GSAK to do it for us, it had been too confusing swapping back and forth between GPS and phone.  ALs were something we could do at last, we spent about a month enjoying having ALs and caches on our GPS map together  ... and then suddenly they were gone. 

    This feels like a giant step backwards.  :(

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  2. Well little did we know that shortly after we set the theme for this competition the whole country would get smothered in snow, putting Spring and new life on hold for quite a while. :huh:


    Thank you everyone who took part in the competition. We loved the excellent frog photos but eventually decided that this month's winning photo should be the birds nest submitted by martin&lindabryn. Well done Martin and Linda, let's hope the weather is kinder to all the photographers in February.


    came across this fence post with a small birds nest and eggs last year, while looking for "Old Connahs Quay to Buckley Line - Mold Road GC24E3D"



  3. Thanks to The Blorenges for choosing our photo as the winner of the last Photo Competition, we've certainly never won a photo competition before and there were some excellent entries against us.


    Sorry for the delay in announcing the next subject matter - that'll teach us not to read the small print. :rolleyes: Anyway with winter being a depressing time for so many people we thought that the January Competition would be an ideal time to look at the first signs of spring emerging and hopefully cheer us all up.


    Theme: New Life


    Good luck to everyone.


    The rules are:


    1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific UK cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache or the GC.... code so we can see where the picture relates to.

    2) Maximum of two photos per caching team or cacher.

    3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules.

    4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish.

    5) Follow the theme

  4. We've just had a look through last month's selection... a good variety of caching moments from 2012.


    We narrowed it down to 6 that we thought were particularly nice, then chatted about what we liked / didn't like so much about each one... Then decided that the winner should be the Lydford Locators' chilly canal and church scene.


    Well done Lydford Locators!




    Wow, we won! :-) Thanks for voting for our photo - it makes up for the DNF we had there on such a very cold morning.

  5. Although not as active as they once were, Cachewalker is a group of friendly cachers based mainly in Glos/Worcs/Warwicks. They have a forum here:




    Not as active as we once were? :huh: We're more active than ever, in six months we've posted more posts on our new forum than we ever did on our old forums, and we are organizing much more events now :D - already three this year, and the fourth is currently awaiting publication :)


    Please feel free to join the forum, we have several members from your area :D


    Yea, I agree with what the chatty Griff Grof says! :laughing:


    Sorry. :anicute:

  6. We often stay at Holiday Inn Express. They charge per room and all four of us can get in one family room, and an unlimited breakfast is included - that's very handy if your children eat lots like ours. Make sure it's an Express to get the breakfast included.


    There's one at Walsall M6, Jct.10 which looks a handy place for a stop. It will probably about £45 (that's a guess) but that seems good as it includes the unlimted breakfast for all of you too.

  7. The current plan is to have an evening event in a pub around 8pm on Monday July 23rd ...
    Paul, considering this is in the school holidays, an earlier start time would be more child/family friendly.
    A fair point. I've been basing the time on the estimated 14 hours to walk the 26 miles (assuming a 6am start), but you're right, a 6pm (or earlier) start for food would make more sense for families. And hungry people. So long as there's still a good sized group there to wave and clap and whoop as the series walkers struggle in later on, there's no harm in starting it earlier. Thanks for the feedback.

    6pm sounds ideal start time as the children/families of the walkers will be able to eat, socialise and wait for their intrepid folk to return. I'm sure if it's at a pub you'll have other cachers who'll gladly prop up the bar waiting for the slower walkers to return.

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