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  1. It was great watching the landing. Even better when they released videos on Monday. First time a landing on another planet was videoed. They even had some audio of a wind gust.
  2. Please look into adding the ultralight airport to the general airport category.
  3. Here would be an interesting category whereby this is a listing of places where people went missing. Sub categories could be "less than 1 day", "2 days", "3 days", "4 days", on up to "1 week", then "2 week", and "more than 2 weeks". As a search and rescue personnel, it would be interesting to see where the missing person was found. Then others could benefit from the experience. Thus an entry would be along the lines of how the person was lost, what they did to survive, and how were they found. There are numerous searches going on all the time. I would like this category be such that it is not a missing child report, but more along the lines of someone was out hiking, skiing, etc, and got lost. Qualifications can be divided down into the a) the person was found alive and the person was found dead. Posting should include a link to a news article, or an excerpt of the news article.
  4. I have been thinking of this as a locationless cache for some time, but found that the locationless caches were stopped on Geocaching. I'll bring this up here. I'd like to start a category for ultralight aircrafts. This would be a waymark category that locates ultralight airfields. It can be across the USA or even in other countries. Eventually, with all the locations, someone could use this topic to travel cross country using only an ultralight and then hopping from one airfield to another. Furthermore, any details on the airfield would be useful as well. A good starter field would be one located along a drive I make frequenty that is just north of Sacramento - Freedom Field (www.freedomfield.com), located at N 38.752345, W 121.463846.
  5. Thanks for the method. Did not realize it was that easy.
  6. I was playing with the GoogleEarth and the Geocaching kml file. I would like to say this is a neat feature; especially since one can view the cache data by clicking through GoogleEarth. What I would like to suggest is a new feature that would allow one to generate a pocket query that contains only specific caches desired. The development would be as follows. 1. Log into one's account. 2. View cache information. 3. On the cache information page, have a check box near the top or bottom that the user can click to add to their "instant query" 4. The person can continue to look at caches and "tag" the desired cache pages. This data would be kept for a set period of days, say 7 maximum if not updated. 5. Once the desired caches have been tagged, the user can then go to a page that would generate the pocket query, like other PQs, and then email it off to the user. I thought of this while playing with GoogleEarth and the Geocaching kml file for a trip I recently did. I looked over my route - different than the route generated by GoogleEarth - and looked at various caches along the way. I currently just downloaded the pdf of each of the caches. It would have been nice to be able to tag a set, then just download the PQ files - even if it was not emailed. Speaking of which, is there a way one can just take a PQ and then just request a download of the PQ instead of having it emailed? You could set a limit on the number downloaded per day to limit people doing dozens at a time.
  7. The pocket query allows one to get a cache report with travel bugs, but not specify what travel bugs you want to see. For example, with the Jeep contest going, it would be nice to know when any of the Jeep bugs show up within an area. There are 4000 Jeep bugs and I know there are several in my area. It is difficult to go through each one to see where it is currently at.
  8. Can there be a search option for travel bugs similar to that of the geocache. What I am suggesting is a search for travel bug by name or wild card and then have them listed in increasing range away from a central location - zip code, coordinate, etc.
  9. OK, I may be late in this question, and the hunt for the answer can be long.... Will the new search engine allow one to look at caches made by another - by enering another user's id / username ? RedDerek
  10. I do a lot of travelling. However, the search gives me a radius result from a single point - I may not be travelling south of the initial search point. I have a couple of suggestions for an improvement on the search function. 1. Allow user to select how many to list on the page - I pull waypoints into EasyGPS, but it appears only 25 at a time. I would like to be able to select 50, 100, 200, etc. so that I can program several at once. There may be a limit as to how many EasyGPS can load at once. - OK, already suggested earlier this year, but I have not seen any replies. 2. Allow one to define a boundry to list all caches within. This can be done as a rectangular basis. At first I was thinking extreme points - NW and SE or NE and SW. But since some travel paths do not go in simple compass directions it might be better to enter 3 points (for a trianglar area) or 4 points (for a polygon). Granted, this can go on to many points, but I believe it would be ridiculous. The search would list all in the boundry area (can be limited by number of caches per page; see #1). Or can be expanded to include xx miles outside of defined area RedDerek
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