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  1. Well I went with Jack since he seemed to know where he was going, ;-) and never saw the police.
  2. I enjoyed doing Forbidden Forest with everyone tonight. Now I have a small problem. I left my Diabetes TB in Endor (GCXRO3) as well as checking out & in another TB. Now I find out it was a premium cache. How do I handle the logging? Bill
  3. So is Forbidden Forest still happening tonight? If so I can leave in abouit an hour from now.
  4. Probably best place to ask is at http://www.thegba.net/forum/index.php that's where most of the people I know up there post. Most of the stuff I know of is in SJ or Santa Cruz Mtn, but I know there's a cache at the bottom of Lombard St.
  5. What are they going to do now? Have the CHP set up suction cup check points? Well... that law clearly sucks There is this exception: (11) An electronic communication device affixed to the center uppermost portion of the interior of a windshield within an area that is not greater than 5 inches square, if the device provides either of the following: (A The capability for enforcement facilities of the Department of the California Highway Patrol to communicate with a vehicle equipped with the device. (B The capability for electronic toll and traffic management on public or private roads or facilities. You just need to mount your FastPass to it! ;-)
  6. I emailed a friend who's about half way done with the Norcal Challenge. He didn't know of a SoCal one and didn't have a corner list.
  7. The weather is perfect for a Ramona run. I would join you too but I'm being recruited for some Christmas shopping. If you guys happen to do the MTB series, would you mind picking up the TB I dropped in the cattle guard cache? It's been stuck there for a few weeks. Have fun. How about Saturday....any one going anywhere?? If no one has any planns we are thinking of going to Mission Trails...or Otay.....or???.......any takers? If you're still thinking of doing Mission Trails, I might be interested in tagging along. I've never been there. How much hiking and how much altitude is involved? While I was thinking about it, I solved two puzzles in there and I maybe able to get two more tonight. Bill
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