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  1. BeaveMeister, after seeing your profile pic, I'm glad I'm caching on my tropical island than where you are! MAN, it looks cold! Thanks for commenting here, could you stop by the link above and vote for our souvenir? Thanks!
  2. Thanks all for voting! We're already up to #57! Spread the word and let's keep moving up!
  3. Even if you don't live on Guam, you can still vote for a Geocaching Guam Souvenir for our island. If you have ever cached here, you know what a unique experience, Guam caching is. If you haven't let me tell you a little bit about it, we have over 600 caches within our 270 sq. mi., wonderful weather, sandy beaches, dense tropical jungles, and wondrous sunsets! All this plus a dedicated cadre of local cachers willing to act as caching-guides and drivers! It only takes a second and we'd appreciate it if you clicked on "3"! We're ranked 62nd now and want to keep moving up! Thank you for your support! Click here to vote: http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/80715-souvenirs/suggestions/1286357-guam?ref=title .
  4. I can agree that some of the postings have been harshly focused on SwineFlew, but I also agree that this cache is too unique to be archived unless all other options have been exhausted! Erik, Even I all the way out here on Guam with very little chance of ever getting to this cache, would find it regretable if it were to be archived. As others have said, the location of this cache should be taken into consideration and every effort made to contact the CO to get an adoption arranged! Thanks for considering our veiwpoint, Erik! rhodesisland
  5. It would be nice, if they would at least give a hint, what else might be added for those souvenirs. Big cities? Mountain tops? Or just events? And how will Souvenirs be created for "areas". The "world famous Guam Geocachers" would LOVE to create a Souvenirs for all those who have cached on our island paradise!
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