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  1. I'm still hoping to find a AE (Ronaldo) version of the Mardi Gras Venitian Mask coin. Send email if anyone has one for trade or sale.
  2. I like the Valentine's Day idea! Do we have an Easter one?
  3. just got my Xmas masks in the mail! Thanks, avroair, they are terrific!
  4. Oh, I forgot two things....first....as I've said each time....this version is a new FAVORITE!!...and second....thanks to Avroair and all the other designers of this terrific collection!!! You keep putting them out and we'll keep collecting them!!
  5. HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas to All! And to All, a GREAT GEOCOIN!! I've already bought my two!! The colors are VERY Christmas-y and therefore wonderful, but an all black lump of coal version would have been excellent, too!! Maybe X-Mas v. 2??
  6. as always, I'm still hunting for an AE Ronaldo Masquerade Mask! Send any kind of message if you know of one for sale or trade!
  7. ok! I've just received my Halloween version! It's COOL! Maybe a new fav! But now I need a photo of it. Can't find it on their website. Any one got one?
  8. so....I guess we really do need an ALL-BLACKS version! Congratulations!!
  9. There you go w/ the All Blacks again! Can we do a Red and Gold one for Manchester United then?! :laughing:
  10. ordered mine also! Maybe should have bought two, but $'s tight right now. Good Looking coin, BTW....maybe a new favorite again! BTW, still hoping to find an AE Ronaldo version for sale! And, still hoping for an all black XMas version!
  11. anyone have a picture of the Sepp & Berta coin? I'd like to use it as my coin's image, but the image at their site won't let me copy it.
  12. Can you smell the worm in my mouth??? >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> I'm waiting with baited breathe!!!
  13. I seem to recall keewee mentioned that team last time we brought up the ALL BLACK mask coin! Personally, I think if we're going to honor teams, it should be red and yellow for Manchester United! Go Red Devils!
  14. I still say the ALL BLACK Mask would be the best of them all! I can't believe that someone didn't pick it as one of the earliest versions! I hope that avroair is able to get this one out!
  15. just fyi. the newest mask is called the Sepp & Berta Ed. I'm also not usually a "pink" kinda guy, but this is one of the best of the masks!
  16. I got one coming from Longtom, who was at the event! He said there was around 5000 people there!! WOWSA! THANKS, Guido!
  17. @ LongTom, Were you able to get one for me?!?!? YAY!! THANKS!!
  18. did everyone see the newest coin?? It debuted at the Eurocoin festival last weekend! Hoping to find one to add to my collection! I'd post the pic of it here, but I have no idea how to do that!
  19. hey now, luvbassn! That elusive AE Ronaldo is mine! I've been begging and trading for one months now and still no love! But if either of us finds it, I'll be a monkey's uncle!
  20. There are several turtle geocoins for sale on the eplace...but we're not supposed to talk about selling/buying here....
  21. got mine from the Geoswag club today!! EXCELLENT coin, Avroair!!
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