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  1. I am making my regular plea for help finding the Mardi Gras Venetian Mask round sample geocoin and the red pin. I don't if it's activated! Thanks
  2. I am making my regular plea for help finding the Mardi Gras Venetian Mask round sample geocoin and the red pin. I don't if it's activated! Thanks
  3. Now that I have ALL of the actual Marde Gras Masquerade Mask geocoins, I'm looking for the items associated with them. Mask pins, sample coins, the round mask coin. I don't have much to trade, but am willing to buy. Thanks!
  4. My Ronaldo AE has just arrived!! Now my masks are complete! Thanks again to avroair for creating the best collection of coins and to all who helped me complete the set! Now, to track down the two pins and the round coin!
  5. Just change the find date to the past date when you found the cache. No worries!
  6. Is this the one? If so, then drneal is correct - it is the Pittsburgh version. Yep. that's the one. Pittsburgh. Okay! Thanks!
  7. I've just found out that one of my mask coins was never activated! I think it's the California v. 2, but need to confirm. It is black and grayish/green with a blue stone in the face and red ones on the hat. I think it's the one in the upper right corner drneal's photo above. Would appreciate help w/ it's ID and name. Thanks!
  8. I'm wondering about order of release now. Did the AE v.2 come out before the Block Party or after? And the Pirate was last, right? Here's the list I've created. Am I right? What one did I miss? There are two CA's right? I have to check my collection... 1. Artist Edition (ronaldo) 2. California - (Anne.and.Eli Red, Black & White Edition) 3. Carolina 4. Michigan v1 (blue/red/purple) 5. Michigan v2 (purple/green/yellow) 6. Germany v1 -geocaching colors 7. Germany v2 -red/white 8. Minnesota 9. New York (Vanelle edition) 10. Netherlands 11. Pittsburg 12. Seattle v1 -purple/gold 13. Seattle v2 (Washington - Green/black/white) 14. Texas 15. Geoswag – public – Blue/white 16. Geoswag – Club- yellow/blue/purple 17. Utah 18. Cinco de Mayo 19. Summer Solstice 20. SEPP and BERTA 21. Halloween 22. Christmas 23. Union Jack 24. Pirate 25. Groundspeak HQ Block Party 26. Ronaldo AE v. 2
  9. ok...I"m looking back at the pics here and I realize I don't have the Pittsburgh round coin or the pins. I'm wondering if there are any of those for sale somewhere?? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?
  10. I also was under the impression a virtual or Earthcahe location wouldn't prohibit a physical cache in the same location. I think you'll need to double check w/ your reviewer again. Sorry you've had problems, this is not the norm and hopefully things will get better!
  11. actually, steben, acasim was meaning I could ask avroair for the new Ronaldo version rather than buying it from him.
  12. I would suggest that you contact Avroair because he might still have some left!
  13. Hey, JB! I guess you're post got lost in all the other traffic. I googled rhode island geocoins and there are a few styles out there apparently. I don't happen to have any of them, but perhaps I'll look for one someday--might be nice to add to my collection considering my geo-nick. As to your question about collecting v. releasing.... I do both. I'll buy or win as event raffle prizes various coins and release them on specific or general missions. I probably have a few dozen traveling around. But I also have a collection of very special coins that stay in a binder at home. These I often take to events for other cachers to "discover". These are ones that have special meaning, personal significance or are just too cool to let go of. Very soon I will have the complete set of Mardi Gras Venetian Mask coins and will be looking for a way to display them in a case on the wall. These are very cool, very special, some are quite rare and I'm very excited to have completed the set! Can't wait to show them off! Have fun caching and coin collecting! rhodesisland
  14. Oh, yea! Love new mask coins! Got Ronaldo2 coming from Mark, the original Ronaldo from another cacher, the Block Party version in the mail and just placed an order for the B/W Halloween version! Now if only we could get the ALL BLACK version made!
  15. I've done it! I've finally found someone willing to part with an original Ronaldo AE! Now all the masks I need to complete my collection will shortly be in the mail!!! Now to find a display case to mount them on my wall! TOO excited! Thanks to Avroair for the collection, keep em coming! Thanks to all who have sold or traded with me so that I can complete the set!
  16. Yeah, I've contacted Avroair for the new Ronaldo version. I've gotten the other two new ones at my usual coin site. This is the only coin style that I'm actively collecting as I'm a "mask" collector and this combines two obsessions! Keep 'em coming, Avroair!!
  17. I'd pay that and then some for the Original Ronaldo AE! It is the extremely rare and completes my collection! Can't believe I missed it on the E place...I spend far too much time there and yet missed that sale. SHOOT!
  18. and where can I get that one?? And as always, I still need the original Ronaldo AE coin, if any one is willing to sell one!
  19. I agree! and yet another! The Union Jack mask and the Block Party mask!! YAY! KEEP 'EM COMING!
  20. Years ago I purchased some personalized aluminum geocoins; now they're all gone and I'd like to buy some more but I can't recall the website where I bought them. I have searched the internet, google search after google search, but can't find any company that makes them. I noticed on these boards that others have in the past purchased such coins and I'm hoping some one can direct me to the correct company's website. Thanks in advance. jim aka rhodesisland
  21. My AITF: Mardi Gras Masquerade Mask AE (Ronaldo) Edition! If you want to sell yours, let me know!
  22. Forever on the hunt for a Mardi Gras Masquerade AE Ronaldo! Trade or buy, just email me!
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