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  1. Name sent: November 13, 2016 Name Received: I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  2. Looking for a Parity Leadhills edition geocoin. Anyone with an extra to trade or sell? Please contact me through my geocaching profile.
  3. Looking for the Leadhill version. Anyone with an extra?
  4. These coins are absolutley stunning and I'm glad to have them in my collection!
  5. You nailed it, Doug. I had no idea the "test drive" search would replace the standard search tool. The old one should be re-established and give the paying members a choice as to which search tool they want to use!
  6. And I didn't even spell the word out...used symbols.
  7. Here's a thought-maybe all Premium members need to ban together and NOT RENEW Premium membership. That's a lot of money.
  8. It was all fine and great that premium members were asked for their input on the new search beta application. Now, all of a sudden, here's this new search tool (or whatever you want to call it) thrown in our laps without even asking premium members to test drive it. The Powers that be decided this was a good thing for all and then it appeared....BAM! From comments I'm seeing here and on social media, most DO NOT like this new search tool. Why change from something so simple and easy to a convoluted hot mess? I'm seriously re-thinking continuing as a paid Premium member after my current membership runs out. The old search tool worked, was simple and efficient. It wasn't broke so who & why decided it needed fixing?
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