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  1. I'm referring to banks as they started -- a safe place to "hold" your money until you need it, rather than just having it in a jar in the house. Or, like a piggy bank. A place to keep your money. It has only been since the 1900s that banks had checking and such. You had to go to the bank and get your money out in cash, and that's how everyone paid - in cash. What you are referring to would be Alternative Lending Institutions.
  2. we can see what's been approved, and can see that the category requirements have NOT been held to for many of those.
  3. and of those 98, about a third do not make the "crazy, eye rolling/dare ya" criteria. Bare feet in snow, wear a suit; watch an eclipse, tower of pebbles; female empowerment; mirror in water; wear a sport jersey; wear a christmas sweater; be in a toy building competition; hang your feet in an aquarium; write something on your frosted car window; eat pie; imitate a movie actor; show the motion; photo with a mask; hold your collection; write your name in a natural way; take a closer look; picture in a costume; photo with a turkey decoy; performing your job (real Dare ya/Crazy here); odometer 123456; what's your passion; collect hailstones; 100,000 mile odometer; picture in a wild west outfit (jeans and a cowboy hat); imitate Escher; go to a concert; photo in front of a news van; photo with your pet; picture with a VW bus; pumpkin patch; show your colors; street sign with your name.
  4. I guess I could use the national news stories -- "Use Gorilla Glue as Hair Spray". Now that is a Dare Ya
  5. I have never tried to pay my electric bill with a pawn ticket. I don't see those as any kind of "banking" institution.
  6. Oh, and "Bare Feet in the Snow" makes the cut; "Write something on your frosted car window!" does too. But "Write your name in snow" doesn't. Similar, but not the same. As I said -- different standards.
  7. so why does "make a tower of rocks", "wear a suit" and "Bare feet in snow" make it as good photo goals?? Crazy fun things?? Dare ya?? But you weenies accepted them! Maybe I should have written my name in the snow in urine. That would have been a Dare Ya.
  8. the answers from category officers is deafening
  9. they accepted "Wear a suit". maybe I should do "Wear your favorite swim suit" or "Make a tower of sticks"
  10. my last submission pointed out part of the category description that goes something like "The action should cause onlookers to shake their heads and think 'What's that goof up to'." I accepted that. Then these latest submissions were approved, and once again, mine is declined. "Wear your best suit", a real head shaker. Watch an eclipse, gee stand still! Whee! Make a tower of rocks. Photo with something of female rights (now that is very open to interpretation). Mirror yourself in water - really hard to do.
  11. Welcome to @Pechlati, and congrats on your first published waymark
  12. So, if they are not a dime a dozen, that seems like a Good Reason to waymark them!
  13. I saw a couple new waymarks posted (that means accepted by The Powers That Be) in Photo Goals. Looking at them, I was kind of pissed that my previous waymark submissions had been declined, yet these had been approved. Well, I saw a new one that had you stand barefoot in the snow. I thought "Ok, how about writing your name in the snow" and submitted it. Not very different than standing in the snow. And here is the declination I got -- "Your waymark, Write your name in a fresh field of snow, has been denied for the following reason: Your waymark was voted on by the category managers, here are comments made about your waymark by them: Initial vote call comment:Maybe it's just me but, meh... Where's the goal? Vote comments: [nay] Maybe it's just me but, meh... Where's the goal? Now, if it was spell it out using your feet and take a drone photo...SURE! " So it seems that there are more than one standard in deciding acceptability in that category. Another one to add to my "BlackList"
  14. Welcome to @Herculaneum6300, and congrats on your first published waymark
  15. My idea is for financial institutions that are NOT banks. Credit Unions, Savings & Loans, etc.
  16. but an online-only BANK is still a bank.Whereas Western Union is a "financial institution."
  17. once again, it looks like only Premium Members can categorize these. I don't have a way of trying it.
  18. If I categorize it, it becomes mine, right? then I can delete it?
  19. I could be mistaken -- I often am. But I don't know that you can open an account and deposit money into WU. I believe they are just a money-delivery system. Pay no interest, make no loans. Chase is a regular bank. There are branches around here in Oklahoma and I know of some in Florida by my mother's house. The problem with this category may be "what makes it NOT a bank". In the US, it would easily be - if it is FDIC insured, it's a bank. S&Ls use FSLIC, and Credit unions use their own insurance, NCUA.
  20. I have had an idea for a category for a while, but I'm not ure how "international" it is. Banks are worldwide. Here in the USA, when I was growing up, there were banks and Savings & Loans. Banks did all the bank-like things. S&Ls did savings accounts and mostly home loans. When I got out on my own, I learned about Credit Unions - they did savings accounts, and all kinds of loans, but couldn't do checking accounts (now they can). Big difference - credit unions are member-owned, to join, you become a shareholder and get dividends (as well as the regular interest on accounts). Banks and S&Ls have investors that make money off dividends, clients only get the interest on accounts. My question here is -- do other countries have alternatives to regular banks? Would this be something someone would be interested in making a category?
  21. that's why I mentioned it. I had a few burps trying to do my first ones because of that. Makes so much sense when you know it, but without knowing, you and I could try to do the same pass -- you say you saw it at the beginning of the flight, I saw it at the end. More than a minute apart. But our Max Alt are equal.
  22. oh, and it should say somewhere that the determining factor for deciding 1 minute before or after is the Max Alt time from Heavens Above.
  23. I can't for the life of me figure out who you might be referring to
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