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  1. Welcome back, @wwflover13 (absent since 2012!). Glad to see you back.
  2. WTH -- are category managers getting tired of getting too many submissions, and are TRYING to get on blacklists?? Kind of seems like it.
  3. Glad to see that it was approved. I thought that was the category, but wasn't completely sure, so could not see what exactly was required. But now I can, and am bumfuzzled as to why it would have been disapproved in the first place. You MORE than met the requirements, and there are no rules prohibiting putting the text of the map in the long description.
  4. I fail to see what objection there would be to including this as written.
  5. as terrible as the Moore school deaths were, I personally would not consider them a disaster. I would go with Citizen Memorial. It fits there perfectly.
  6. did you put the info in a block quote? I had one sorta denied, he asked, and taught me how, to put the info in the block quote. One of the few Declines i was happy to get.
  7. Welcome to @yahnski, and congrats on your first published waymark
  8. Welcome to @jwanlesss, and congrats on your first published waymark
  9. you should contact them and tell them of the "locate nearest waymarks" button
  10. Welcome to @IlGattito , and congrats on your first published waymarks
  11. Welcome to @Dennevla, and congrats on your first published waymark
  12. OK, well never mind. Like I said before, this is on my Black List. I don't need the icon, for all the trouble it's taking. They can keep their silly category as they see fit. Please close this discussion.
  13. That's it! His pet pig Porky loves pies. He loved pizza pie, pumpkin pie, pineapple pie, pizza pie, mince tarts. (Pizza pie twice - and no peach pie. Really?) These (i don't know about the tarts) would all be good for photos on 3/14. Plan ahead, now.
  14. let me call out the officers by name: @lumbricus@The Blue Quasar @sundevil1994 @model12 and @Alfouine , who has already posted something
  15. and I'm still waiting .... and waiting ... and waiting. I guess the category officers just don't give a crap that we can see that they don't use the same criteria for submissions from different waymarkers. Maybe they are getting money from folks to publish??
  16. Welcome to @ckirbee, and congrats on your first published waymarks
  17. should I play a certain old "Monkees" song while doing this?? Can you guess the song title?
  18. Welcome to @Little_Debbie, and congrats on your first published waymarks
  19. Footpath bridges is probably a No, as they must be on unpaved trails. (45th Infantry Museum?)
  20. Welcome to @MizzMonkey, and congrats on your first published waymark
  21. still hearing crickets from the category managers on this. Seems like more people "playing the game by their own rules, screw you all". and I'm surprised that @lumbricius puts up with this in a category he is working
  22. TACAN/VorTac buildings are interesting?? Hell, I'm retired Air Force and I find them uninteresting. I can find a whole lot of categories that I personally do not find interesting. But does that take away from it being considered for a new category? I have met people that are terrified of going to a cemetery, but we have plenty of categories about cemeteries and headstones.
  23. I'm still waiting on an answer to my question -- Why does a pile of rocks and writing on your windshield make the grade for a photo goal, but my write your name in the snow didn't? Come on, there must be officers from that category (besides Alfouine) that can answer this. Come on, you goobers that voted against it. Fess up.
  24. I have 2 more ideas. I will be out soon to take pictures. I will submit them both together. If they pass, I'm done. If they fail -- I'm DONE. (although, I still think I ought to do "Wear your favorite sweat suit" just to see how they explain that as not acceptable after "Wear your best suit" passed.)
  25. so, I think this has answered my original question. Not really internationally available, and trying to do a write-up to clarify what would be acceptable would be a terror! I think we can put this to rest.
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