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  1. 1) not an officer, N/A 3) Only if it is a completely separate visit. For example, I have waymarked items for "Military Installations". The info in the long description have information about that installation. My "visit" followed after the waymark was approved, and it had info about my visit (dates I served there, organization I was in, equipment I worked on, etc) that would not be applicable in the original waymark. Another one - I visit my mother in Florida most years. She likes me to take her to visit a large nature preserve with a boardwalk thru the swamp. First time we went, I waymarked it. The next year I did a visit. Now, am I going to visit every time I go get a drink at the local Sonic drive-in? Or every time I go shooting at the gun range I waymarked? No.
  2. There are a few more of us now, if some of the others are still active.
  3. I am a counselor for the BSA Geocahing merit badge. I DO give a small plug for Waymarking, as there are places that do not allow caches. I am going to write to the BSA merit badge working group and suggest that they include Waymarking on the revision to the geocaching MB. But there is no telling when a re-write might come about. Now, if Waymarking would like to get into the fray, I believe the best way would be to write an article for BSA's publications for Scouts and leaders, and let them know there is another GPS game the Scouts could learn about. Or get with them and invite them to a Waymarking conference and let them take the pictures and do the article.
  4. I've been trying to find interested Waymarkers to do a sighting, also. I'm near Oklahoma City, OK. Need people toward Chicago area, New Orleans, Del Rio TX, or Denver. Now, I have a question. It says that players must be at least 1 minute apart, and see the ISS on the same pass. So I take it that if Del Rio waymarker sees the ISS, then I see it (about 1.25 minutes later), then someone 20 miles NE of me in Oklahoma City sees it, then another in Edmond OK, then Tulsa, then Springfield Mo, then ... We all get to log the "community sighting" as we are all more than 1 minute of flying time from Del Rio.
  5. When I see a category, can I save my search option to always show waymarks in that category near the saved option? In other words, can I set it to always show the waymarks closest to my home location?
  6. Could the grid coords be put in the category listing? I see a category that sounds interesting in the grid, click on it to see what it entails, and then have to go back hunting the grid to find out where I was at.
  7. I posted a waymark for a "Defunct Amusement Park". It was torn down before I moved to town. They wanted photos of the park when it was running (understandable) and hopefully a picture of something that is there now that shows it was there before. So I had to pull a picture off the internet for the first photo. It would be very difficult to post some of these type of waymarks if we had to use our own photos exclusively. Now, I did take a photo myself of the area now, and post a writeup of what is left in the area. But there has to be some leeway for posting some of these waymarks.
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