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  1. I believe that around Innsbruck, Austria, the old Olympic bobsled track goes over the road (or at least, it did around 1993). It would be a great addition to the category. Now, as for discussion -- I think I understand the objective of the category. But I can think of a certain waymarker <snip> that plays the game their own way, that might need a specific description, or you will get a lot of submissions of very ordinary things going over roadways -- like high tension electric lines, train bridges, etc.Writing that description is going to be the hard part.
  2. since it is so hard to get a new category thru peer review -- is there a chance to get ISS Sightings category to accept sightings of the Tianhe-1 space station? It is visible like the ISS, not sure about all the info, like miles per hour, etc to make the waymark, but I bet we could find it.
  3. ok, to try to get this back on topic ... I doubt this would be accepted in silhouette art. Yes, it is already waymarked in Water Towers. But, just because something COULD be cross posted should not exclude a new category. SO, thinking of more things like this, what other thoughts about things to waymark in this newly proposed category? PS. this is definitetly not a temporary item.
  4. well, I have a problem. Way back in the first post -- 2. Houses on Slopes - NO - I wish to exclude residential buildings. Buildings on Slopes - YES - I'd rather be inclusive than exclusive. How about I arbitrarily decree that Buildings on Slopes must have at least 50% of their floor area obviously clear of the ground, just as you've suggested? (Great Minds ...) 3. Houses above water - YES - After all, they are elevated above the ground and just happen to have water between them and the ground. 2 says no residential, and then 3 says residences are OK. What is it? OK or not. Residences above ground are still elevated. As it says for 3, the residences are above ground, just with water between ground and residence.
  5. Blue Quasar specifically said you can "fake it or cosplay" to get a picture for a photo goal. So, it's not really a goal. Just take a picture of you doing something that you would normally do.
  6. well, after the last approval -- Take a Picture of Yourself Getting Married.
  7. if someone thinks otherwise, this past time is NOT for them. Taking pictures of anything other than your own property would then be problematic. And the whole idea of Waymarking nis to take pictures of things around your area..
  8. Not all, but most cemeteries are public places. More info than is on the headstone is usually also published (publicly) in obituaries. There is no privacy issue with public information. (kind of the description of "public information".)
  9. it doesn't matter. They just make up rules as they go. There is nothing about the category that is the same from day to day, waymark to waymark. It's up to the whims of the category managers and those that are in the "good old boys club" and get approved.
  10. the latest Photo Goal approved -- Graduate College -- take a photo of you graduating college. Yes, a real head shaker. " A good rule of thumb is "Would people see this idea and find it out of the ordinary enough that it would be viewed as weird?" " yes, no one EVER gets their picture taken when graduating! Double standards!
  11. that was why I was asking. If it's already on the server, it seems to make sense to just point to the old photo rather than uploading a new one.
  12. I don't know what the proposed way tour was, but it sounds like the reviewer could not see why it was a tour, rather than just 5 or 6 waymarks from the person's list. My way tours have a definite subject -- Sports or Brew Pubs. Keith's mega-tour has a specific subject. I'm thinking of doing one for museums, a second Brew Pubs, I could do a second Sports. For you I'd suggest Smithsonian Sculptures. And "Places mentioned in Lincoln County Idaho 1989 book" should be specific enough to be considered a tour.
  13. As Keith has said --- the answer is Way Tours. It'll make exactly what is requested.
  14. I have an old waymark that I have found a new category that it will work in. Right now, I can't find my original pictures. What I have done before is to re-save a copy of the picture from the old waymark, and then use it. Is there a way to point the waymark image to the image in the old waymark?
  15. OK, enough of this nonsense. I hope the folks on here that I correspond with have my real email. I will stop posting or reading in here. Sorry that we want to improve Waymarking.
  16. If there are few waymarkers in the area, that just means more categories for you to post in! Also, there is a place on the Geocache page for you to see Nearest Waymarks. for when you want to do visits. Oh, and you can try Scavenger Hunts. That will give you a list of X waymarks in a XX radius to find.
  17. OK. A tank is usually considered to have it's crew surrounded by armor in a revolving turret that moves the gun barrel. the M110 has only the driver in an armored position, the rest of the crew is outside, in the elements and open to being fired upon. It has small movements for the gun barrel, up/down and left/right, but only small adjustments, not revolving turret. It's main change of impact is moving the entire vehicle, as it is with a towed artillery piece.
  18. Darts? Cricket? May I suggest that, for it to be a sport, "points" must be earned, scores kept. This leaves out card games, fishing, surfing, hang gliding.
  19. now, if the Artillery Category stated something like "All artillery must be towed behind" or some such. And/or "Any self-propelled must be in Mil Ground Equip." But then, the Navy can not have any artillery? Those big guns on battleships and such I believe would fit large caliber, but as they are on ship, they would be "self-propelled"
  20. from Military Ground Equipment Displays - Expanded Description -- Artillery, Howitzers, and cannons should be placed in the Static Artillery Displays category) . The Army calls it a howitzer. I think 203mm would fit in large caliber ar·til·ler·y /ˌärˈtil(ə)rē/ noun noun: artillery large-caliber guns used in warfare on land.
  21. Cornhole is a variation of horseshoes, played with beanbags. Boards at each end with holes for the "ringer". https://www.ajjcornhole.com/cornhole-rules.php ESPN actually was airing Cornhole Championships in 2020 when all "real" sports were cancelled. Around here they are found outside a number of brewpubs. And at most tailgate parties.
  22. Horseshoes and cornhole. as I am not a PM, I don't think being an officer works very well.
  23. that the US Army has mis-identified their equipment for decades?? They call a M110 8 inch self-propelled gun a howitzer. But the category that lists in it's description that it is for howitzers has decided that, because they are self-propelled, they aren't artillery, or that they aren't howitzers. Even though there are 4 other self=-propelled guns that have been accepted for this category. it should be in Static Ground Equipment, which specifically declines these because they are "howitzers" and they should be in artillery. Waymark Code: WM1435X
  24. my guess is that they are expecting the photo alternative.
  25. Welcome to @Jachurka, @TeamSanro and to @MeandMyMuggleFriends, and congrats on your first published waymarks
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