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  1. Freut mich zu lesen, dass es noch soviele eher jüngere Cacher gibt. Ich selbst bin mit meinen mittlerweile 26 wohl bei weitem nicht mehr in der ganz oben angesprochenen Zielgruppe, kenne aber die gleiche Problematik. Die meisten Cacher sind wohl doch eher 40 aufwärts und so liege auch ich deutlich unter dem typischen Altersschnitt. Nutze aber wie pastacache auch gerne mein Semesterticket zum Cachen. Mittlerweile fürchte ich ist aber die größere Problematik auch, dass die Zahl der Cacher im Moment eher wieder etwas am schrumpfen ist, fürchte viele U30-Leute lassen sich auch von dem grundsätzlich eher höheren Altersschnitt abschrecken und gewinnen dann oft nicht so das Interesse.
  2. As already written in the other thread, I'm also disgusted of this new icons. They look ugly and too color-concentrated. What annoys me the most is the design of the Letterbox icons. They are too unremarkable now, they always were white in my mind. Also the icons of webcam and virtual caches are insulting these cache types and they also disappear on the overview. I think as long this isn't fixed, I also will use Project-gc.com
  3. Just saw it and I'm glad to be not the only one who doesn't like it. Ok, traditional and mystery caches I think I can deal with the design and get used to it fast. Letterbox, webcam caches and virtual caches should be redesigned very quickly, my eyes are hurting when I see this. Even Wherigo should be distinguished better from mysteries.
  4. Well I think, there actually is correlation between Google Requests on something and how much it is practiced. But this is only a tendence. And if you look up Google Trends for "biking" for example, then the peak is in July 2004 and the yearly peak is falling each year, the peak in 2015 (also in July) was only 41 % of the interest compared to 2004. And I don't think that the number of people biking has decreased that intensely
  5. So I just skimmed about first replies in this thread, but what is wondering me the most (a question that annoyingly isn't answered yet): what is happening to existing challenge caches? Will they become grandfathered or do they have to implement a checker too? I think at least for this GS should make a statement soon.
  6. Well I noticed some weeks ago that part of my Traditional caches fell below 40% ? But one of my goals is just to keep it below the 50%
  7. Hallo allerseits, Ich würde gerne nächsten Sonntag (20.3.) einige Webcam Caches besuchen. Da ich im Netz leider keine Seiten gefunden habe, die häufiger als stündlich Bilder der Cams speichern und ich kein mobiles Internet habe, wollte ich fragen, ob sich jemand bereit erklären würde, mich an dem Tag 3-mal aufzunehmen. Am besten auch Antwort mit privater Nachricht, würde dann Handynummer tauschen und mich an dem Tag jeweils melden wenn ich vor Ort bin.
  8. 132 - du bei Besuchen in einer anderen Stadt extra drei Stunden früher anreist als du es deinen Freunden gesagt hast, um noch in aller Ruhe cachen gehen zu können.
  9. Well, I think the rating of a challenge cache should reflect the difficulty of the task so finding D5/T5-Caches would then lead also to 5* in my opinion. But I would find it okay if the terrain rating of the caches that have to be found before is transferred to the D-rating of the CC. So if this cache can be found easily even with your broken leg, then the T rating should reflect it. In the case above this would lead to 5/1 for me. Most bonus caches work same, they have terrain rating of the caches itself. The power trail mentioned above should be disclaimed by reviewers.
  10. I saw sometimes people complaining about exaggerated and quite high difficulty ratings of mystery caches but by now for me the opposite becomes more and more annoying: there are many mystery caches placed in the region having D2 or D2.5 but it even doesn't become clear how even the puzzle is working... please owners, you shouldn't take too high rankings but I think if you rate a puzzle cache with difficulty 2, then either it should be clear what is to do or it should be solvable in the way that if you get what to do then you almost got the solution.
  11. Nevertheless it's still an interesting question what happens with existing CC after moratorium. It's possible they get grandfathered but it's even still possible they should subordinate to new rules what wouldn't be a problem if they only have to change icon but what would mean mass archiving if they should implement a challenge checker or something similar. It would be fair if GS would say that no NEW complicated CC are published due to enormous workload for reviewers but dealing with existing CC still isn't clarified unfortunately (concluding for example of the questions in the survey)
  12. "Oh I could take the train going non-stop to X or I have to change trains in Y with 1 hour stopover? I think I use second option"
  13. Hello, I'm quite young I think with being student, 24 years old. I'm caching actively since 2013 and just discovered this forum but I think this is a good way to say Hi.
  14. For me as new in this forum I couldn't read the whole discussion in short time but my first thought of replacing challenge caches by souvenirs or badges is: NO! Ok, maybe some of the standard CC (fill data matrix or D/T matrix) could also get a souvenir, but most of fun CC couldn't be replaced by that. There are a lot CC like, for example, find 10 caches with a German fairy-tale in title. These are the most funny challenge caches, it is hard to implement a challenge checker for them but they should be stay. Looking for fulfilling the requirements is a nice game but can be seen as another task as it is the case in other unknown caches. A new icon would be a much better idea for it.
  15. Goals for 2016: -find at least 250 caches (same goal as last 2 years) -do my 1000.cache (okay, only 175 left, this should be possible to be done till end of summer) -finish some nice challenges (most of them are kinda like "find 10 caches with a German fairy-tale in title") and hope that they will exist even after 21st of April -stay below the rate of 50% traditional caches (currently I'm at 39% ?) But it didn't start very well... today was supposed to be my first cache day this year... No finds, 4 DNF ?
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