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  1. Very sad news indeed. Jerry introduced me to the more devious side of Geocaching with his 'awful' sense of humour and his devious mind when setting caches which in turn has lead me to the 'dark side' when setting my own geocaches. He helped me out on more than one occasion with advice, hints and even walked me to a cache location that I couldn't find!!! Although he hasn't cached for a while he still attended the odd Event and will be sorely missed in County Durham. A true 'game-player'
  2. Hi, Just bought a new 610 for my birthday. After using a Garmin Etrex HCX for many years this GPSr is a breath of fresh air. Took me a while to decide between the 710 and 610 but the price was the big decider, and the 610 still has a camera, voice recorder and speakers. I agree with your comments on how easy it was to pick up, seeing as it does a lot more than a basic GPSr and the paperless caching mode is great......just the ticket when outdoors, however I still carry my Garmin as well, just whilst I am getting used to it. I tried using my fingers to access the menu and screen but they are not slim enough so use a cheap plastic PDA stylus (£2 for 3) which I have attached to my lanyard, much easier/faster than my fingers!!!!!! With regards to the Demo mode, I managed to turn mine off with the following; Access Menu (Bottom left corner), Tools Menu, Scroll down and Tap on the Stop Product Demo button. Hope this helps.
  3. For the moment keeping them....but a cunning plan could be to go and find the caches belonging to the person who has blank logged your cache, and blank log theirs, to see if they like it :mad: !!!!!
  4. Quick test for my signature and avatar
  5. I have recently had to move a cache due to the locals finding it on more than one occasion. Have found a perfect spot but when logging the new coords I am told that it is too far away!! What is the maximum distance that a cache can be moved and is there any flexibility in this distance? Also if I want to use the new location how can I get the new coords to work?
  6. Owing to a rather unexpected move to the other end of the country , the Bellisclan will be unable to maintain both the "Something Old, Something New - GCT0MB" and "Get on Parade - GCRXDC" caches in the future. We were wondering if anybody would be interested in adopting them as it seems such a shame to archive them both after the the blood, sweat and tears involved in their setting up.
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