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  1. The 12 volt power cable is the same for the VistaC and the GPSMap 60csx. Just thought you might want to save yourself some time and keep that piece.
  2. A friend of mine used one of those for about 1 day and then gave up. It's too hard to use the compass and you always have to do something to hold the "puck." I'd spend the $80 on a cheap eTrex and use the iPaq for paperless caching. Sokratz
  3. Sokratz

    Google Earth

    I love the Google Earth interface. Allows for easy route planning! However, one thing that would make it even better is to make a small change to the icons. It currently shows the types of caches (traditional, multi, etc) which is great, but it's missing the "status" of the cache. Maybe an update to the icons to include a red X through it if the cache is temporally disabled or something like that. I think it would help a ton in route planning. Thanks for listening. Sokratz
  4. Thanks for the tips. I just bought a 12 pack for the VistaC and a 12 pack for the Venture for only $10 each from Strong Engineering. Seems very reasonable to me!
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