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  1. Interesting, it seems like I am not able to unselect the tiles I don't want anymore. I will try again tonight to verify when I am on my mac.


    I loaded some maps for Colorado and Utah for a vacation trip, and don't think I need them again in the near future.


    Thanks for the feedback!


    I'm not positive how the Mac apps work but that's how the Garmin apps work in general. Hopefully that's how they work on the Mac, too.

  2. I have done some searches, but not much luck on results.


    If I want to remove a map, or some tiles, how do I do this? I am on a Mac, if that makes a difference.


    Can I just delete or move the map from the location MapInstall placed it?


    Not quite. To remove the maps/tiles from the device you have to reload the maps you want. That means you go back and pick all the tiles you want - leaving out the ones you don't want - and upload them again.

  3. I dont have the slightest clue to where to start? Can anyone point me in the right direction. Heres the puzzle...


    Use the info below to determine the final cache location.




    Wow, that looks like a great puzzle! :huh:


    Here's the cache page for anyone who wants to see it. 3rd Anniversary

  4. The newest version is still garbage: Distorted maps, non-transparent custom icons, and has anyone every tried selecting a lot of waypoints?


    Over on the right hand side, select a waypoint, then do Ctrl-A (for ALL). In 6.13 I do this with almost 3,000 waypoints, and they select instantly. In 6.14 or 6.15, the program grinds to a halt. I tried it with 300 waypoints, and you wait about 15 seconds for them to select.


    Yes, I've seen the same problem when selecting multiple waypoints on the left hand side. I select 500 or so and it takes a good 10 seconds.

  5. I saw that Mapsource 15.3 had fixed one of my pet peeves with 14.1 - I could now resize the waypoint symbols. So I Dl'ed and installed it. Yikes! Now custom waypoint symbols don't work. Did some googling and found this tread. I wish I would have read it earlier!!


    So, now I want to go back to a previous version - 14.1 at least - but I don't have the installs will me and of course they aren't apparent at garmin.com either. So I did some more snooping and found where you can DL the previous versions from garmin.com. (It's important to me to get them from garmin.com, not somewhere else.) Here's a couple of links to get some previous versions of Mapsource from Garmin.com. (standard disclaimer - of course these links could change at any time)


    Mapsource 6.13.7



    Mapsource 6.14.1



    I think I'm going to go back to 13.7 where I get the smaller icons and faster response times.


    Thanks to everyone who's contributed to this thread. It's helped me get back to where I wanted to be.



  6. I have a 76csx and city navagator NT 2008. Would I gain anything from loading these maps??? I would like alternatives to garmin maps. Do they currently contain any TOPO data for the USA maps. I know the canada maps contain TOPO.


    It depends what you're trying to gain. You might gain more accurate roads and streets (I haven't seen this in my area but others have). There's better "water" info on these maps - streams, rivers, wet lands, etc.


    There are some things you'd lose, too. You won't be able to use the maps for turn-by-turn navigation. You don't get the POI's included in CN2008. With CN2008 you can fit the whole US on a 2gig card. However, that doesn't work for these maps, you'll run into the 2025 "tiles" limit first.


    Neither one has TOPO data.


    I love these maps, though. They are great on my devices where I don't have CN2008 (or similar). I use them regurlarly.

  7. Dale, great work, thanks for the excellent maps!


    I just downloaded and installed 1.4, with WI, IN, etc.


    Door County in WI is missing data. Might be because it has islands and such, as I recall there being problems with islands out in NY or NJ.

    N44 58.041 W87 21.282


    Much of Northern Indiana is missing detail (compare the southern border of MI with the northern border of IN, the detail difference is apparent even at "15mi".

    For example, St Joseph County is missing all but major highway street data, and no water data.

    N41 38.266 W86 11.974

    The counties south of it don't show up on the 20mi view, like most counties do.


    Really minor,

    In MN, at the intersection of "Beltline Expy" (Hwy 100) and W 70th St, there should be exits/entrances, they are missing from the map.

    N44 52.579 W93 21.018


    I agree with others on the amazing detail; it even has a little drainage pond in the neighborhood.

    Where do you get the water detail from?


    I checked some other map sources, and the MN intersection thing seems to be data related.

    Not sure on the WI or IN missing detail.


    I've also seen some inconsistancies with the MN maps in the northern metro - roads missing, intersections not quite right - I assumed it was just a data thing, too, and not a map issue.


    Just as a side note, I loaded a small section on an older eTrex Legend (old blue with 8meg). The maps work just fine but the processor is way to slow in the old Legend so it takes forever to draw the maps. Not really useful in that device. But it works great in all the eTrex color units I've tried them in - Venture Cx, Legend Cx, Vista C, Vista HCx.


    Thanks a ton for the maps. They work great!





























    Utah is on the list but in the version I just downloaded Utah is blank. I checked that one 'cause I'm going out there in a few weeks and it would be nice to have maps as I'm searching for a few caches.



  9. There was a thread about this recently. Perhaps Garmin will fix this with new firmware. I haven't contacted Garmin about that, and don't know if the other poster did, but the more people who let them know they want this addressed with an upcoming firmware release, the more likely they will address it.


    If the waypoint is created in MapSource with mixed case and sent to the GPSr it shows up correctly in mixed case. It appears that only from GSAK does it convert to all upper case.


    I'll contact Garmin about it as well just to get another name in the hat.


    Thanks for the info!!

  10. well, until the new GPSBabel is out which will fix this but in the meantime, could be pinned.


    On the other hand, seems not a lot are using this trick, we don't get much report from happy user.


    I was just pointed to this thread from another one discussing geocaching symbols in the H series.


    This little .ini trick did the job for me. I'm happy to have all 14 characters back.


    My guess is that many H series owners don't know any better than to accept 10 characters - so they don't know what they're missing. I also have a 76CSx which uses 14 and I've gotten used to 14 - so I wanted all 14 in the H, too. Anyway, that might be why it doesn't appear that this fix gets too much attention. I, for one, am very thankful for it, though!!


    Now on to my next problem - and maybe there's an ini setting for this, too.


    The waypoints sent to a Vista HCx are alwasy in upper case. GSAK is set to NOT send all uppercase (eg the checkbox is off). In my other GPSr's it works correctly, however, the H waypoints are always uppercase.


    Anyone know of an ini setting for this?



  11. Now I have to figure out why the Vista HCx will only accept 10 characters from GSAK. I thought it would take 14..... Hum.

    Search this forum for the solution. It's a GSAK setting that has to be changed.


    Thanks for the suggestion, but GSAK is set to send 14 characters. GSAK sends all 14 to my 76CSx but only 10 to the vista HCx (same settings in GSAK). Or that might be better worded that the Vista HCx seems to truncate it at 10 even if more characters are sent. It has me stumped!!

    Here's the post: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=175943&hl=

    I guess it's really a GPBabel setting, not a GSAK setting, but they're related. Sorry, I'm not a GSAK user (I have a toddler; not enough time to do caching to need special tools).


    That worked perfectly!! Thanks for taking the time to point the other thread out. The fix they described worked like a charm.



  12. Now I have to figure out why the Vista HCx will only accept 10 characters from GSAK. I thought it would take 14..... Hum.

    Search this forum for the solution. It's a GSAK setting that has to be changed.


    Thanks for the suggestion, but GSAK is set to send 14 characters. GSAK sends all 14 to my 76CSx but only 10 to the vista HCx (same settings in GSAK). Or that might be better worded that the Vista HCx seems to truncate it at 10 even if more characters are sent. It has me stumped!!

  13. I see a similar thing here. My custome geocaching icons will not work on my Vista HCx. I'll reset and see what happens.


    I reset it using 'Main Menu' -> 'Setup' -> 'Geocache' -> 'Geocache Setup' -> submenu 'Restore Defaults' and it started working with the "normal" geocaching symbols.


    I then setup my custom icons again and it seems to be working just fine.


    Ok, now lets step back again and describe the whole thing.


    1. Open new GPS on Christmas day. Get it out and start playing with it. I loaded my custom icons, maps, POI's etc, etc. (this is not my first GPS so everything was very familure ).


    2. Setup the custom geocaching icons that I want to use.


    3. Use WebUpdater to see if new software is available. Yep it is. Loaded the update.


    4. Load all my geocaching waypoints - and head out of town with the GPS.


    5. While out of town doing some geocaching the GPS isn't recogonizing my custom geocaching icons as geocaching (you can tell this by the "extra" things you get on the compass screen - those extra things weren't showing up).


    6. I tried to change the geocaching icons in geocaching setup and whenever I selected to change the Find or Found icon the screen would freeze and go VERY dim - not quite off but not usable either. The only button that functions is the power off/on button.


    7. Powering off and back on brings the GPS back to life.


    8. Read this forum post and see that others have seen it too.


    9. Reset geocaching setup as described above.


    10. Set geocaching icons back to the custom settings.


    11. Things seem to be working a-ok


    12. Delete all geocaches on GPS and reload them all from GSAK.


    13. The geocaching setup seems to be working just fine.


    Looks like that solved this problem for me. Now I have to figure out why the Vista HCx will only accept 10 characters from GSAK. I thought it would take 14..... Hum.

  14. BOOO!!! At about 12:30AM last night I checked my email and saw a note from Creepy Crawly Cachers in GCWFHD a cache I "watch". I almost went after the coin at 1AM but decided to go to bed and get up early.

    While heading to the cache this morning I was checking email and saw King Boreas' note. Ratz!! I'm going to miss it again. I wish I would have come last night. Oh, well, I'm almost there I might as well check.


    WooHoo! (or is that WooBoo!) The CCC coin was still there. What a great Halloween gift!


    Now, being new to all of this Mystery Coin stuff I had no idea how rare a position this coin actually is. If I'd known I would have made the trek to the cache at 1AM last night!! Coin #167 is now safe and sound in my little collection in Minnesota.


    Now that I know more about these Mystery Coins I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on them.


    Thanks CCC, from an excited Sokratz. :(

  15. WhaaaaHoooo!! I am pretty new yet to geocaching still SO imagine my utter surprise when MY VERY First mystery coins arrived in my mailbox! Welcome #77 and #143 to CT...Just in time for the Big day!!!I'm sure everyone can recall the feeling of anticipation...surprise...joy!!!! I tell ya, I love *all* you guys here and in the geocaching community! What a great, generous and amazing group of friends I am blessed with! :(:(:)

    Thanks CCC for your incredible generosity!


    ps -

    did other folks get two geocoins and if so, I am suppose to place BOTH in caches...right? Duh?


    Email sent.


    Not that I've received any in the mail but since I'm new to the Mystery coins thing I don't know what the rules are. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I have the USB cable, but they tell me there is a 12 power adapter available for it. Or just a power cable. I want to use it in the car while wandering about but off the batteries. Tnx in advance. SwampYankee


    Just go to your local electronics store and buy a USB car power adapter. Anyone should work just fine as long it it conforms to the USB power standard of 5 volts.

  17. I found a TB in a cache today that wasn't on the cache page. When I went to search for the TB by number, it wasn't listed and said that it hadn't been activated yet. What do I do with it now?? Any ideas?



    It may have been an unactivated tag left as a prize for the finder, as mentioned in other posts, but it also may have just been a mistake by someone who didn't understand that they were supposed to activate their TB before releasing it. Did it already have a trinket attached to it, or was it just the plain tag? If it had something on it already, maybe you could check the recent logs for that cache to see if someone mentioned dropping a TB that resembles the one you picked up.


    It's not a FTF prize left in the cache because the cache is mine :blink: I think it was most likely a mistake by someone. I emailed the last finder and asked but haven't gotten a response yet.


    If nothing else I contact Groundspeak and see what they say. Maybe it's just SWAG now.

  18. Sort of. The 60Csx has both a serial connection (the round connector) and a USB connector (the power connector. So the VistaC power should work. Verify it first, though.




    I bought an Etrex Vista C then realized the new line was being introduced in a couple of weeks. I returned the unit but blanked on the Accessories ...





    Either you posted the wrong link or you bought the auto mount for the non-color, serial version eTrexes. The owner of a Legend C or Vista C could not use the one in the link. Thought I'd let you clear that up before shipping them.


    Happy Trails!



    Thanks Moosiegirl, I looked at Amazon again and couldn't find a seperate mount for the color unit. I am fairly sure this is the one I have and am really sure the Vista C mounted fine.


    Sokratz, I'll look into it more thank you. I thought the ones pictured had round four pin connectors and the one I have is a mini USB. I guess I'll keep it until I get the 60.


    Ok, so I have a mount a casea and perhaps a power cord.

  19. FOR SALE (1) Garmin eTrex Vista (B&W), used.


    Includes: Garmin serial cable, manual, lanyard, and battery cover for use with handlebar mount (mount not included)


    Unit works perfect. There are NO scratches on the display. One tiny mark on the silver case.


    Photos available on request.


    Asking $150. SHIPPED (UPS GROUND 48 contiguous only)


    I received a Vista C for Christmas, and decided I probably didn't need this one also.


    PM Sent

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