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  1. I know this one might not be a funny, ha ha log, but I had to sort of giggle under my breath while thinking that people have forgotten the art of writing a nice log. I am sure all you cachers out there are just like me, I can't wait to read the logs when others have done my caches, read about their experiances and thoughts about the cache etc.. Electrifying It was a bit of a let down to say the least, but makes for a good giggle.
  2. Hi there LeonW Fish Eagles original camo bags where designed and manufactured by us as a christmas present to him. Please let us know if you would like any, or like more info about them. We would be happy to help.
  3. We are going down to the South Coast for a 14 day holiday and noticed that there are no caches down that way. I lived on the south coast for about four years and know of a few really good cache hide spots. Now before anyone starts ranting about 'Holiday caches', I am only asking, and offering to expand caching to the South coast. What I would like to know is - Are there any cachers out there who would consider hosting and maintaining any caches on the South Coast? If you would like to help then please drop me a e-mail at designitstudio@yebo.co.za (We will only do this if there are people who want to help!) If you have any other comments... with all respect, I am not looking for a huge debate about the rights and wrongs, so please keep them to yourself. GPS Storm
  4. Yeah baby!! Gps Storm is always ready for a get together and swop. Please let us know, we'll be there.
  5. Hi Lady Stevenson, Gps Storm would also be most honoured to assist you. Theres nothing like spicing up the old game a bit. Chris & Ali
  6. No, there is no return after the exclamation mark. I copied the code from the 'BB Code help' window and pasted the url.
  7. I tried to make a cool link to our TB like everyone else but for some or other reason it doesn't seem to have worked!!! What did I do wrong???
  8. It last our 'Unite For Diabetes Travel Bug' arrived in the post yesterday. It's goal is to raise awareness of diabetes by traveling to and within Minab, Iran! of all places!!! I have no idea where that is I'll first have to go and 'Google earth' it.
  9. I think its a good plan!!! Shouldn't be to hard to iron all the bugs out!!! Hee Hee!!
  10. QFC put a note on the cache listing saying: I would just like to add that we really do not mind opinions, they are always welcome. We were upset because it was a request to the reviewers, not a opinion!!! We have removed all the bumf from the cache listing and at 'erik88l-r's' advice added in that one should be weary of loose rocks. Thank you all for your support and input... much appreciated.
  11. Ok well that settles it then.... Geocaching is not for sissies!!! If you have fun hidding a cache then you've achieved your goal, just make sure to put in your log that it should not be attempted by the faint at heart. See ya all later..... I'm off to get me a geocaching helmet!! HA HA HA!!
  12. Aaaag shame ja!!!!! Maybe thats an idea!!!
  13. We have a few caches down here in the Lowveld that are protected by insects like spiders, ants and wasps. Unfortunatly they cannot distinguish between muggles and cachers!!!
  14. What about those flamethrower thingies they used to mount under your car or the little tab under the door handle that electrocuted you if the alarm was active. That should do the trick.
  15. Ok, so this is my first time on the forums... so please be kind. Today Snowwolf requested the our 'Cache Techtonics' http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...78-7a6122867bf8 cache be archived because he says it is too dangerous. His request goes as follows: "as fun as it was to climb up and get some loose rocks fall right next to you I would like to see that this cache be archived due to safety issues. we don't need cachers to get hurt out there. if you are going to attempt this one ensure that you have some kind of head protection, medical assistance is not close at hand." I would just like to know from any cachers out there (that have done it) what they think! We have given it a 4.5 difficulty rating. I personally feel that someone who only has 3 hides is not as qualified to comment on hides as others who have in the hundreds. So please let the opinions flow.
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