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  1. I have the following 10 years of geocaching in South Africa coins for sale:


    1x Antique Copper


    1x Antique Gold


    1x Antique Silver


    1x Satin Gold



    They are all activated but I can transfer ownership once the sale is complete.

    I don't know what they are worth but make me a reasonable offer.


    Email: chrispjac@gmail.com

  2. I would really like to hear from South Africans who have immigrated to Canada.


    What is Canada like? Is it better than SA? Whats the climate like in the area where you live? What are the people like?


    If you have any comments on how difficult it was to immigrate or any advice on how to make the process easier please tell me about it.


    Some feedback would be really appreciated!



    Even if you didn't immigrate from South Africa, but from somewhere else, I would love to hear from you.

  3. We've also been caching before where we scouted GZ and fairly quickly spotted a hollow under a rock with the tell tale carefully packed loose rocks covering the hole! My first thoughts where 'Gee, cachers need to become a bit more original' - only to find someones hustler mag stash - and quite a collection too I might add. So after finding the stash we soon after found the cache! Ha Ha!!

  4. Are my caches hard... or have cacher's just gotten soft!!


    Here in Nelspruit I have had a new cache up for grabs since 26th April, 2011.....


    It's a easy walk up to the top of a koppie along side a fence that is kept weed and grass free. So it's a easy walk, no bush wacking etc!!


    There have been quite a few other new caches in the area since I placed this one and all have been found!!


    Come on guy's, are we getting soft or what?????

  5. :blink: OK!! Wow... this is turning out to be quite a mission!


    So the 16th of April is too soon, the 23rd is on the easter weekend, then the 30th also falls on a long weekend when everyone is already away or have made plans to go away...! :blink:


    How about the 7th of May? :huh:

  6. Sorry it took so long for me to post a reply on this hike.


    I have managed to speak to Jurie who sometimes guides us down the gorge and shows us the spiders and snakes etc.

    He is willing to do a guided walk on the 16th or 23rd of April for those who are still interested.


    Please comment on when you think you could make it - I need to let him know by the 2nd of April how many will be attending.

  7. Your caches are well above average and it would be sad to not have you placing any more. We have thoroughly enjoyed those which we have done.

    :lol: Thank you very much CnC :lol: It's always nice to get a word of encouragement from seasoned cachers such as yourselves. I remember way back when we had just started caching Ali and I ran into some kids at one of the waterfalls in Sabie and they turned out to be the kids of cachers (I can't remember their caching name now but it was something like TFQ or something like that) and when these kids heard we where GPS Storm they said "WOW- GPS Storm", you know like they had always looked up to us on the rankings and now here we where in the flesh. Now there are so many cachers in SA I can't even keep track of half the names but people like you are always there and I enjoy reading your logs and following your escapades.

    I think the time has come for me to get over my little pet hates and sensitivities and start playing the game the way we used to do it - FOR THE FUN OF IT!!! :laughing:


    Thanks to everyone who contacted me and put up with my little tantrum - I sorry if it seemed a bit childish, but I think I needed to do it even if it was only to sort some things out in my own head.


    <_< So sorry but the Cache fire sale is now over <_< - It might be a while again before you'll see any new caches from GPS Storm but the find logs will definitely be coming in all be it slowly!

  8. Hmmm - March is just hectic for us, with a wedding (on the 5th) and two milestone birthday parties coming up.

    We could, if at all, make the last weekend in March or first in April.

    Nelspruit too far to make any other weekends... sorry! :)

    I think that 26th March is about the latest that I would like to go down the gorge! How does that suit everyone else interested?

  9. I am confused. This does also mean that the hike in the Gorge is something of the past? I really hope you resolve the problem that you have. G

    The hike in the gorge does not necessarily have to have anything to do with Geocaching. It could just be some people with a love of hiking down a gorge and punishing themselves in common.

  10. :huh: I own around 90 caches in and around Nelspruit, I have been told a lot of them are quite nice caches. If there are any Mpumalanga cachers out there who are interested in adopting caches please let me know. Any caches not adopted by the end of March 2011 will be picked up and archived. :huh:
  11. Hi Everyone, Started a new job and things got real busy, sorry!! I think we should just look at making a date to do the walk and anyone who is interested can let us know and be there on the day. There is not enough time to still plan an event and put it in writing before the best time to walk the gorge has passed. I would tentatively like to propose March 6. Any comments?

  12. Sounds like a great idea. My partner at work will be away until the 27th of Jan 2011. We would love to attend. If the hike is after the 27th count us in. Our first on the Gorge is it 13 year old boy freindly?

    Thanx GPS Storm, keep us posted.


    Hi Redshift3, Yes a 13 yr old should be fine as long as he reacts when he is spoken to. I don't mean that in a bad way... It's just that if hikers are told that they must hold back or careful of a cliff edge, they need to listen immediately, young or old!!! It would be great to have you guys with us and I'll keep you guys upto date as I get more feed back from the others who are interested. GPS Storm

  13. :( OK - With CAPEDOCS aproval, could I suggest that we make some real suggestions as to what changes you guys would like to see and I'll try and do a few more samples with the suggestions and upload them.

    ;) The more samples we have the better idea we'll have on what works and what doesn't.

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