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  1. Might one of these help? http://boulter.com/gps/?c= This one converts coordinates as well as provides mapviews http://www.flashearth.com/ View coordinates via sats http://atlas.nrcan.gc.ca/site/english/maps/topo/ GuyThaLizard
  2. According to my Garmin Map Red Mountain (peak) [N49 05.472 W117 49.259] Turnoff 1 [N49 06.281 W117 48.985] Turnoff 2 West on hwy22 turn onto the "Old Rossland Cascade Hwy" about here [N49 04.714 W117 49.318] this road looks like it ends near the middle of the ski lift at this point [N49 05.876 W117 49.544] I have never been there.. just looking on my Topo map hope this helps Guy
  3. I have GPS coordinates to the waterfall in Naramata BC if you are intersted I posted the GPX of my track in on my Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GuyThaLizard/ if you are or know anyone who is interested. The waterfall is about 75' tall and quite the sight. Guy
  4. Thank you McKryton and Bundyrumandcoke you are a great help! Still new at this GPS stuff. Now I can give my coordinates over the radio to my friends. Guy
  5. What does this mean? How would you say to your buddy your location and that are the difrent names for the diffrent formats? IE: N 49° 28.996 W 119° 36.441 N=North 49° = 49th parallel 28= ?? .=?? 996 = ?? minutes?? seconds?? what?? dd°mm.mmm' = ?? dd.ddddd° = ?? dd° mm'ss.s" =?? Guy
  6. To all interested.. Found a new spot for my GPS list of Hot-Springs in B.C. Canada. This will be the most up to date list location. It also has a message forum attached for visitors to enter GPS info. GuyThaLizard's Hot Springs GPS List and Message Forum http://www.praize.com/forums/guythalizard/
  7. My Hot Springs List is moved to: http://www.clubtread.com/sforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14796 for those who are interested and want to post or find. Guy
  8. I would like to see a forum for Waterfalls and Hot-Springs too, I have a partial list for the B.C. Canada area and would like to find coordinates to the Hot-Spring names I have without coordinates. I would be interested in a forum I could post in regarding such things.. I posted a message on www.trailpeak.com In the "Coodinate conversions" area but that site dosn't seem to have the traffic that this "Groundspeak" forum has and with all the knowledge geocachers have they probably have what I am looking for. TheOnlyGuy
  9. re: Hot-springs Gpx For Canada/b.c. Sorry everyone, I didn't want this to turn into a debate etc. I am new at GPS and just wanted a "Canadian" site to post my question to gather some waypoints for info. in the area. I just downloaded a GPX program for my GPS and thought that was the best way to input the info into my GPS. I thought this, being a popular site for geocachers and GPS users who might stumble accross some in there travels would be the best place to find the info I was looking for. I am going to try to find another Message Forum someplace else to ask for the info. Again I am sorry for all the hastle I have caused and I thank you who were trying to help me and did help with some of the info I was trying to attain. I will attempt to close this message string after this message. TheOnlyGuy
  10. Of course, sharing GPX file information with non premium members is against the Terms of Use for the site. Giving you some waypoints, as DBC has done, is fine. Thanks DBC. Those do sound like good future Waymarking categories. I saw swimmng holes, but no waterfalls category. Those sound like excellent targets. I did find hot springs, but only 5 have been waymarked so far. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/default...21-b95d5fb45fb8 Then I guess it's ok for "non premium" members like myself to share and receive from other "non premium" members. Thanks! Guy
  11. Here is my compiled list from my research as of now. *Anyone know and want to fill in the coordinates to the missing #'s feel free. Guy North / West / Name N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *2.1 Mile N 49° 44.000 / W 119° 55.000 Ainsworth N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Albert Canyon N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Banff N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Buhl Creek Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Canoe River Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Clear Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Clearwater N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Crawford Creek Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Dewar N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Flores Island N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Frank Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Fry Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Halcyon Hot Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Halfway River N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Harrison Hot Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Hot Springs Cove N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Jordan Ranch Spring N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Kaslo N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Knight Inlet N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Koch Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Meager Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Miette Hot Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Nakusp N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Octopus Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Pebble Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Pitt River N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Ram Creek Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Red Rock N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Sloquet Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *St. Leon Creek N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Taylor Spring N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *The Paint Pots N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Toby Creek Soda Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Wild Horse River N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Wilson Lake N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Hotspring Island N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Mount Layton Hot Springs N 00° 00.000 / W 000° 00.000 *Liard Hot Springs N 51° 08.310 / W 117° 51.413 Canyon Hot Springs N 50° 19.759 / W 115° 50.549 Fairmont Hot Springs N 50° 19.891 / W 115° 50.497 Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. N 49° 43.774 / W 122° 19.626 hot springs (Name unknown to me) N 57° 05.020 / W 130° 21.592 Iskut River Hot Springs N 50° 08.090 / W 115° 34.625 Lussier Hot Springs N 50° 08.214 / W 115° 34.731 Lussier River Hot Springs N 49° 24.914 / W 123° 01.866 Norvan Falls N 50° 38.095 / W 116° 02.447 Radium Hot Springs N 49° 57.918 / W 122° 25.889 Skookumchuck Hot Springs N 50° 47.421 / W 119° 12.447 Albas Falls N 48° 29.004 / W 123° 33.174 Niagra Falls (Westcoast) N 59° 34.235 / W 126° 27.692 Smith River Falls
  12. Great Idea! Thanks! Will start that. I have a few I will post when I get a list together and thanks for the links too! Guy
  13. Is there someone out there with a hobby of Hot-Springing that they would like to share. :unsure:I am looking for a .GPX files with waypoints for Hot-Springs and/or Waterfalls in B.C. Canada, if there is any such thing floating around in cyberspace. Even just a list of waypoints for the above would be nice. All I can seem to find are U.S. and I seldom go there. If anyone can help that would be great! Thanks! Guy
  14. Now how do you mount a GPS on a horse... and battery backup .. hmmm maybe a solor panel strapped to it's head right between the ears, might work for the battery backup. The solor panel might give some sun block advantages too .. Maybe I best not go with you I might embarass you! LOL, kiddin sounds like a lot of fun. Have fun! I have my GPS mounted on my Honda Ruckus scooter and take it everywhere, up an down all the forestry roads here. Trail riding is a blast. Have a good time!
  15. Thanks PDOP'S and OLAR for the links some good programs there. I downloaded them and am playing arround with them. I think they will be great. I sure went to the right place for help. Much appreciated! Guy
  16. Thank you both! Vary helpful! I am a not that good with math and numbers but I do have a calculator the formula will come in handy and the link too when I am at my CPU. Thanks again! Guy
  17. I am new at this GPS stuff and noticed there are diffrent formats for Lon/Lat's when entering waypoints into my GPS. IE: hddd°mm.mmm' hddd°mm'ss.s" hddd.ddddd° Is there conversion calculators out there available for a Palm Pilot or windows98 that will help me to quickly convert to the format I am using in my GPS without having to switch my GPS formats arround every time I enter a location of a diffrent format? If you have any links to some programs that will do this would you please post them for me. Thanks! Guy
  18. Thank you vary much! That will come in handy. I understand it is a hidden waterfall. I have driven through Peachland quite a few times and have never been to the waterfall. Is there lots of good trails there? TheOnlyGuy
  19. Hardy Falls, Peachland B.C. To all I am looking for GPS co-ordinates for the Hardy Waterfall in Peachland. Even some of the trails arround and to the waterfalls. If anyone has some they wouldn't mind passing on to me that would be great! I heard there was, at one time, a geocache there. I understand the cache is now gone but I like to see the waterfalls in the Okanagan area and this one sounds like it would be a do-able trip for a day. Thanks! TheOnlyGuy
  20. theonlyguy


    GPS TrackMaker works well and I also downloaded EasyGPS not too sure what one I like best. I think I'll just have to keep them both. Thanks for the help! TheOnlyGuy
  21. I received a gift certificate from on of my bosses and I went out and purchased a Garmin eTrex Legend. Now all I have to get is a car addaptor, recharger & battarys, and a bike mount for my scooter then I will be all set for a while. I found my 1st three caches and it's been a blast. I downloaded a couple freeware map programs that are quite interesting and work well with the eTrex (listed below) #1) "EasyGPS" the best one so-far found at http://www.easygps.com/offers.asp?rc=J95R4 #2) "GPS TrackMaker" the second best one so-far found at http://www.gpstm.net/index.php They both licked up with the Legend with no problem and work on my windows98 CPU. TheOnlyGuy
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    LOL maybe some day will have to make the trip.. If I can ever get enough time off work('s) coordinating 2 full time jobs is a bit tuff sometimes. Amazing I have time to geocache in all this. One job is 3 seasons and the other year round, so maybe in the winter, might be a bit cold there though I am a bit of a spring/summer kinda "guy". Bye 4 now! TheOnlyGuy
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    A friend of mine lives in Summerland, and his handle is summerland (!) His name is Dave, please give him a shout and say hi from Chris (charliezulu) Will do!
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