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  1. Back to a previous post: has anyone got Wherigo to work on SE Xperia X1? I have .Net 3.5 installed. Regards, Sverker
  2. I doubt you can get non-Garmin Norwegian maps into a Garmin unit without spending a lot of time. I've heard of methods though. But if you could live without auto-routing, you could try finding cheap versions of Metroguide Europe. Since you don't need codes for Metroguide you could aquire "used" maps. I could possibly help you find some. Contact me if you're interested. If you want autoroute you need CN.
  3. You have to distinguish between Mapsource, which is Garmins navigaion progrma for your computer, and your Map software, which may be City Select version something totally different. You can download the Mapsource software from Garmin.com, it's free (and updated). But to be happy you have to install maps into it. If you don't have your map CD anymore you're probably lost here, I don't know if you can copy maps from one installation to another. Also, if you have CitySelect you need to have installation codes (unlock codes), otherwise you can't install the map on the computer. If you have Metroguide there're no codes and you can pick it up from Ebay or wherever. Good luck!
  4. svekke


    The Palm V will work fine. I've got Palm III and it works fine, though I'm short on memory (just 2 MB).
  5. One of the coins I placed in Sweden (TBRX98 ) has started to move, that feels nice! It feels like I've made a difference.
  6. Hi! If you post the waypoint for the cache you're looking for you might get some more detailed help. Good luck! (I don't know if there's any other language in which daughter is spelled "dotter", so if you're Swedish, you're welcome to www.geocaching.se for more local information)
  7. Hi! I'm a newbie too, and what I try to do when I get close (within 50yards or so) is use the coordinates instead of the "find" thing. If you try to find the screen where the coordinates are shown (I don't know your GPS), look at these and compare with the coordinates for the cache. When you get really close, look around. If you can't find it and if the coordinates change even if you're standing still, try go away in another direction and go back, maybe you can "average" a position this way. Especially in the forest it's often hard to get a good reading. It has very little to do with the age of your GPS, even though the newest are a tiny bit better, the old ones should be good enough. Mine is old, and it's not the receiver's fault that I miss things! Good luck!
  8. Vanity is the word. I log some DNF's, but if the previous logs all said: Quick find", "very easy" etc., and I spent 20 minutes digging in the snow and found nothing, it feels a bit clumsy not to have found it. I'm still so new to this, and I do like to have more finds than DNF in my log. Maybe, when I get more experienced and feel pretty sure that I ususally find a cache, the DNF seems more relevant. If I can't find the same caches when the white stuff is gone, then I'll log DNF.
  9. I haven't been in here for a long while. I received coins from Hobbycachefamily and from Fundamental & Venlis. I have placed one of the coins from Hobbycachefamily and both the coins I got from Fundamental & Venlis (and their friend). We have received lots of snow and I have therefor DNF:ed several caches (lots of digging but no finding), but I hope I'll be able to put out the remaining coins very soon. If anyone else wants to have coins "bewildered" in Sweden (Stockholm), you're welcome to contact me. I'm not sending out any coins of my own at this time. Svekke
  10. It's already said above: because Garmin makes a number of product lines. V was a automotive device, 60 is an outdoors device. They want you to buy several receivers for different purposes, so they don't give you everything in one machine. But, for me it was good, because I have a V and I hadn't noticed the Detour function! Now I know it I can use it! Thanks (and sorry for not being of any help to you)
  11. I don't know about your GPS, but on mine (Garmin GPS V) you would go to the Tracks display (main menu), save the track, then clear track memory. This starts a new track where you are while the previous track remains saved. This can be repeated. On my GPSr I can save 10 tracks, on a newer receiver you can probably save more.
  12. I can place 3 coins in Sweden, the Stockholm area, so if you have coins you want to spread, e-mail or PM me. Myself, I like the idea of finding something special or unusual in a cache, and I don't think we have a lot of such caches in this area. I'm sure other cachers feel the same. Greetings
  13. If you're running the cheap way (like I'm doing so far), you can open your .loc file in notepad or another texteditor. You will then see that it is a xml-file. The you open your other .loc file in another instance of notepad (if you have a better texteditor it's easier), copy the waypoints you want copied (including appropriate tags) and paste them into the first file. It doesn't matter which order the waypoints get in when you paste them. The finished file you open in Mapsource. You should be reasonably familiar with html or xml to do this, so you don't muddle the tags. I'm sure it's a lot easier in GSAK (which I haven't tried yet), but this works.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I'm sorry for the expression "discriminate" in my OP, but it sure got the discussion rolling. I DON'T accuse geocachers of active discrimination! And I do know that there are lots of things that could cause you to want an extra marker in the cache listing. I wanted to suggest that terrain rating could be "basic searchable", but of course I'm in no position to demand anything, and of course I could pay my bucks to get that option. But suggestions as such can't be forbidden, can they? I've started a small discussion on this topic in the Swedish forum, and several people have responded that they will look more closely on their terrain ratings. If they do, it's great. Personally, when I start placing caches I will try to handicache rate them, and I will probably place both accessible and non-accessible caches. I will also e-mail cacheowners if I think that their ratings are overoptimistic, but on a friendly note. I've doubled my finds this weekend (I have two now ), and I placed a private cache just for my kids to get them interested (all kids love a treasure hunt, don't they). We'll keep on caching. To Briansnat: I'm sorry for accusing you of "an attitude" (the word also doesn't have the same value in Swedish as in English). What I meant was that in my opinion, just because something is a certain way it doesn't always have to stay that way. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for the thorough description of the results page, there actually was more to that than I realized. I actually tried to make a kind of snow-chains for the electric wheelchair once, but it didn't work very well. Ground clearance is so bad he gets hanging on top of the snow.
  16. I suppose you meant the search result page, didn't you? The search page still doesn't have that option, or I'm blind. Let me be clear. I think geocaching is a great game and I think both I and my kids will enjoy it a lot. If we become real enthusiasts we might become PM. But, as a father of a disabled child I find everywhere these little things that doesn't work when you're in a wheelchair, things that are effectively discriminating. So, I was trying to make a suggestion. But I can agree that discrimination is a strong word, and I have no thought that the people running this geocaching.com are actively discriminating anyone. I am sure they are not. I also think that there should be caches on every conceivable level of difficulty. So, what I'm really asking for is for someone to consider if terrain rating could be a standard search option, and that perhaps you could move something else to PM. BTW, I like the attitude of: "it's the way things works here". Let's make sure nothing ever changes.
  17. Hi, this might very well be covered, but Search is unavailable for me, is it for Premium only? I'm new to this sport, logged my first cache yesterday. Now, it seems fun and I want to try it with the kids. But my eldest is in a wheelchair, and I'd like to have a clue as to which caches he can get close to (it's OK if he can't reach the actual cache, but I don't want to leave him 50 m away or more). I've realised that for some strange reason, geocaching discriminates on the grounds of terrainability by not allowing plain members to search by terrain rating. I don't know if anyone can search by handicaching rating (handicaching.com). You seem to have to have premium membership to search by these factors. Why? Can't you find any better way of giving premium benefits (I don't mind the concept of premium benefits)? If I am misinformed, how do I search by these factors? Regards Svekke
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