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  1. Are the INTRO APPS really helping or hurting ???

    What % of people convert from INTRO to REAL app ???? If it's less than 10% then it's useless and harmful.


    Cache OWNERS typically HATE INTRO users and their logs.


    Can we have a flag to HIDE caches from INTRO users (like premium ONLY) ??????

    I have so many INTRO people RUIN or TAKE caches that I'm considering ONLY publishing premium caches.....


    Comments ?????

  2. There are a few cases I've run into where you'' find a VALID find on a cache by the owner.

    Sometimes the owner has ADOPTED the cache but had found it prior to owning it. Very acceptable.


    I have actually seen case where people (local to each other) swap ownership of caches JUST SO THEY CAN LOG the FIND.

    This is crazy but if they want to waste their time doing, so be it...


    I THINK the system should NOT allow the owner to log a FIND unless it's an event cache.

  3. I have a collection of PQ's and I find a times that there are GAPS in coverage. If I could have all the PQ's shown on Google Earth as just simple circles. It woudl then be easy to see when they overlap TOO much OR if they are NOT overlaping and causing GAPS. It's Murphy's Law that MANY times I've been in a place and looked for the nearest cache in a city file only for it to say 3 miles away. I open the next nearest city file and it says 7 miles and then the third is the same. It sounds like a simple thing to do..........


    I'd even be happy just to be able to see ONE PQ circle at a time on the map...

  4. It would be great if the MINE screen of caches had more columns and some tools.


    All that's shown today is NAME and Date Last Found. It would be great to have Publish Date, Current Status (Active, Disabled, Archived) and other details show. When you get over 100 caches owned, it gets harder to manage them. Being able to click the Column Headings and causing the list to be RE-sorted based on the

    column picked would really help. It would be great to see the caches that are marked as Needs Maintenace OR Needs Archive has been clicked. It's REALLY hard to find caches that have been flagged as a problem.

  5. There's two reasons to ask for this: Caches Along a Route AND Magellan record limits.


    With the Caches Along a Route feature, I've started saving other other people's ROUTES and

    they count against the PQ limits. I've got nearly 20 routes from other people save now.

    Maybe the Caches Along a Route should have it's own separate list and limit?


    Magellen users need to keep their GPX files small due to a limit of 200 records max per file.

    Because of this Magellan people need to have MORE PQ's and it's easy to reach 40.


    Please increase....

  6. Is there a way to enter your LOGIN info via the URL?

    For those of us with a phones that won't keep COOKIES, it would be great to save a link and be able to choose it.... EX: www.geocaching.com/login.asp?joeblow-mypassword of pass it the login and only enter the password when prompted....

  7. The PQ turning themselves off has been happening for about 6 months now.

    It's a real pain. I was WORSE when the PQ list was not sorted, then it took

    a long time to walk through and fix them (when they turned off).......


    At leadt now, you notice a pattern change on your PQ's go off....

  8. This has started happening to me as well with Firefox, on that same date mentioned above. Here's my solution: When you get to the blank page, click on the "printer-friendly" link at the top. When that comes up just click on "return to map" and bingo! .. Bob's you're Uncle! Works for me.


    Yes, they changed things and not just GeoCaching maps are messed up.

    2 other sites that link to them are a mess.....

  9. In the list under "My caches waiting for review" there needs to be a way to tell which are submitted fro review

    and which are still being edited. More than once, I'l thought I click the SUBMIT for review but did not. Also, there are times I've mistakenly left the SUBMIT for reveiw ON (because that's the default) and did not mean to.

    Some little icon would be great. THanks...

  10. #1 It would be WONDERFUL if at the point of submitting a listedin for review if the OWNER could pick the date and time to be posted publically AFTER the reviewer OK's the cache. Can this be added to the enhancement list?

    #2 It would be even easier (I'm guessing) if at the point of submitting a listedin for review if the OWNER could pick a FLAG that leaves the cache DISABLED AFTER the reviewer OK's the cache. Can this be added to the wich list too? :D


  11. Hint Decoder 1.1 for Palm and Handspring. Allows you to decrypt encrypted Geocaching info on the fly. Programmed by Thomas Chapman. is NO LONGER available on the link provided. I'd suggest removing or finding another place to download it....


    Anyone have a copy saved that I could get???

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