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  1. There is a version of CacheMate for the PocketPC and I think that uses Windows CE. You might look at that.
  2. You might add a LARGE NOTE to the description that the coords were obtained with an iPhone and therefor might be off more than normally expected. That way the cachers won't be as easily discouraged.
  3. I don't see that on my address bar. Looked in Internet Options, and "Content Advisor" is NOT enabled. Is that what you are talking about? Compatibility view seems to do what I want. Browser remembers the website and shows it to me the old way.
  4. Thanks. Never gave that a thought!
  5. I just (a couple of days ago) upgraded my browser to IE-9. Works fine, I think I've got most of the changes figured out, except that when I load a cache page the location map does not show. Just a very nice blank square. Clicking "View Larger Map" works as it always has, but that is a hassel with more than a few caches. Any ideas? I am running Vista Home Premium 32-bit.
  6. This is more of an annoyance than anything else. For the last year (or so) every time I get "My Finds" I have to click the "Add to queue" button 5-10 times to get it to go through. It's not as though I don't have the time to do this, I am retired and so have a LOT of time, but everything else works well and this gets frustrating. I am running Vista Premium Home, IE8. Also had the same problem with XP Home and IE7.
  7. Well, dadgum if I know what happened, but everything looks right now. Still no check box (and there was one a month ago), but the HTML code works.
  8. I just updated my profile and the check box for HTML seems to be missing. At least I can't find it. Last month everything worked just fine. Can someone tell me what I missed?
  9. I would. I found it and held the soggy mess in my hand. I think that counts. I would also log a cache maintainence. We have found a few like this, and it is disapointing to be unable to sign the log.
  10. Just found this thread yesterday. And spent two days reading through it. Drafted in Nov. '65. Spent the entire two years at Ft. Carson, CO. HHQ Battery, 5th Bn., 4th Arty., 5th Inf. Div. (Mech) Left as a Spec. 4, 13E20 I got out several months before the unit went to Viet Nam, so Viet Nam era vet. Can't say I was happy to get that letter from my "Friends and Neighbors", but the idea of running to Canada was REALLY repugnant. It was an interesting time. I'm glad to have done it. More glad when it was over.
  11. Sometimes, even if it is an ammo box, it's a good idea. Last year we were FTF on one that was a third of a mile off. GC1002R. Got a LOT of exercise on that one.
  12. You AREN'T forced to deal with it. If you don't like it, ignore it. There is no rule that says you MUST take something. Most of the time I do ignore it.. There are times when the material is so offensive, that (in my opinion) it needs to be traded out for something else... This topic is about whether or not religious material should even be allowed to be in caches. If McToys are offensive to you, trade them out for something that isn't. If a Wiccan item is offensive to me, I'll trade it out for something else. No harm, no foul.. It's my decision to make, not yours. I go at it the other way around. If it is offensive to me (and dadgum few things are), I leave it alone. Why in the world would I take something that I don't like. That's just my way, your mileage may vary.
  13. You AREN'T forced to deal with it. If you don't like it, ignore it. There is no rule that says you MUST take something.
  14. What happens with us is that our grandson takes something from the cache, and then on the way back to the cache-mobile, he says, "Nana, can I trade for something in your cache box?" We buy Hot Wheels by the gross!
  15. I have an external antenna for my GPSMap 76. Greatly improves usability while driving. I don't have to hold the dadgum thing up to the window to see the satallites. I keep the external stuck to the dash up by the windshield and plug in when in the car.
  16. We would give it a try, although long hikes and steep climbs tax our arthritic joints. We found a 5 that we didn't think rated more than 3, and quit on a 3 that involved rock climbing that was beyond us. But you don't know if it is a good one if you don't try it.
  17. 63 and 61. Sometimes an 8 tags along. Retired !!!
  18. We started our grandson when he was 3. He turns 9 next month. He is enthusiastic about caching. We would take him to caches that had short hikes (a couple hundred yards) and others that were hidden in parks. That way he could play on the equipment. I think we found every park in Las Vegas! Now he likes to travel the dirt roads and jeep trails here in Utah. He has his own name now and wants his own GPSr. Just take it easy and have fun. You wont find a lot in a day when you have him with you, but the one's you do find will be a lot of fun.
  19. We asked for one. Now we'll see if we did it in time to actually get one!
  20. Thanks for the additional info. I think I understand the situation better now. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. It is something to keep in mind though. There could be similar land management plans in other parts of the country. I'll just have to remember to read carefully. Happy Caching everyone!
  21. Thanks for the info. I guess when I am in AZ I will read the cache pages carefully. So far, the majority of the AZ caches that we have found have been in cities. This permit thing stirkes me as the same as Snow Parking Passes and Forest Service Recreation Passes. A non-local doesn't even know they are needed. IF he finds that out, he doesn't know where to get one. I, for one, don't agree with extra fees for something that my taxes should be already paying for. End Rant. I will just have to be carefull. Thanks again.
  22. And how does this affect someone from out of state who just wants to find a few caches? Am I going to be fined for stoping in the boondocks and walking around on publicly owned land?
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