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  1. Firstly: MAZOLTOV!!! Baa on the new edition to the familiy!! And then to bear&fox for 150 finds, well done guys. Keep on smiling, keep on caching!!!
  2. Frodo's Journey!!!!! Count me in, I'm looking forward to that one, and hey Goofster, the Hermarnus/Walker Bay Raid sounds good too! Noddys coming down this weekend as far as I know? He'll be here from Friday to monday. Discombob maybe you should check up on that one. Does anybody want to do breackfast at New York Bagels(Huskies!!!!) with Noddy on Saturday?
  3. mmmm, this has been a "lekker naweek" for caching. Though as much as I would like to call this a sport, me thinks it's a bit presumptuous!! "Recreational Activity" seem more appropriate
  4. Thanks Global Rat and the Huskies, FIFTY, I can't believe it. A big congrats go out to Discombob for his 300th, well done buddy.
  5. What an unbelievable day!!! Firstly a big thanks to the Huskies and to Goofster who drove us around to all the caches they had already done. I think that we bagged the most for the day with 13. Larks did 12, and Discombob did 8 or so. I'm not sure what Vespaxvespa did. And to all the non cachers who trailed patiently along, thanks. And even to the ones who got a little less patient in the end, it was a loooonnnnng day, well done for your endurance. Discombob, I'm glad alls forgiven (I was a bit worried) Myself and Susan look forward to another one of these in the distant future. Cograts to Discombob for his 300th!!!! (and our 50th)
  6. Hey QFC, I firstly want to state that you do an excellent job for the geocaching community in SA . I am also a bit dissapointed that the SA coins are not trackable on the geocaching.com website. I think that it would have been really cool to have an SA coin logo on our trackables. How can we launch a set of coins that would be tacked on the .com website? What does it take,because I'm really keen to see it happen.
  7. A big congrats to FishEagle from us too! Pity we didn't meet you at the breakfast...overslept!! We also want to say congrats to the remarkable achievment the Huskies have made! They started caching on the 18th of Sept 2005 and on the 18th of Feb 2006, they found their 150th cache!! Well done! ...but now you can give it a bit of a rest to allow the likes of us to catch up.
  8. Congrats go to Tricky Vickey & Mickey as they acheived their 400th cache . They were rewarded with THE signed Celine Dion CD from the original Top Billling cache. Not a ratty thing at all!! PS: Awsome event cache hosted by cownchicken, Thanks for a great weekend. To the cachers who survived the Land Rover (you know who you are!!!) email me your postal addresses. I would like to send you something.
  9. We have been witness to the fires for the last two nights and it is heartbreaking when thinking of the loss of a human life, animal life, and vegetation. According to a nature conservationist, it will take 15/20 years for the animals to re-inhabit after a fire. So sad about the silver trees, we were just talking about that this morning before entering the forum. Apparently they are charging the offending smoker (a British tourist) for arsen and homoside. He has been released on R3000 bail and his passport has been confiscated. On a brighter note - Yesterday, Cape Talk raised +/- R1 400 000 for the Fire fighters.
  10. And that is probably why they love us so much!
  11. I suspect if a new GPS enters our home, I will get the old one! Even if I pay for it! ZAL. is a techno freak and I would just feel too guilty looking at the longing in his face.
  12. Hey "Helga", you are most welcome...especially that there seems to be only one actual reply from a girl...thanks KoolBeanz Yep, those crevices are the worst. I have actually thought of bringing along the kitchen gloves. When looking for the last cache, we found the skin of a snake just under the rock, thankfully just the skin!! Good for you Fox! S of GS&Dogs, I have also managed to navigate to the cache, but if something goes wrong, I don't know what button to press...the manual is out though! Watch this space...
  13. Thanks D. I realised the "problem" once I saw the time on my reply. I am sure you saw we found your Seal Island cache today...good one, thanks! CWF, sounds like you have a lot of interests...I am sure Geocaching will be one that keeps you hooked for a long, long time!
  14. I'm having loads of fun reading through the forums, but noticed there is not much happening on the ladies side!! So, if you are the female half of a team or a lone female geocacher, I would like to hear from you. ZALandyman introduced the sport to me, but we found and hid our first cache together. Both of us are now completely addicted to geocaching! Either he or I log the find, but I am embarrassed to admit, I have minimal knowledge as to how to operate the GPS!!! I know, how bad is that! A geocacher who doesn't know how to use the GPS!! Am I the only one feeling stupid walking after my man in circles while he tries to locate a satelite or locate the site of a cache? Either way, I have made a decision, I am going to learn...then he can walk after me in circles.
  15. Hi there, This is SusieQ of ZALandyman & SusieQ...just wanted to say hi too and welcome CWF. Also, just curious....howcome so many of you are up in the early hours of the morning...shift work?
  16. Dodging muggles could add interest to the game, tonight we finished off "A Walk in the Gardens" after the cache had been replaced. I think it is one of the all time classics in Cape Town, but I dont believe it will last for a month again. Just way too many muggles.
  17. Its not so much about places to hide caches, its that we don't want to act like a secret service agent with an enemy on his tail every time we find a cache because of all the muggles. Also, caches every 50 m, just not that much fun!
  18. Well, I think that a 1000 caches to reach in SA will be great, it's already difficult to find places in Cape Town, so creative thinking is the order of the day!! I have 3 caches all set up, I just need to find the appropriate places to place them..... muggle free zones
  19. PS: I have a landy hard top and am more than willing to throw in a couple of people in the back if they dont mind sitting on hard seats!
  20. Sounds like a great idea, I think we will make it!
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