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  1. The geocacing WAP pages are fantastic, I was wondering if they had WAP pages, clearly they do! I have been using my phone (Blackberry 8700) with Opera mini (if you have a data capable phone, get it now!) loading HTML pages, this will cut down data costs substantially and will be a lot quicker no doubt. THANKS FOR THIS ONE!! I have tried google earth for cell phones without much success though. I don't think it is really worth it either.
  2. Hey, hey, hey!!! Congratulations all round... JORS: 100 HECTIC: 150 FISHEAGLE: 300 HUSKIES: 400 TV&M: 550 C&C: 650 Well done on all your landmarks
  3. Well done to Battlerat and pussycat... those elusive Cape Town cachers, on reaching 50 And hey... John-Gill, on your 175 I know you wanted that color See you guys at 200 soon
  4. Hey TV&M!!! Congrats on 550 Clearly nothing is stopping this cache machine
  5. Hey hey hey!!! Horaa for Cow & Chicken Well done, at least we can say we are friends with the people at the top
  6. 25 Caches for the weekend!!!! Whoohooo, thats the way I like it uh hu uh hu
  7. So much advice... now for ZAlandymans 2 cents I have just purchased a 76CSx from a GPS City The unit costs R6999 here but I paid R2800, figure that one out? I am lucky enough to have a friend bring it over for me (I get it on Friday... I like a kid waiting for christmass at the moment) So that has kept the costs down. Garmap v3 is about R1700 if I'm not mistaken, its still significantly cheaper, and I've been using Garmins long enough and I have never had a problem.
  8. Its not that I dont like micros, I dont mind them, its those hastily placed caches that are just put somewhere just for the sake of placing a cache... THAT I dont enjoy, but hey... cie la vie, each to his own in the end I suppose.
  9. Well!! I suppose that's the spirit, but I'm not too sure if armchairs are in question, its those virtuals that are a bit dicy.
  10. Whoohooo Bring em on Larks, I wait in anticipation for those TM caches
  11. sooooo many micros added this week!!! Somebody pleeeease stop them
  12. SusieQ here - Yes, I agree that there shouldn't be cheating and all the rest, but when it comes to caching to climb up the ranking or just enjoying the sport...I have to say I enjoy both. Thanks to the caches that lead us up the mountain, I easily climbed six flights of stairs today!! I also appreciate our city so much more than before Geocaching! On the other hand, running around to find as many caches as possible in a day can be exciting too and some great memories have come from our late night caching with our geocaching friends. Variety is key to our enjoyment of this sport. I think that cheating should be monitored somehow, but whether you enjoy geocaching by flying up the ranking, being outdoors, or both - then just enjoy it!
  13. We should all just place a little bit of thought into the caches we do, and how we place the caches. Ask permision if needed, and think about the fact that people will be looking for the cache. Ultimatly... enjoy this game, and don't take away the fun by being careless.
  14. Cheating, like its been said, the Rankings page has really added another dimension to this game, and as this is a sort of a self regulating sport, I think we have two choices, firstly give the people who have done these virtuals a month to remove their listings, and then if they do not, make them remove the listings. We all want to enjoy the rankings and we all want to enjoy caching as a community. I think that if you want to do the “couch caches” so be it, some of them seem really tough and they are great. But to cheat is not just “lying to yourself” you are lying to the community and it takes away the spirit of the game and the fun.
  15. mmm, my 2 cents worth. Surely a bit of ettiquette is required when placing caches, for instance, if a cache is on private land, it is just common decency to ask for permission, I think that caches that are placed on private land and permission is not asked should be archived. Also, "Puddy Tat" cache was in the peoples garden with a very vague co-ords, plus no permission, all makes for an unhappy situation. I have not enjoyed some of these micros around town! A person feels too exposed and I think that caching should be an enjoyable thing, it's hard to enjoy caching if you're worried about getting into trouble just for looking for the cache! Another thing is the amount of micros being placed. Now I enjoy a good micro, I think that they are a good solution to virtual caches, its good to take people to interesting urban places. The sad thing is that someone has just placed a micro on top of table mountain, some how it just does not seem right... in my opinion of course. I know that caching has reached fever pitch in this country and I'm sure a lot of things are done and overlooked just to get a few points but careless placing of caches just to score points ruins it for everyone.
  16. Glad you still managed some caches! Will tell Marcel to contact you when he next ventures that way...
  17. Hi Perdix! Did you go it alone to find the oldest virgin cache? If so, well done to you! Sorry none of us cachers could join you, I am sure it would have been a blast and the loss is ours. Marcel occassionally comes that way for business. I am sure he will look you up when there to do a bit of caching.
  18. I have a cool zoo story....I haven't been for years, but when we went, they had a cage with a huge gorilla!!! This gorilla stood with its' hands clasped to the cage above its' head and swayed back and forth. Attracting a crowd, we decided to see what the fuss was about. After a couple of minutes, the gorilla started to sway faster and faster and then SPAT all over the crowd!!! Hee hee, it was about a litre of spit that he must have been collecting while we were oggling the poor thing. One guy got the brunt of it though and his t-shirt was soaked. Besides for this memorable experience, I just remember feeling sorry for the animals...I don't particularly like the concept of a zoo...but I look forward to the cache!
  19. Hey... what do you think of the virtual coins that have been dropped of in the CITO event??? Not so sure that its all entirely above boared, I always like to know that I have been there/touched it to claim a cache/coin, tb etc.
  20. Hey buddy!!!! We are so sorry to hear about your encounter with the darker side of life in this city, if there is any way we can help, just call. .....really, anytime!
  21. Does anyboddy know who has actually been placing the puzzle pieces??
  22. ahhhhhhhhh (the familiar sound Homer Simpson makes when looking at something desirable) Durban!!!! Oh, to one day cache in Durban, how my heart longs for Durban) And on a more serious note... LARKS, WELL DONE ON YOUR 100th And hey Noddy, I really do want to come up to Durbs one day and do a bit of caching, I look forward to meeting you and the others up there for a bit of breac ky
  23. Hey Goofster!!! We would be keen for the 8th of April.... I've just signed up with the volenteer wildfire services and will be doing training on that saturday. But to quaff down a beer or two, any time buddy!!! just give us a call.
  24. Hey Noddy, hoped you enjoyed your stay in Cape Town, well done on your 300th!!!
  25. A BIG congratulations to the geocachelocomative called "The Huskies" on their 200th cache, watch out guys, here they come!!!!!
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