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  1. So!


    With everyone so busy, and who can't notice the frantic caching of TV&M and The Huskies, and a few others, the BIG QUESTION on everybody's mind... Just who is going to smack the big GORILLA first? (ie 1000 caches)



  2. Probably not the right forum for it, but congratulations to Vespax and the non-geocacher on the addition to the team! What a great find, guys!




    Hey... no better place... A BIG CONGRATS TO NON-GEOCACHER & VESPAX and the new addition!



    And now, a message to all who have done so well caching: WELL FRIGGIN DONE!!!


    We have spent so little time on these forums lately, sadly my real life (ie, the survival of my business) has sorta come in the way, but hey, we're surviving, and surviving well, and looking forward to Mpumalanga.



    QFC- 300

    TV&M- 800... um 900??

    THE HUSKIES- 600

    GR- 500

    and to everyone else, WELL DONE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS, because if you don't cache now, when are you going to cache?

  3. Hey Matata... mmmm, its just not lekker when this happens, kinda chips a block out of your faith in the products. I must admit though, it sounds pretty drastic! I suggest you contact Avnic, the unit is out of warranty anyway, so I'm pretty sure they would be willing to fix it, for a price.

    Good luck with this one.

  4. ra ra... lets actually get that message to TDL that we DONT want these coins floating around here!!!


    Well, thats my opinion, and Disco's, I don't know who else agrees, but after the hard work we've done collecting our coins (that is, a call to GR to bring down some coins from Joe'ies) this all leaves a bit of a bitter taste in our mouth, not withstanding the White Rabbits! :blink:

  5. You know your addicted to geocaching when....


    You'r going up to Jhb for the day for business, but you stay an extra day for geocaching, and you actually didn't have to book a hotel or hire a car...


    I got GAD bad!!!

  6. WOW


    700 caches!!!!


    Well done C&C


    And to everybody else!! DB, Hectic, CrystalF, BR&PS, Amyson.... hey this just doesn't seem to stop.


    I wonder who will get the BIG GORILLA first????

  7. I still remember the moment well, I was on the elevated freeway heading into the city about 3 years ago. I was listening to my favorite talk radio station. There was a competition on and a GPS was up for grabs. Man! I wanted to win that GPS so bad, I didn't think that I had a chance though, I'd never won a competition before, but hey, I might as well give it a bash. I dialed the number on my cell phone, and the number was ringing, that was good, then all of a sudden somebody answered the phone, “what is your name?” they asked quickly. My heart was pounding and the adrenalin rushing, all I could think was that I had got through. ”What is your name?” the voice asked again. I fumbled but answered. “MARCEL” I said loudly. “Where are you calling from?” I had to think about that one. I'm driving. Do I answer where I come from or where I am going to be shortly or where I am right now, and does it count if you get it wrong? “I'm from Durbanville”, I answered. “And whats the answer?”. I remember the question. What country is 30 degrees north and 30 degrees east. I was going through the options, Sudan, Ethiopia. I was not sure, but the presenter threw in a couple of clues. This country was the first to use make-up. Mmmmm, that was a bit of a curve ball, I just wasn't sure. Then he said that this country used to worship cats! That was it! I remembered from my old history lessons. “Egypt, of course”, I answered confidently! “Well done Marcel from Durbanville” the presenter said. I had won, it was such an incredible feeling.

    Of course, I didn't really use the thing until I started geocaching last december, I found a link on a 4x4 forum to geocaching.com, and within 7 months I had already upgraded... I (and "I" do mean "we", ie SusieQ) am now a proud owner of a 76CSx (what a beauty)

  8. mixed feelings... personally I was hoping to see the QFC chaps disable a thermonuclear device while wearing underclothes over their jean pant, :D:D:D but I guess that was hoping for too much.

    On the other hand... this new website sounds dandy and I'm sure that it'll be a lot of fun!! About the fruit thing though... I suppose that suspicion that our geomuggle friends have about us being a load of fruit cakes is only confirmed, I mean, why don't they understand that us running around the countryside looking for ice-cream containers filled with junk and a log book and taking something out and then putting something back in is ACTUALLY a LOT OF FUN!!!


    Oh... and were not actually competitive about this whole lot are we?




    Thanks QFC for making it more funner :D

  9. errr, discombob here. I might be logged in as landyman and susieQ

    There are lots of great caches in dbn. Although I am about a year behind :lol:

    Some of the must dos are:


    Durban view

    House of the rising sun

    Blue Blood paradox

    Kloof falls viewpoint (I think thats the name)

    Sacred Heart

    Paradise lost and found

    Dune Forest cache (This might be disabled now)


    Glenholme cache 1 or 2 (I think one has been readopted by Whostops)

    Virgin Bush


    oops, must dash, lift leaving




  10. wait, wait.... I know what it is!!! It's a countdown timer for a thermo nuclear bomb :o (Star Wars) and at the very last moment one of those nifty QFC chaps are going to defuse it and save the day... all while wearing his underpants over his jean pant!!!



  11. I think that these stories are incredible. That jar is like a little time capsule... I wonder if our caches will be stumbled upon in 100 years time, what would these people think... "Huskies", "Larks", "VespaX", "Tricky Vicky & Micky", and all our odd logs lumped together. One of the most logged book I've seen has been Table Top Trove, so many interesting notes from people all over the world!

    I know that one of these "caches" is on top of Sneuberg Peak in the Cederberg... go get it!!

  12. I WANT TO KNOW I WANT TO KNOW I WANT TO KNOW NOW!!!! Please :-) what the countdown is for.... "the end of geocaching.za.net?" "the end of the world?" "the start of the age of aquerius (though I think some one has done that)?" "the second....." WHAT IS IT!!!!


    Lots of love



    I tried asking nicely, but that didn't work, so I threw a tantrum, lets see if that gets any results :blink::blink::tired:

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