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  1. J got his leg humped by a border terrier while opening a cache box. Owner nowhere to be seen, so not really a muggling as it were...
  2. And that's the last DING of Xmas 2014. Sorry if it was a bit easy, I wanted to show off my Leith Hill swag. Over to a Beach Hut for the next question.
  3. We have a new Etrex 20, which I'm assuming has the latest software version. I've been getting frustrated this weekend trying to work out how to download how far we've walked (partly to prove to J that a certain shortcut wasn't one!). Once whatever fix you say is expected, how do we do it? The manual is a bit rubbish, including the one in the device itself. I want to download the blue lines, if that makes sense to either of you.
  4. Ooh - thanks for the fast responses, am having a quick look now. Just on bookmark lists - I used to access them through Google, but now when I click through, they're not there. Is there a way of searching them within geocaching.com?
  5. Ooh, it is on a cache page already - in honour of the best geoswag EVER... (picked up today near Leith Hill Tower) which UK Christmas special of 2014 did Rudolph (and his colleagues) make a cameo appearance?
  6. I tried via keyword search using "night", it gave me the whole world's worth of results with no distance to my home location, when I clicked through to map, it just mapped every cache in the world. Can't work out how to do it on pocket query - basically I want a keyword search within a radius of x. Am I missing something really obvious?
  7. I have a question but I need to put a picture in - how do I do that? When I press insert picture, it asks me for a URL, but it's a file.
  8. well it depends if we are playing this Family Fortunes style or Pointless!
  9. Yes - so there is the "Action" drop down list at the bottom of the page and when you scroll down it gives you a "Visit" option, so that quote (which I'd also seen) is only applying to when you want to drop off a trackable.
  10. It's all good! I've done it!! A friend of mine messaged me how - there is a visit box right at the bottom of the page, like in normal ones. For some reason it didn't show up on the mobile device I was using at the time, hence I've spent weeks googling for an answer, but when I tried again just now on a proper PC, there it was. So excited - the owner is in a race with his sister to get the most mileage and we've been able to TREBLE its mileage. When we drop it off in our Southern Hemisphere caching, it will have increased it fivefold in the few weeks we've had it. Should be enough to beat the other one
  11. So I should have done my research beforehand, but having picked up a trackable in England a week or so before going on holiday to Brazil, I thought I'd do its owner a mileage favour (the goal of the trackable) by taking it with me. Did two earthcaches in Brazil - but I can't work out how to say the trackable was with me. Is it not possible? I've looked at the support articles which suggest not, but some of them are dated several years ago and I know things change. Fortunately, we will be able to drop it into a traditional cache in New Zealand or Singapore this month, so not a complete bust!
  12. The server is based in PST (GMT -8) so your still good Tried and failed - ended 2014 on 98 caches. Thought we might be able to do it when we located two earthcaches close to where we are staying that should have been easier than trying to find a little black box hidden somewhere in the dark, but a hot dinner and copious bottles of wine provided meant we are doing them today - which will kickstart our New Year's Resolution of trying to get to 250 this year. Then TOMORROW, our new GPS (eTrex 20) arrives, which means we'll be caching with proper equipment rather than a combination of mobile phones and a car satnav. So excited!! Happy New Year everyone
  13. I live upcountry but my parents are on the Roseland and so I've done a bit of caching in them there parts - word of warning, last year's floods and gales have destroyed a lot of coastal ones and the COs haven't necessarily archived them
  14. You only need 6? Go out now and get 6 virtuals and earthcaches to meet your goal. They count. I'm in the UK, so it's already night time and below freezing - we are having a quick look at our options for the 3 remaining hours of the year. Or we might base it on the US time zone for the website and go out again at first light
  15. Well you will have good days and bad... Last month I did 45 in a day - no mean feat considering I'm in the UK and it gets dark before 5pm at this time of year. Today... I had 11 DNF. Out of 11. I really wanted to get 100 by end of this year and only had 6 to go when I went out this morning. I still have 6 to go. BUT I have walked miles, have a healthy glow in my cheeks and saw lots of great sights. I look at geocaching as golf really... a way to ruin a good walk
  16. What do experienced catchers take with them? I try to have a backup gps source, but that's it. And sandwiches.
  17. Well sticking to the Christmas theme... Which actor born on Christmas Day in 1899 will "always have Paris"?
  18. Hi everyone, We're quite new to this, but I've had a great time recently with loops of caches near me, including Leigh Wander and Brockham and Betchworth Loop (BBL) in Surrey. Has anyone got some other loops they can recommend? Ideally South East England, but anywhere in the UK, preferably off road because the main aim is to exhaust the dog Z&J
  19. Excellent, thanks, makes lots of sense and should get me sorted on the puzzle I was looking at. I am left with one issue - if I have a traditional set, e.g xxD yyM zzzS and I am using a device without the degree symbol, how do I input that into google maps?
  20. I don't really understand the different types of formats - I've only ever used DMS and so the decimal minutes stuff is a mystery and I don't know how to tell what various cache owners have used in their puzzles. I've just messaged one CO who has one that ends .657 which confused me no end because I don't understand how it can be over 60 seconds. Is there a guide somewhere? With the example I gave, I was trying to get 51°15'36"N 0°18'20"W
  21. Hello all, So I thought I'd worked out how to do it, but when I put the following in from my iphone because it doesn't have a degree key (input exactly as typed): n 51 15.360 w 000 18.200 It returns 51°15'21.6"N 0°18'12.0"W Can someone please give me the idiot's guide to doing this in google maps? Is going to be quite important for trying some puzzle caches. Is driving me bonkers Thanks Zannie
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