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  1. Please can I echo Martin and Lynne and stress that the drive over the Long Mynd is not one that should be undertaken in a camper or towing a caravan or even towing a trailer! The hill up is bad enough being 1 in 4 single track and with small passing places. However the road down the Western side to the campsite is worse with some bends that I do not think you could get a caravan round. When they take gliders up the hill to the airfield they use a different road, a big 4WD and close the road off while they are towing the trailer up.
  2. LOL you are all too late. With my record for putting down the wrong date in the log (or is it really time travel??) I was FTF a whole week before the cache was placed
  3. I will definitely be there as well 1 large tent and 2 adults. Shall we try to set up a dining tent like we did last time?
  4. Everybody should check this site out. http://www.keyhole.com/download_2lt
  5. Martin as you know any of these dates are suitable for us. I also aim to have some new caches out by then.
  6. Mark Check out the following website as well http://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/ Regards Jim
  7. Congratulations to Mady on the Zodiac series of caches The series of 12 caches that lead to a final Zodiac cache GCKPJ7 has been well thought out and takes you to some wonderful locations in North Shropshire and the Welsh borders. The other delight is that it should be easy to complete in a single day and would make a good family day out Congratulations to Team Mady for all the time, hard work and effort that they have put into this series - well done. Note this has been modified after a couple of strange remarks I would like to point out that I wrote this post because today I managed to finish finding all of the caches in the series: I enjoyed the last 2 days tremedously and I wanted to congratulate Mady on all the work that he put into placing the series.
  8. Well done to you it was nice to see you at the cache bash and great that it was your 200th
  9. Are there any volunteers to do a write up for INUKSHUK's ezine at www.geocachingtoday.com ??? [see the cache page] I will be taking lots of pictures but it would be nice to have a practised writer.
  10. well Guys I have just travelled forward in time to check on the meet and we had a lot of fun and the weather was great. See you all again last week.
  11. look I can't help it my watch doesn't have a date thingy on it and by the time I was half way up snowdon I didn't even know the day - I didn't even know the month
  12. Mark and Lynn Really well done - One of my ambitions is to really get Shropshire on the geocaching map and things like this can only help. all the best Jim & Lyn
  13. Phew! Good on you I was worried there'd be a mass exodus for people not wishing to make the trip to Exeter in favour of a shorter journey to Shropshire. The Exeter Event has 8 new caches approved already, with several more to come. Stuey what is this all about - we are having a small family cache bash for people around here - this is not a competition to see who gets the most people attending.
  14. Sorry all but with other commitments and dates it has to be the 5th Sep - apologies to those who would like to come but can't make it. There will be other meets though.
  15. Just a warning to all you cachers who like the lovely County of Shropshire - Mady and I will be jointly holding a cachers meet somewhere in Shropshire on Sunday 5 Sep. It will be a lunchtime meet and hopefully there will be a new local souvenir cache that those who attend can find. All are welcome. If you are interested can you please indicate it so that we can get some idea of the possible numbers. Also if there are any volunteers who would like to help with the organisation of the event then your time would be appreciated. More information later - watch this space Regards Jim & Mady
  16. Hi there I do not think this is a bad idea at all. I think there is a certain mystique about Members only caches and I look forward to trying for it. If many more caches start to get trashed then they may all end up as members only.
  17. I am going to visit the site on the 5th May. I am driving down to Italy that day so I will see if any bugs want to go in that direction.
  18. I have just pulled 2 travel bugs off a cache half way up Snowdon in Wales and they had been there all winter - a little dog and a small sheep - poor things were frozen! This started me thinking that it would be a good idea if Geocaching.com started a page on the website with a league table showing which TBs have not moved, for how long and where they are. This could even be a regional thing from GUK. Kind hearted TB lovers could then see which neeeded rescue and moving on. Any thoughts on this and how could we get it started?
  19. I now have managed to book a room at the bridges pub so the meet is now open to all who wish to attend be they from Shropshire or not. I look forward to seeing you. Jim Stabler
  20. please some advice! I have just posted my first event cache - a small event just for local cachers - is it considered OK to log this as a find as well?
  21. Ben I spent a few years in Saudi Arabia and we put out some caches deep in the Rub Al Khali - the large desert often called the empty quarter. These caches took a mini expediation to get there and could only be safely attempted by competent groups of people with the right vehicles, equipment and experience. Some took 2 or 3 days to get to them. We used to put in the cache description a very strong warning of the real dangers in attempting the cache! Indeed we thought that 5 was not a strong enough indicator for difficulty. I firmly believe that the owner of the cache should warn any potential cachers of the dangers but I also agree with lactodorum that it the ultimate responsibility is with the person who attempts to get the cache. If he is warned of the danger and decides to go for it then its his life! But he should be warned of the danger and the numeric difficulty grading is not adequate in these circumstances. Jim
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